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Kaz Hirai

Xbox One Emmy photo
Xbox One Emmy

So, the Xbox One won an Emmy

For being a media center, not for games or anything
Jan 12
// Jordan Devore
Microsoft winning an Emmy for the Xbox One has set me on a path to learning more about these awards than I've ever cared to. Forget about the Primetime Emmys (surprisingly easy, right?) -- this goes deeper. The National Acade...
PlayStation 4 photo
PlayStation 4

Kaz Hirai states the PS4 is 'already profitable'

Great news for Sony, indeed
May 22
// Brittany Vincent
After a corporate strategy meeting in Tokyo today, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai announced that the PS4 is indeed recording a profit with "hardware alone," and in that fact it's "different from the model of previous platforms." In sho...
Sony CEO CES keynote photo
Sony CEO CES keynote

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai delivering CES opening keynote

Ridge Racer!
Oct 24
// Steven Hansen
CES isn't until after Christmas. January, in fact. But we seem to be in the habit of preparing for holidays months in advance, so put away your Christmas lights and pull out your CES 4K LEDs because it's late October and Chri...

Kaz Hirai says PlayStation 4 is 'all about the gamers'

Claims PS4 must target the core audience before expanding
May 31
// Abel Girmay
Loud and clear, Sony boss man Kazuo Hirai believes that the PlayStation 4 must target core gamers from the outset before expanding for others mind share. Speaking with Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg during a talk at the ...


Sony execs surrender annual bonuses in financial letdown

Kaz Hirai and others taking up to 50% pay hits
May 02
// Jim Sterling
Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is one of the roughly 40 executives giving up annual bonuses in the wake of the company's financial results. This will result in suits losing between 30 and 50% of the money they normally take home every ye...

Sony admits PS Vita sales are lower than expected

Jan 09 // Jim Sterling
Pictured: Also not a PS Vita. That's great ... but what about now? Sony does this every single time, playing its "ten years" card, which serves no purpose other than to suggest to me that it has no plan for today, tomorrow, or next week. So far, Sony's delivered very little to PS Vita owners but promises and half-baked concepts and, as the system continues to embarrass the company, it's looking pretty damn pitiful. The World According to Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai [Wall Street Journal]  
Low PS Vita Sales photo
Tries to play its usual 'long-term' card
Sony chief executive Kaz Hirai has admitted the PlayStation Vita is not performing as expected. However, he has deployed Sony's usual get-out, claiming they'd rather be judged on speculative success rather than, y'know, real ...


Kaz Hirai steps down from PlayStation chairmanship

Jun 27
// Jim Sterling
Polygon-headed Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has stepped down from his role as Sony Computer Entertainment chairman and representative director, leaving the business of games behind to focus more on his company's TV, music, and phone in...

Kaz Hirai to take over as Sony CEO in April

Feb 01
// Dale North
Mr. Ridge Racer keeps moving up. Kaz Hirai was over Sony Computer Entertainment up until last year, but got pushed up to VP over the Consumer Products and Services group, putting him in charge of Sony's entire consumer electr...

Sony: We'll always need physical media

Aug 26
// Jim Sterling
PlayStation brand boss Kaz Hirai has given us a grounded look at the digital distribution scene, claiming that it's extremist to believe that we'll have an all-digital industry even within ten years. The polygonal executive h...

Keyboard Guy rocks Ridge Racer samples in this remix

Dec 31
// Dale North
Alright, I'll be straight with you guys. I'm the only one working today. Everyone else is doing New Year's Eve things. Or having babies or whatever. It's just me. And going on halfway into the day now, I figure I'm boring yo...

Namco Bandai trademarks Ridge Racer Accelerated in Japan

Nov 18
// Topher Cantler
Ever vigilant in that department, Siliconera has unearthed another Japanese trademark, this time from Namco Bandai. It seems the company has registered something called Ridge Racer Accelerated, and if I had to guess, I'd say ...

Sony/MS flame war continues as Xbox 360 'lacks longevity'

Jan 20
// Jim Sterling
The girly slapfight between Microsoft and Sony continues, with Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai stepping into the fray to asset that, somehow, PlayStation is still the official industry leader. Quite how he works th...

Shocker: The PS3 is for playing videogames, says Hirai

Oct 15
// Jim Sterling
Here's an absolute mindblower for you. Sony exec Kaz Hirai has stunned the world by saying that the PlayStation 3's main premise is videogames! I thought it was just an expensive clock, but apparently there are these magic ci...

Tidbits from today's SCEE PlayStation Day [update]

May 06
// Samit Sarkar
If you’re reading this and are anywhere near London, why aren’t you at The O2? Sony Europe is currently holding its “PlayStation Day” there, so — oh, wait, never mind; it’s press-only. A...

Pirate trades copied games for a box of crabs, fined 3,000

Jan 16
// Dale North
Some people will never learn that game theft and piracy do not pay. But this guy almost came out ahead with a box of crabs. Almost.61 year-old George Clarke of Snowdon Terrace, Seamill, North Ayreshire was hoping to make a qu...

CES 2008: PlayStation 3 MIGHT make money ... maybe ... we think

Jan 08
// Jim Sterling
Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, everyone's favorite Tekken character lookalike Kaz Hirai has made an encouraging claim for investors -- the PS3 may make money one day! As we all know, the PS3 is currently a profit ...

Kaz can't get no satisfaction: Not from Home, at any rate

Nov 07
// Jim Sterling
Kaz Hirai, the Tekken character-resembling PlayStation boss, isn't satisfied. It's not because nobody else is as impressed as he is with Ridge Racer, it's because he himself isn't impressed with one of the PS3's biggest futur...

Hirai continues to champion Blu-Ray, forgets that quality isn't everything

Oct 05
// Colette Bennett
In a recent interview with Hollywood In Hi-Def, Kaz Kirai went with the usual song and dance about the PS3 and its infinite superiority. PS3 versus other consoles were discussed as always, and Kaz had a bit to say on that: HI...

Hirai claims that price was never PS3s problem

Oct 01
// Colette Bennett
Per a little article over at MCV, Kaz Kirai claims that PS3's greatest problem was never the launch price point, but in fact meeting the supply and demand for the console. Here's a tidbit from the original interview:“I ...

E3 2007: Sony Press Conference Impressions

Jul 11
// Colette Bennett
It’s interesting that the opening scenes of Sony’s intro video made me feel skeptical instead of impressed. Yeah, it’s pretty, but Sony seems to have looking good down pat. What they haven’t had much l...

Sony to have more games than Mega Man sequels by next March (update)

Jun 20
It is often said that good things come to those who wait. Up until this point, if you happened to have purchased a PlayStation 3, you are banking on that phrase. Well, allow me to be the bearer of good news -- something that ...

Kutaragi retires from Sony -- makes baby dolls cry

Apr 26
// 8BitBrian
Today, SCEI has announced the Ken Kutaragi will be retiring from Sony. Kaz Hirai will be stepping up to take Kutaragi's place as President and Group CEO of SCEI. Kutaragi makes sure to pat himself on the back on his way o...

Ludacris, Kaz Hirai and Howard Stringer

Nov 17
// Robert Summa
Need I say more?

The first U.S. PS3 buyer

Nov 17
// Robert Summa
  Here's video of Kaz and Howard Stringer with the first guy to buy a PlayStation 3 in the U.S. Tonight I was at the Sony launch party at the Sony store in NYC. More video coming tonight, including Ludacris, Charlie Murphy, G4, and this madness of a party. Oh, and also, got some angry campers. Drink some coffee, it's gonna be a long lovely night. You digg it, right? 

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