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Leisure Suit Larry

This Leisure Suit Larry NES port is nearly complete

You didn't even know you wanted it, but now you're getting it
Jul 04
Ever wanted to play the original Leisure Suit Larry on an NES? Khan Games has been hard at work for quite some time so that you could do just that. At long last, Larry and the Long Look For A Luscious Lover is nearly ready f... read
Newer SMB Wii

NEWER Super Mario Bros. Wii is available for free

Fan-made hack brings tons of new content to the Wii platformer
Jun 20
If you are a Wii U owner and possess a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U, you've probably downloaded New Super Luigi U from the eShop already. That, or you are waiting on the limited edition retail release in the coming months... read
Portal on DS

Do want! Homebrew Portal gameplay on the DS

What's not to like?
Feb 11
There are many things that make me proud to be a gamer, and one of them is the homebrew/fangame community. To me, there's almost nothing better than a group of passionate fans getting together and creating something ... read

Pier Solar HD hits funding goal on Kickstarter

Stretch goal could mean Wii U version
Nov 28
2010's homebrew Sega Genesis RPG Pier Solar was one of those projects that was fun to watch from the sidelines, but I never got to actually play it myself. That's what was great about development team WaterMelon turning to Ki... read

PS Vita hacked, homebrew a-comin'

It was going to happen eventually
Sep 06
The PlayStation Vita has finally been cracked into like a big ol' nut, and homebrew is on the way.  Usermode Vita Loader is currently in the works (via NeoGAF) thanks to developer Yifan Lu. Based on a recently ... read

Brand-spankin' new homebrew NES game features cats

Jan 28
Being an indie game developer can be tough, so it's no surprise that few wish to add to their difficulties by developing homebrew software for legacy hardware. Sure, almost every other week, we hear of some dudes making a ne... read

New NES homebrew game Super Bat Puncher appears

Jun 01
This is a run-through of a demo for Super Bat Puncher, an entirely new homebrew game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A platform game, you have to free the nature spirits guarding a dangerous planet and punch a lot of ... read

Here are some lovely GlaDOS Personality Core plush toys

Feb 02
Etsy user Katy Creider has really gone above and beyond in creating these incredible personality core plush toys based on the ones from the climactic battle in Portal. Each of GlaDOS' cores are 26" in circumference and she cu... read

Max Payne controlled with Kinect and Wii Remote

Jan 13
Watch this video. It's Max Payne for PC played using the Kinect sensor and a Wii Remote/nunchuk combination. Using FAAST, a tookit used to map gestures to keystrokes developed at USC for use with PrimeSense systems (Kinect's... read

Kinect Magic Mirror shows that what is inside counts

Jan 04
Here is video of researcher Tobias Blum demonstrating an Augmented Reality overlay which, using Kinect, shows a simulated "X-ray" image of a skeletal system underneath. Now, it isn't Tobias' skeleton but based on a dataset c... read

Yesterday, a group of PS3 hackers united under the name 'fail0verflow' presented their method of circumventing the built-in security of Sony's machine at the 27th Chaos Communication Conference, or 27C3. Today, they announce... read feature

Want another new Metroid game? Check out Minitroid

Aug 22
Metroid: Other M may scare me, but that's not because I'm sure the game will be bad. It's just hard to know if something so different will live up to Metroid's illustrious history. That's probably why I find Minitroid so com... read

Goonies are still good enough for a new game

Jul 19
This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Goonies, which makes me feel terribly old. It's still one of my most beloved of childhood movies and I have fond memories of watching the film on VHS over the course of many summer... read

How to make your own New Super Mario Bros. Wii levels

Apr 04
That headline implies that I know how to make my own New Super Mario Bros. Wii levels. I totally don't. However, if didn't have to finish figuring out how to make my own Wario Ware DIY levels first so that I can review the ga... read

Make room on your shelf for Battle Kid, a new NES game

Dec 28
Confession time: I spent my holiday weekend playing Final Fantasy II. So I understand if, even in this age of bump mapping, lens flares, and bloom lighting, you feel the need to play games lacking in polygons (or level desig... read

