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Girls of Gaming


Super SFIV's Juri used to be cute and fat (like a baby)

Nov 04
I thought it was pretty interesting that Abel started off as a girl/trap (don't we all), and while Juri's original design didn't feature any gender-bending functionality, her creation process was pretty cool in itself. Accord... read

Bayonetta gets her gun-shoe freak on in new trailer

Nov 04
With Bayonetta out in Japan, Sega can finally concentrate on saturating the West with video trailers and promotional chicanery. Here's the first trailer, a new video that shows off the weapons and combos in Platinum Games' o... read

30% of Guitar Hero players are female (slow news day)

Oct 27
In amazingly mindblowing news that everybody cares about, it's being stated that almost a third of all Guitar Hero players are female. Wow."A very large group really wants great guitar music, and they don’t want us... read

Make out with your iPhone with this SuicideGirls App

Oct 17
Seduce a SuicideGirl is a new iPhone App where you'll be playing a choose your own style adventure in order to make out with Zoli Suicide. Your goal is to chat up Zoli in a comic book shop and if you're good at bullsh*tting y... read

Brighten up your period with this Pokemon menstrual pad!

Sep 20
Is it your time of the month? You on the rag? On the blob? More importantly, have you ever wanted to bleed out of your minge and onto Pikachu's face? If you answer in the affirmative to these questions, then we have a very sp... read

Trish Stratus coming out with a Wii Yoga game

Sep 18
Trish Stratus as a brunette with glasses is stunning. She was always hot, but now she's just ... wow. Oh, right, videogames. Fitness model and former WWE actor Trish Stratus has teamed up with Frima Studio to develop a n... read

Girls: why they game less

Jul 26
Girls. They have stumped men for ages with their ways. The biggest mystery of all? Why they don't play games as much as men. A recent study from Michigan State University has discovered the conclusive truth (until another stu... read

Vote for the next Ryu Ga Gotoku hostess

Jul 21
One of these 16 lovely ladies could appear in the next Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) game as a virtual hostess. Sega went through 1,500 applicants and now need to figure out which lady will make it through. There’s a photo, v... read

Model Anja Rubik to star in Yoga for the Wii

Jul 10
JoWooD Productions and DreamCatcher Games is coming out with a yoga game for the Wii simply called Yoga. That’s not the story here. The story here is that international model Anja Rubik will be featured in the game. A... read

New Lara Croft poses make old Lara look like a bobble head

Jun 27
Lara Croft has gone through a few changes in her life, most of them based around graphical advancements in breast rounding technology. Back in the day Lara was naught more than a couple of polygons stuck together to vaguely r... read

E3 09: The E3 booth babe gallery!

Jun 04
E3 2009 feels like what a real E3 should feel like again this year. There's actually excitement in the air as people are hustling and bustling around going from booth to booth. I'm actually kind of sad since everything is qui... read

Burlesque goes nerdy at Los Angeles' Bordello club

May 11
Ok, picture this: an evening of entertainment provided by hot girls dressed like video game characters who then proceed to take off their clothes for an audience? Uh ... what I've just described is the wet dream of the majori... read

Breaking! Free Destructoid shirts for the ladies while they last

Mar 05
Time to clean house!  Nerdyshirts is closing out the last of our 08' Destructoid skull & crossbones shirts for $5 plus shipping (all men's sizes are sold out, sorry!) but here's how to get it for free: To get the cou... read

Um, OK: Girls Gone Wild reviews Tenchu Shadow Assassins

Jan 23
 For whatever reason, Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild reviewed Tenchu Shadow Asassins. Well, it’s not actually a review. It’s really just clips from Tenchu mixed together with NSFW clips of naked women from Gi... read

Ubisoft says the Wii is for girls

Jan 13
Because dividing people by gender is lots of fun for everyone, Ubisoft is claiming that the Wii is a "girl-driven" system, something which the publisher's senior brand manager, Ann Hamilton, thinks lies at the heart... read

