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A lot of things come across my desk over at the Japanator office. Oftentimes, it's kind of hard to do a review of a volume 8 of this series or DVD 13 of that one, simply because I don't want to go and buy all the leadup volum... read feature

Hold it! Take a look at Phoenix Wright: Official Casebook Vol. 1!

Oct 29
[As originally posted on Japanator] Hold it! I know you're scrolling past this review because it means you've got to do a lot of reading, but where will you get in life with that attitude? The poor house. That's where. Do you... read

Best of the Network this week

Oct 05
It sure has been a crazy week, hasn't it? Looking back, we've been announcing things left and right. I guess we need to crank the awesomeness on the site up to 11 before sending the crew off to Tokyo Game Show, eh?Well, don't... read

If you wanted to know which Haruhi Wii game to buy, it's been decided for you

Sep 08
[As originally posted on Japanator] Browsing through my list of Japanese sites, I came across this story from Famitsu. Apparently the staff from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi anime will be overlooking production of the Wi... read

Listen up, punks. Japantor's New York Anime Fest contest ends in 3 days, on Sept. 10th. If you live anywhere remotely near New York, then you should do yourself a favor and enter this contest. The New York Anime Fest is going... read feature

PAX 08: The Dtoid-Japanator Panel, part four: Writing for your audience (Dale)

Aug 31
Its no secret -- Destructoid is a sausagefest, and we love our sausages. Um. Ok, I think I should start over. This is only going to get progressively worse, especially when the topic at hand is One of the inter... read

Life at home with some of the Modern Method staff

Aug 28
The other week, over at, we took a look at what life was like with some of the editors. You got to see our porn, TVs, and cats. Well, I figured that we might as well take a look at some more members of the Moder... read

The lovely ladies of Comiket 74

Aug 28
Comiket is the mecca for otaku. It's nothing like we've seen before at Otakon or at E3. The mainstay of the con isn't announcements or hands-on -- it's doujinshi. Comiket is a chance for doujinshi circles to show off their la... read

Sure, you may be at PAX or on your way there, but there's another con on the horizon that you might want to set your sights on: New York Anime Fest. While it's only in its second year, they're going to have high-end guests li... read feature

Afternoon Note: Bound for Baltimore

Aug 07
To; TophcenteFrom: BradcraftI've finally packed up the car and I'm on my way to Baltimore. Are you ready for the weekend of anime announcements, barely-dressed girls in cosplay, and some Trigger Heart Exelica? This weekend is... read

Goodsmile Vocaloid accessories now in Virtua Fighter 5 R

Aug 03
[As originally posted on Japanator] If you're a hardcore arcade play -- hardcore enough to go to Japan to play Virtua Fighter 5 R -- then you're sure to love the latest wave of accessories. They've gone ahead and released a s... read

Wii-a-boo? Even more manga is coming to the Japanese Wii

Jul 25
[As originaly written on Japanator]The first time the Japanatorians heard about manga coming to the Japanese Wii, they were a little jealous. But now it seems like Japan is just rubbing it in.Some of the big guys in the Japan... read

Xam'd: Lost Memories tops the PSN charts!

Jul 22
[As originally posted on Japanator]Announce a world-exclusive anime by a highly-celebrated studio on your download service, and what do you expect to happen? Of course, Sony's X'amd: Lost Memories topped the download charts t... read

Best of the Network this week

Jul 13
Toy collectors! Got a lot of figures but you don't know how you should display them? Well then Tomopop has you covered. Check out Qais' guide at the best way to display your figures. On Destructoid, Dale North interviews... read

Anime Expo '08: videogame cosplay gallery

Jul 07
Yes, I know. You're not so much for the anime. You leave that to the guys next door at Japanator. But you don't mind the videogame cosplay so much, right? We've put together a large gallery of the (mostly) videogame-based cos... read

