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9:20 AM on 12.19.2011

PS Vita buyers report freezing/touch screen problems

The PlayStation Vita has officially launched in Japan, and it wouldn't be a hardware launch without some issues cropping up. Youtube videos have been appearing online since launch, as users reveal the issues they've had with...

Jim Sterling

5:15 PM on 12.06.2011

Nintendo confirms game-break bug in Skyward Sword

Oh, Nintendo! Remember the cannon room glitch in Twilight Princess that prevented players from progressing? What are the odds that there would also be a game-breaking bug in Skyward Sword? Does this make it a trend now? Will ...

Tony Ponce

2:30 PM on 11.30.2011

Skyrim patch adds resistance bugs and backwards dragons

It seems that the first big patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one to be avoided until it has, itself, been patched. While Bethesda fixed several issues, it appears to have caused a few breakages in doing so, not least ...

Jim Sterling

8:00 AM on 11.17.2011

Skyrim lagging to a horrid degree on PS3

Despite many reports claiming that the PS3 was the correct non-PC choice for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (due to better texture rendering) it would appear that a secret problem was waiting in the wings -- crippling lag. Playe...

Jim Sterling

8:40 AM on 11.15.2011

WB asks users for help with Arkham City 360 save bug

Warner Brothers has acknowledged the corrupted save issue in Batman: Arkham City but it needs help before it can work on a solution. The company has set up a survey, asking fans for information that will help get the problem ...

Jim Sterling

1:30 PM on 11.14.2011

Skyrim glitches are the best glitches

PC Gamer felt that this video needed more views and I am inclined to agree, so enjoy this new round of funny mistakes. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is full of silly physics and behavior errors, and like Red Dead Redemption, t...

Jim Sterling

9:40 AM on 11.14.2011

Batman: Arkham City suffering from corrupted saves on 360

The Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City is said to be costing gamers hours upon hours of progress with a save file glitch that's corrupting data. Complaints have filled a 21-page forum thread, indicating that the issue ma...

Jim Sterling

2:30 PM on 10.12.2011

Dead Island PC patch arrives, still no Bloodbath DLC

A new patch has arrived to fix a number of outstanding issues with Dead Island on PC, including corrupted save files. The long-awaited "Bloodbath" DLC is still unavailable, due to Techland working on all these fixes. Oh, Tech...

Jim Sterling

7:00 PM on 10.10.2011

Gears of War 3 freezing glitch causing big problems

A new bug has reared its ugly head in Gears of War 3, and it's causing some severe problems for fans of the cover-shooter. The issue's cause is currently unknown, but it's causing consoles to lock up and preventing affected p...

Jim Sterling

8:00 AM on 10.04.2011

RAGE said to be suffering on PC

You'd think that a graphically demanding shooter from id Software -- of all studios -- would be at its peak on PC, but according to a growing number of users, RAGE is a broken mess. Users around the 'net (including NeoGAF) ar...

Jim Sterling

9:20 AM on 09.23.2011

Dark Souls has problematic online launch, fix coming

Dark Souls hit Japan this week, but it was far from a smooth launch. The game's been plagued with freezing issues, the whole thing tending to lock up once players go online. From Software has taken the servers down while it w...

Jim Sterling

8:00 AM on 09.07.2011

Deep Silver offering 'make up' plan for Dead Island PC

It's not quite so bad as this year's PSN outage, but Deep Silver has issued an apology for the myriad issues surrounding Dead Island on PC, and is planning to offer something by way of apology. Those affected by the launch da...

Jim Sterling

3:15 PM on 09.01.2011

Skyrim will not fix bugs ... if they're fun

Some glitches can ruin a game, but others can make them infinitely more fun. Red Dead Redemption was loved for its variety of silly bugs, and Bethesda has promised that any entertaining screw-ups found in The Elder Scrolls V:...

Jim Sterling

5:40 PM on 06.15.2011

A plethora of Ocarina of Time glitches on N64

James Rolfe may best be known as the Angry Video Game Nerd, but he also produces a variety of other content for his website Cinemassacre. One such video series, Mike's Game Glitches, is hosted by his best friend and AVGN col...

Tony Ponce

10:30 PM on 06.12.2011

Duke Nukem Forever texture glitch is SO SPARKLES!

I'm nearing the end of Duke Nukem Forever in preparation for our review (coming tomorrow!) and stumbled across this amazing bug. What you see above is a texture glitch that has made all the objects, items and floor surfaces r...

Jim Sterling

10:20 AM on 05.19.2011

Honest Hearts DLC won't work on some New Vegas save files

Bethesda has been receiving complaints from users unable to activate the recently release Honest Hearts downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas. While Bethesda has said that an upcoming patch will fix potential issues, it...

Jim Sterling