Maxim's hottest videogame babes of 2008 misses a few babes

Dec 24
Maxim has compiled a list of the sexiest videogame babes from games released in 2008 and I don’t agree with some of their babe choices. I’m not saying the list isn’t good in any way; it’s just my list ... read

Nobi Nobi Boy screens confirm that the freak is still alive

Dec 15
If you are a very long term reader of the site, then you'll remember that if I have one fear, it is Nobi Nobi Boy, the terrifying worm hybrid freak who comes to the PS3 courtesy of Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. He ... read

Mega Man + period blood = the most disturbed fan art ever

Dec 02
Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you evidence of what happens when fanboyism is allowed to become something ... more. Sure, we all have our gaming vices, and I am sure we have sometimes gone above and beyond the call of... read

Abuse your virtual girlfriend, make it all better with a teddy bear

Nov 15
The above video should inspire women all around the world. This bizarre "game" uses a webcam and special boxes, a process known as Augmented Reality, to simulate a virtual girlfriend for you. A girlfriend which is... read

A glimpse back at one gamer's past

Oct 11
I turned 23 earlier this week, and as people often do when they grow a year older, I started thinking back to my younger years. I have done a lot of growing up, but there is one thing that has nearly always remained constant:... read

Games: it's spreading to the girls now

Sep 25
Well, that's not how the NPD put it. They say that this year young girls are fitting more gaming into their busy girly schedule than they did last year. The NPD Group's study, called -- no kidding -- Girl Power: Understanding... read

Girls would rather play games than sleep? New poll says yes

Sep 23
I've known many guys who would rather game all night than get decent sleep, but I thought I was one of few staying up until the wee hours to plow just a little but further in Persona 3. Turns out I'm far from alone -- accordi... read

Jenny McCarthy has Warrior Femininity (tm)

Sep 14
In this video, Jenny McCarthy says she has a warrior inside of her. This opens itself to any number of lewd comments that may or may not involve facepainted and barely coherent WWF wrestlers from the eighties. I will leave ... read

And then this happened: Denis Dyack gets interviewed by Penthouse Pets

Jul 30
I'd like to shake the hand of whoever came up with the idea to put videogame industry folks into a bed with scantily clad Penthouse Pets. Das Gamer and Complex magazine, I salute you. The latest in Das Gamers' video series, S... read

EA announces Boogie for broads, Boogie SuperStar for Wii

Jun 26
Today, Electronic Arts has announced Boogie SuperStar for the Wii ... penises need not apply!This latest entry in the Boogie series is targeted at a female demographic, providing "girls the ultimate gaming experience: to... read

Wait a minute, female gamers can have the same mindset as men!?

Jun 09
Don Ryan, the new COO at Oberon Media (AstroPop, Zuma Deluxe), has somehow come to the bizarre conclusion that women can be just as competitive as men. Maybe if they’re competing in a pot roast cook-off, amirite?"M... read

THQ: 'Girls have better things to do than videogames'

Jun 09
James Scalpello, THQ's wireless director, has humorously stated that girls simply have more important things to do with their time than play games. Statistically, he ain't wrong, but you've got to love the bluntness of it al... read

RetroforceGO! Episode 50: That's half of a hundred!

May 27
While the more astute listener may notice that today is, in fact, not Monday (the regular release day for RFGO!), he or she will be glad to have endured the extra day wait for this week's episode. Why? Because, and this is al... read

May the best breast win: New screens of Soul Calibur IV full of smut and gravity

May 23
A recent survey conducted by Destructoid showed that the vast majority of our readers are of the male persuasion, live in the US, and would prefer breasts in their faces at all times. The makers of Soul Calibur IV must be goi... read

Petition to cease drawn kiddy porn in games

May 22
A petition has been formed to force new legislation in Japan that could see an end to videogames portraying underage characters in "erotic" situations. The Japanese Diet will listen to this petition and its goal of ... read

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