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Jeklynn Heights


What's going on with that Jeklynn Heights now?

Latest footage of the Burtonesque multiplayer PC game
Aug 17
It's been quite some time since we talked about Jeklynn Heights, but longtime readers will know I do enjoy talking about it. For those not in the know, it's an indie multiplayer PC game set in a world dripping with dark fair... read

Jeklynn Heights goes for crowdfunding with Indiegogo

Promising indie title needs to stack that paper
Jan 29
Indie PC multiplayer game Jeklynn Heights has been on my radar for a very long time, as previous coverage indicates. News on the game's been quiet lately, but Vex Studios hasn't gone away, and has unveiled a new plan to get J... read

So, what's going on with Jeklynn Heights?

May 29
It's been a while since we dropped in on Jekklyn Heights, the dark fairytale-esque multiplayer combat game from Vex studios. Curious, I decided to check out their site and see what's going on. The short answer is ... not much... read

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