Best of the Network this week

Jul 06
Japanator has been at AnimeExpo '08 this past week where a ton of news has been popping up left and right. AnimeExpo has also shown that Dale North is a machine! I don't know how he's doing it, but he's been going nonstop wit... read

Video mashup: Final Fullmetal Fantasy VI

Jul 04
[As originally posted on Japanator]There's a whole lot going on at Japanator today. Plenty of shakeups in the anime world, what with FUNimation nabbing portions of ADV's and Geneon's catalogs, beefing themselves up a good way... read

D3Publisher to show Naruto titles and Bangai-O Spirits at Anime Expo

Jul 02
The Denver airport has sh*t for food. I just scarfed down a horrid beef bowl that cost $11, and now I'm feeling kind of weird. I have to tough it out; I'm on my way to Los Angeles to cover Anime Expo for the fine ModernMethod... read

Chubby Japanese people are helping game makers get rich

Jun 27
[As originally posted on Japanator] At sister site Japanator, we continue to follow the strange eating habits of the Japanese people, and recently we've noticed that their habits have taken an unhealthy turn. Even their fast ... read

Wii-a-boo: Manga is coming to the Japanese Wii

Jun 26
[As originally posted on Japanator] Sun Denshi announced plans to distribute digitized manga through the Japanese WiiWare service starting sometime this summer. No fair!The whole thing kicks off with a new, original manga pro... read

A-Kon '08: Guinness videogame cosplay record demolished... probably

Jun 02
Sister site Japanator recently ran the story that Project A-Kon, America's oldest anime convention, set out to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for the "Most Video Game Costumes in One Place." We... read

Interview with Winifred Phillips, composer of Speed Racer: The Videogame

May 30
[Editor's Note: Japanator Guest Editor Jayson Napolitano conducted this awesome interview with the composer of Speed Racer: The Videogame, Winifred Phillips. Check it out!] With the recent revival of the classic Speed Racer s... read

Lucky Star learns videogame music

May 17
[As originally posted on Japanator] Now, I know that your typical Destructoid reader isn't as up on the world of anime as the kids next door, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the videogame ties in these insane videos. Eith... read

ModernMethod Network: This week's sexiest 03/02/08

Mar 02
There are a ton of Destructoid themed wallpapers in our massive wallpaper collection. This piece above was taken by Charlie Suh while at PAX. You're going to PAX, right? I'm always looking for more wallpapers to add to the co... read

ModernMethod Network: This week's sexiest 02/24/08

Feb 25
For you toy lovers out there, Tomopop's first ever contest is ending this Friday. There are some really great entries so far and looks like it will be a tough to pick a winner. Glad I have no say as I'm torn between this Gund... read

ModernMethod Network: This week's sexiest 02/17/08

Feb 17
An upgrade to this feature has been needed for a little while now and I'm happy to finally reveal the new Network wrap up, version 2 point 0. This feature shall now be known as "ModernMethod Network: This week's sexiest&... read

Destructoid Network: This week's finest 02/10/08

Feb 10
This little awesome animation was created by Jeff Morrice back during E3. It got lost in the chaos of E3 but luckily, I stumbled on it again this past week. On Destructoid, we say blogging is A-OK and drop the most meani... read

Destructoid Network: This week's finest 02/03/08

Feb 03
Dtoider Silverhertz has made this awesome picture (along with two others). Steal the wallpaper sizes at the wallpaper collection page. On Destructoid, Off-Raod Velociraptor Safari came out and we gave people some exclusive lo... read

Destructoid Network: This week's finest 01/27/08

Jan 27
You know what's awesome? Having fangirls is awesome. Take for example this Boobtendo wallpaper that Dtoider pheonix_blood made for me. She totally wants me. On Destructoid, we dealt with the Mass Effect vs. Fox news stupidy i... read

Destructoid Network: This week's finest 01/20/08

Jan 20
Destructoid is like a giant sponge that easily attracts the best artists that have graced the Internets. It's amazing to see all the stuff everyone does and contributes to the site. This past week, Dtoider Ceark has made a co... read

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