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8:40 AM on 02.11.2011

PS3 hacker Geohot must surrender computer to Sony

Sony has had a taste of victory, following the news that its frenzied subpoena requests were denied. Initially, George "Geohot" Hotz was ordered to retrieve information from his computer and submit it to court. However, Judge...

Jim Sterling

Updated! Panel details revealed:

Hironobu Sakaguchi Reflection: Past, Present, Future of RPGs

The father of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, has announced his PAX Prime 2014 panel where he will discuss his history developing role-playing games, along with revealing more about his new RPG, Terra Battle. Find out more info at PAX Prime website.

E3 09: Left 4 Dead 2 officially announced photo
E3 09: Left 4 Dead 2 officially announced
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

Just moments ago, Valve revealed a brand new trailer for Left 4 Dead 2 at Microsoft's press conference. Gee, what a surprise!

L4D 2 will be out November 17 and is set to include melee weapons such as chainsaw, frying pans, axes, baseball bats and more. We're also going to see a deeper co-op mode and an advanced AI Director which will now be able to change the weather, world objects and pathways in addition to changing the enemy population.

Check back in a little while as we'll have the teaser trailer showing off some of the melee combat. Also, I TOLD YOU ALL, SUCKAS!

Check out our live blog for more on the Microsoft E3 09 press conference going on right now.

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10:01 AM on 10.05.2007

Game publisher threatens the blogs: Will sue you if you say bad things

Here's a rather pitiful piece of news regarding Left Behind Games. The publisher of Left Behind: Eternal Forces has been sending threatening letters to blogs who dare to say bad things about its work. Eternal Forces is an RTS...

Jim Sterling

Controversy Back to the Future: PINBALL BANNED ACROSS AMERICA photo
Controversy Back to the Future: PINBALL BANNED ACROSS AMERICA
by Tristero

In my 2nd volume of Controversy: Back to the Future I'm going to talk about the first electronic game to ever get America's collective panties in a wad: Pinball. As innocuous and peaceful as Pinball seems now (hell, we can even play it in the airport during Orange Alerts), there was a time when a host of major American cities, including New York, outlawed the old ball and flappers.

In order to give some context for the nation's shit storm over a seemingly harmless game, let's take a quick dip into the chewing tobacco pouch of history. Turn your clocks all the way back to the year 1863, when one of our country's most revered presidents, Abraham Lincoln, played his first game of Pinball.

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10:51 PM on 01.28.2007

Warcraft junkie fools Tyra Banks, wife, and sea of women in a TV intervention

Bored of analog life, a passive wife, and uninterested in their premarital newb  baby, Shawn has taken up a 40-hour World of Warcraft habit instead of embracing the harder and less entertaining quests of young parenthood...

Niero Gonzalez

12:41 AM on 11.13.2006

Left Behind tries to help kids, pander to audience

Left Behind: Eternal Forces, the new RTS based on the mega-selling series of Christian Rapture-themed novels, seems to have some additional surprises boxed in with it. Joystiq received it and found inside a flier asking for p...

Earnest Cavalli