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Find out how you can get banned from Black Ops II

Anything from pirating to boosting
Nov 12
Ah, the modern gaming era. Day one patches, online passes, and of course, permabans on consoles. As we're nearing the launch of the sure to be mega-hit Black Ops II, Treyarch has layed out a few ground rules. Most of it is co... read

Konami giving games to Silent Hill HD Xbox 360 buyers

Aug 11
Konami, in an unprecedented example of doing something almost correct, has addressed the minor shitstorm that erupted over its cancellation of a Silent Hill HD Collection patch by offering a free game exchange by way of ... read

Silent Hill HD Collection patch canceled on Xbox 360

Aug 08
Good news: Silent Hill HD Collection has been patched following reports of frankly grotesque problems with the unfinished code.  Bad news: This patch will only be available to PlayStation 3 customers. If you bought the X... read

You might want to refrain from playing Fez for a while

Jun 22
Although there were a number of crashes and infinite death loops in the original Fez, most of them could be fixed by restarting the game, which would put you back in the same area upon startup. Of course, these glitches need ... read

Silent Hill HD was made from incomplete code

May 28
Silent Hill series producer Tomm Hulett has finally been able to explain why Silent Hill: HD Collection was such a disappointing mess. It turns out that what we got wasn't ported from the final versions of each game. Konami, ... read

Error 37, character creation problems hit Diablo III

May 15
Let's all try to act really surprised! Diablo III's always-online requirement has caused problems for a significant number of folk who bought the game today and tried to log in. The "Error 37" that Blizzard warned us about ha... read

Silent Hill Downpour and HD Collection getting patched

Apr 25
Konami has announced today that patches are in the works for both Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection. It will address a number of issues found in both games.  "Understanding the issues some users are expe... read

Kid Link don't wanna grow up in this glitchy OoT speedrun

Apr 15
There is an upside and a downside to the patching functionality found in modern console games. On the one hand, being able to close up nasty holes that would otherwise dampen the experience is quite the welcome feature. On t... read

The dark secrets of Cheetahmen revealed!

Mar 24
It's been a while since we shared an episode of GameTrailers' Pop Fiction, which discusses rumored tricks and glitches in various videogames then tests their validity, Myth Busters style. The latest installment is quite spec... read

Silent Hill HD Collection seems to be a buggy mess

Mar 22
Is it possible to screw up such a guaranteed success as an HD version of Silent Hill 2 and 3? If any company's capable, it's Konami. The publisher just seems to be getting more and more senile, and this latest endeavor i... read

Xbox Live profiles losing all their achievements? Yipes!

Mar 13
[Update: Microsoft claims the issue is now resolved, but we've already had users switch on their systems and claiming it hasn't been. If you've been affected, log out and log in, while hoping for the best!] Reports around the... read

Mass Effect 3 users being asked to create a new Shepard

Mar 06
A number of Mass Effect 3 fans are furious that they have been asked to recreate their Commander Shepard from scratch, due to a problem with importing data. If you created your Shepard in the very first game and didn't alter ... read

Skyrim's Lydia is a total badass

Mar 03
Wren Weichman whipped up a Skyrim parody to demonstrate once again how hilariously awesome the game's glitches can be. It's actually a live-action remake of this particular gameplay footage that showcases your follower Lydia... read

NP-2244-2 error prevents PS Vita users accessing PS Store

Feb 28
The PlayStation Vita has been quite lucky enough to launch without talk of any major hardware disasters, and it seems to be working fine by most accounts. However, an error has been cropping up that's managed to piss a fair f... read

Michael Jackson: The Experience accidentally free on Vita

Feb 15
A PS Vita demo for Michael Jackson: The Experience accidentally provides free access to the entire game. The error has been in place since the demo went live and will probably be fixed as soon as an Ubisoft rep gets back into... read

Mega64 made the perfect Skyrim movie

Dec 22
When tasked with making a fan film of the Game of the Forever, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the boys of Mega64 decided to steer away from their typical modus operandi. The result is not a parody but a serious production fill... read

PS Vita buyers report freezing/touch screen problems

Dec 19
The PlayStation Vita has officially launched in Japan, and it wouldn't be a hardware launch without some issues cropping up. Youtube videos have been appearing online since launch, as users reveal the issues they've had with... read

Nintendo confirms game-break bug in Skyward Sword

Dec 06
Oh, Nintendo! Remember the cannon room glitch in Twilight Princess that prevented players from progressing? What are the odds that there would also be a game-breaking bug in Skyward Sword? Does this make it a trend now? Will ... read

Skyrim patch adds resistance bugs and backwards dragons

Nov 30
It seems that the first big patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one to be avoided until it has, itself, been patched. While Bethesda fixed several issues, it appears to have caused a few breakages in doing so, not least ... read

Skyrim lagging to a horrid degree on PS3

Nov 17
Despite many reports claiming that the PS3 was the correct non-PC choice for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (due to better texture rendering) it would appear that a secret problem was waiting in the wings -- crippling lag. Playe... read

WB asks users for help with Arkham City 360 save bug

Nov 15
Warner Brothers has acknowledged the corrupted save issue in Batman: Arkham City but it needs help before it can work on a solution. The company has set up a survey, asking fans for information that will help get the problem ... read

Skyrim glitches are the best glitches

Nov 14
PC Gamer felt that this video needed more views and I am inclined to agree, so enjoy this new round of funny mistakes. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is full of silly physics and behavior errors, and like Red Dead Redemption, t... read

Batman: Arkham City suffering from corrupted saves on 360

Nov 14
The Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City is said to be costing gamers hours upon hours of progress with a save file glitch that's corrupting data. Complaints have filled a 21-page forum thread, indicating that the issue ma... read

Dead Island PC patch arrives, still no Bloodbath DLC

Oct 12
A new patch has arrived to fix a number of outstanding issues with Dead Island on PC, including corrupted save files. The long-awaited "Bloodbath" DLC is still unavailable, due to Techland working on all these fixes. Oh, Tech... read

Gears of War 3 freezing glitch causing big problems

Oct 10
A new bug has reared its ugly head in Gears of War 3, and it's causing some severe problems for fans of the cover-shooter. The issue's cause is currently unknown, but it's causing consoles to lock up and preventing affected p... read

RAGE said to be suffering on PC

Oct 04
You'd think that a graphically demanding shooter from id Software -- of all studios -- would be at its peak on PC, but according to a growing number of users, RAGE is a broken mess. Users around the 'net (including NeoGAF) ar... read

Dark Souls has problematic online launch, fix coming

Sep 23
Dark Souls hit Japan this week, but it was far from a smooth launch. The game's been plagued with freezing issues, the whole thing tending to lock up once players go online. From Software has taken the servers down while it w... read

Deep Silver offering 'make up' plan for Dead Island PC

Sep 07
It's not quite so bad as this year's PSN outage, but Deep Silver has issued an apology for the myriad issues surrounding Dead Island on PC, and is planning to offer something by way of apology. Those affected by the launch da... read

Skyrim will not fix bugs ... if they're fun

Sep 01
Some glitches can ruin a game, but others can make them infinitely more fun. Red Dead Redemption was loved for its variety of silly bugs, and Bethesda has promised that any entertaining screw-ups found in The Elder Scrolls V:... read

A plethora of Ocarina of Time glitches on N64

Jun 15
James Rolfe may best be known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, but he also produces a variety of other content for his website Cinemassacre. One such video series, Mike's Game Glitches, is hosted by his best friend and AVGN col... read

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