Level 1-1 done in Reggie!, a New Super Mario Bros. editor

Nov 17
New Super Mario Brothers Wii has been out for, oh, about 48 hours, but the Wii homebrew scene is already on the case: GBAtemp user Tanks has recreated Level 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros using a NSMB level editor ca... read

Remember the new firmware update which Nintendo just sent out to do away with all those nasty people who have been running the Homebrew Channel? You know, another one of those feeble attempts to lock something down which the ... read feature

New Wii system update wacks hacks, yet Indiana Pwns

Sep 29
So yeah, it's not a big surprise or anything, but it is a big deal to a lot Wii owners out there: the new Wii System Update 4.2 de-installs the Wii Homebrew Channel, and blocks most methods of reinstalling it. Anyone who valu... read

Ghost N Zombies: new for the Colecovision (not kidding)

Aug 03
It soothes my retro heart to know that no matter how many shiny, high definition games get pumped out into today's market, there will always be someone somewhere proudly pouring their heart and soul into something retro just ... read

Finally a use for your laser harp

Aug 01
Has your laser harp been sitting in the basement collecting dust? Got no all night raves to bust it out for? Wait. You don't have a laser harp? You mean you didn't rush out to make your own the second you saw Stephen Hobley's... read

University project uses the Wii to teach CPR

Jul 14
Wii mods aren’t just forMoving metal arms of doom.They can teach stuff, too.BioMed studentsHave a program that shows howTo use CPR.Waggle teaching lifeSaving techniques? That’s madness!Though still kind of cool.Th... read

Fan translation of Culdcept DS rocks my world

Jul 02
The Culdcept series rules. If you like board games, card games and screwing over your friends, there are few games which can compare. But, apart from a PS2 release and Culdcept Saga for the Xbox 360, predominately English-spe... read

Sad about Fatal Frame IV? You could use this fan translation

Jun 15
Fatal Frame IV is officially not coming to the US, and fans are not pleased about it. Having purchased every game in the series since the first one, I had planned to import it and stumble through with my shabby hiragana skill... read

New FPS heading to the Dreamcast: Nostalgia FTW!

May 19
Asking videogame nerds if they like the Dreamcast is akin to asking Roman Polanski if he likes a trail of candy leading to his bedroom. The system that has only gotten more popular with hindsight has a brand new shooter comin... read

DSi finally penetrated by pirates, ravaged without mercy

May 13
One of the biggest motives behind the development of the DSi was surely to curtail the huge amount of piracy that has affected previous incarnations of the system, thanks to the rise of the R4 Cart. The R4 doesn't work with t... read

Homebrew 8-bit NES game D-Pad Hero is better than Guitar Hero World Tour

Feb 02
Here's what Activision should have released in Fall of 2008 -- an 8-bit version of the Guitar Hero franchise called D-Pad Hero.Designed by Kent Hansen and Andreas Pedersen, this 8-bit remake of the now-classic formula is not ... read

How loving the PSP is driving me to hurt it

Jan 06
They say often that we hurt the things we love most, and as I patiently wait for a supremely cheap Memory Card Duo to arrive, I find that a most apt phrase. I love the PSP. As a piece of technology, as a gaming device, I thin... read

DSi clenches, eventually yields, to some hot homebrew lovin'

Dec 03
Console hacksmiths can never, ever be stopped, and despite the DSi doing what it can to hold out against naughty tinkerers, it has finally surrendered to the Acekard 2i, which should facilitate all your filthy piracy homeb... read

PSP 3000 is a tough nut to crack, pirates having difficulty

Nov 02
Everybody knows that the PlayStation Portable is a pirate's wet dream, having been a shining beacon of firmware cracks and homebrew applications since its release. Sony has been intent on fighting the main reason people even ... read

Introducing N-Warp Daisakusen: a brand new SNES game

Sep 26
 What are the people in the video above playing? A new game ... for the SNES? Yeah, you heard me right. N-Warp Daisakusen is a homebrew project from Matthias "d4s" Nagler, and is one hundred percent free to dow... read

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