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Howard Stringer


Sony CEO says brand's improving, takes 16% pay cut

Jun 29
Sony CEO Howard Stringer has stated that perception of his company's brand is improving after suffering several damaging blows to its reputation. He has also revealed that he's been eating a 16% pay cut as part of the rebuild... read

Stringer: Sony was attacked for protecting its content

Jun 28
Sony CEO Howard Stringer has addressed the PlayStation Network hack attack once more, asserting that Sony was victimized just for attempting to protect its content. He made the claim are a shareholder meeting, where he was gr... read

Howard Stringer admits to what we knew all along: The PS3 was in trouble

May 29
Looking back, it's all to easy to point to the launch of the PlayStation 3 as the low point in Sony's otherwise domineering position in the console landscape. However, it's a bit of uncharted waters to hear the CEO of Sony hi... read

PS3 spurns recovery for Sony (much like cocaine spurns recovery in narcoleptics)

Jun 22
Sony is a company that was once the talk of the tech sector. With their gargantuan successes - including the ubiquitous Walkman and their line of chic televisions - Sony has traditionally been the Icarus of technology, soarin... read

The first U.S. PS3 buyer

Nov 17
  Here's video of Kaz and Howard Stringer with the first guy to buy a PlayStation 3 in the U.S. Tonight I was at the Sony launch party at the Sony store in NYC. More video coming tonight, including Ludacris, Charlie Murphy, G4, and this madness of a party. Oh, and also, got some angry campers. Drink some coffee, it's gonna be a long lovely night. You digg it, right?  read

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