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Fist of Jesus

A zombie game featuring Jesus is a lot better than it sounds

Jesus puts the smack down in this strange arcade-like beat 'em up
Oct 18
In what looks like a mash-up of Monty Python's Life of Brian with the low-budget special effects and gore seen in films like the Toxic Avenger, Spain-based Mutant Games brings us the Fist of Jesus -- an arcade-styl... read

New Destructoid Episode: DLC, DNF, WWJD, GTFO

Jun 22
Hey gang, we've got another episode of The Destructoid Show dedicated to all the hard-hitting post-E3 news from the past couple days. That was a joke. There's a demo out for Duke Nukem Forever which hopefully has poop a... read

CES: says Jesus would game, drink beer

Jan 07
Today I went to the CES Gaming Pavilion, which is usually full of despair and sadness, especially for a games blogger covering a tech show. To my surprise, there was a huge crowd there. Was there actually something coole... read

Consistency, thy name is NOT Entertainment Weekly

Dec 18
So, yesterday we talked about how Entertainment Weekly voted Kirby's Epic Yarn the single worst game of 2010. While a bizarre choice in a year that saw games full of real technical, design and visual flaws, EW is entitled to ... read

Last call: Destructoid is hiring a video ham

Jul 26
Deadline reminder!  Today's the last day to submit a video.  Good luck!  Over 200 people applied, so we haven't seen them all yet or even read the emails.  I'm extremely thankful to everyone that applied, ... read

2D zombeat-'em-up Twin Blades hitting Xbox Indie channel

Dec 18
I'm becoming increasingly impressed with the French indie scene, and not only because my last name is Leray. Joining Meckensleep (Soul Bubbles) and Golgoth Studios (awesome-looking Toki and Joe & Mac remakes) as purveyor... read

Fake game Friday: Onimusha: The Game: The Movie: The Game: Starring Jean Reno

Jun 22
This week's fake game is one for the record books, and it's brought to you courtesy of tazarthayoot and, as always, Fronz's mad Photoshop skills. The game is Onimusha: The Game: The Movie: The Game: Starring Jean... read

Adult Swim's 'Bible Fight' is blaspheveryone

May 04
It's not exactly Capoeira Fighter or anything, but Adult Swim's Bible Fight makes up for its gameplay flaws with good, old-fashioned, hilarious blasphemy.That's right -- you can play as one of six characters from... read

Xbox 360 expected to profit Microsoft by next year

May 04
File this under news that you just can't keep a great console down. In a recent interview with, Robbie Bach was quoted as saying that things are on the up and up for the Xbox 360. In fact, he fully expects to ... read

From Russia with love ... and confusion: Secret Agent Royal Jew?

Apr 23
As if it wasn't bad enough that we don't get all the cool Japanese games, there are now also Russian absurdities to kill puppies over. Secret Agent Royal Jew? How awesome does that sound! Even if the game was total c... read

Scientology PWNED; its meaning AWOL

Mar 21
With a name like Scientology Pwned, you'd think that the angry little shooter would eventually knock you over the head with a message, meaning, or political statement. For better or worse, the subject matter of the game i... read

Mega gallery: Best of Taipei Game Show

Feb 13
There's a rumor that video games were actually shown and played at the annual Taipei game show, but we agree that the highlight of the event was the overwhelming amount of booth babes. Never have you seen this many women... read

Major Nelson finds religion, wants Marketplace commandments

Feb 06
More proof that I wasn't talkin' crazy when I said Microsoft is all about the community, Major Nelson has come out today and asked the people what they'd want the Marketplace 10 Commandments to be. Had God spoke... read

Devil kitten loves the DS

Jan 30
Allow me to take a bit of a departure from your normally scheduled Dtoid news and present to you a photo of the Devil's kitten enjoying the Nintendo DS. Is there any animal on this planet that doesn't love the DS?[Via Evil Avatar]  read

IGN's resident Ninty boy Matt C. hates Wii Weather

Jan 02
Wii Weather: Sure it looks pretty, but what else does it do? Well, apparently not much else. Without an up-to-the minute correct forecast, what's the point of having it on the Wii in the first place? That is precisely wha... read

You have forced me to sink to a new low

Dec 10
Look people, do you think it feels good to get out-friended by the likes of Kevin Periera on MySpace? Do you understand how large a hit my ego takes when I see this stuff? I didn't want to have to resort to begging, but ... read

Killzone poised to be bigger than Jesus

Nov 27
According to a Dutch newspaper de Volksrant, by way of GameSpot, Sony's future *cough* killer PlayStation 3 app *cough* is setting all kinds of spending records in the native land of clogs and windmills. Today, the long s... read

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