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1:20 PM on 04.13.2013

Citizens, unite: vote Mike Haggar

[Another gem from Destructoid's Golden Archives, this our most popular story of April 2008] As you’ve no doubt been following the prospective U.S. presidential nominees, you must be asking yourself several question...

Anthony Burch

10:00 PM on 12.08.2009

Dreams can come true: A real-life Umbrella Corp. umbrella

Resident Evil Zero is one of the few non-Outbreak games in the series I haven't gotten around to playing. I imagine there are many of you in a similar position, so listen up. While you could get a used copy of the Gamecube ve...

Jordan Devore

5:00 PM on 03.27.2009

Season 2 of The Jace Hall Show gets up in your grill

I'm a fan of The Jace Hall Show, and I'm not just saying that because Hall is twice my size and could splatter my head like a watermelon with his gigantic hands. The online gaming show is genuinely entertaining, hitting devel...

Nick Chester

3:00 PM on 03.07.2009

The nine levels of 'Cosplay Hell' will burn your eyes

I actually have a lot of respect for cosplayers. The dedication it takes to fashion an outfit based on your favorite videogame, comic book, or American Idol contestant is astounding. Truly, we've seen some amazing displays of...

Nick Chester

4:02 PM on 05.12.2008

The Little Convention That Could: A look back at TooManyGames 6

For those of you out there who might be scratching their heads, wondering, "TooManyGames? Whazzat?!", let me be the one to tell you that you should remember that name well — for in the future, TMG will become ...


12:42 PM on 04.14.2008

US Games industry salary averaged $73,600 in 2007

Games industry bloggers? Not so much (no offense, boss). The $73,600 American industry average is only up a few hundred dollars from the 2006 average, according to Game Developer magazine's seventh annual survey. We know that...

Dale North

10:33 AM on 04.11.2008

Uwe Boll graces G4 studios, reminds us why we need him to continue on

Following up his no holds barred rant on the Internet, the man who has somehow managed to do the seemingly impossible (get even less respect than Rodney Dangerfield), gives Kevin Pereira the down and dirty about why he said...


6:05 PM on 02.27.2008

Trent Reznor likes it when you cry: The Perfect Drug on expert

Yesterday met with three Nine Inch Nails tracks being added to the vast roster of downloadable content for Rock Band, and in the days leading up to the songs' availability Rock Band aficionados and angsty teenagers alike were...

Qais Fulton

1:42 PM on 02.25.2008

GDC 08: Peter Molyneux, private meeting edition

At GDC, we often get the chance to attend private meetings with developers to talk about their upcoming releases. This gives us a chance to hear about all the game related information on a professional level, before we throw...

Daniel Husky Lingen

9:47 PM on 01.30.2008

Bead-based consoles, no batteries required

I've been fortunate enough to find a group of bead sprite fanatics like me in a little place called The Bead-Sprites Forum, and this group has one member whose pieces are making him stand out from the regular crowd Doctor Oct...


4:59 PM on 07.21.2007

Mikami, Kojima, Suda drop science (now is not the time for jokes)

(Editor's Note: The above clip comes courtesy of 1up, and portrays a roundtable discussion between Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami and Goichi Suda at the recent Snake Vs Zombie Event in Tokyo. For those of you without aural ...

Earnest Cavalli

3:21 PM on 07.17.2007

Jhidekim's top notch E3 coverage

The Dtoid crew has a new Barbara Walters on board and Jhidekim is his name. Bringing you only the highest quality coverage from the Santa Monica Pier, this is his version of what Spyro and Crash Bandicoot wanted you to see. Special thanks to everyone at 47, Vic Lucas, Homer, Chris, Name not given, Joe, Amy, Lou, Sarah, and of course Jhidekim himself.


3:11 AM on 06.25.2007

Ikaruga's final stage, double-fisted

Disclaimer: The above video contains scenes of ridiculous awesome, and things that will make you question the value of your own life. Keep in mind that the gentleman you are about to see is almost certainly a cyborg, and ha...

Earnest Cavalli

12:07 PM on 05.31.2007

Podtoid 24: As long as we got each other edition!

Once again, we come to the time of the week when the sun is shining, young men's fancies are turning into thoughts of love, and birds are alighting from their perches in order to have sex with the sexiest of all the bees....

Earnest Cavalli

2:03 AM on 05.26.2007

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness trailer; Lovecraft is the new Heinlein

Gabe and Tycho, the boys behind Penny Arcade, PAX and the annual charitygasm that is Child's Play, decided one day that they wanted to make a game. Unlike you, however, they apparently had the clout (and the total disd...

Earnest Cavalli

2:08 PM on 05.18.2007

Rob "Sheir" Martinez stars in The Forgettables

If you're a fan of Sheir -- and if you're not, you should be -- you'll be interested to know he and his friends have started an episodic, gaming-related comedy show. The pilot can be viewed above.It's pretty s...

Anthony Burch