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Spelunky available on browsers, red nose still adorable

Jul 31
What's better than playing an awesome indie game? How about playing an awesome free indie on the browser of your choosing, whenever you want to! A port of Spelunky has just hit broswers everywhere. Darius Kazemi took the orig... read

The NES era was a special time for a lot of us. Many of the staff here at Dtoid will always have a certain attachment to the period, myself included. Abobo's Big Adventure is a tribute to all those who grew up with the gaming gods of old. This free Flash game is quite fun and funny, definitely well worth a trip down memory lane. read feature

Disabled girl dating sim Katawa Shoujo is out now

Jan 04
Like the first legless man to compete in a marathon, few expected it to finish, but it has finally happened: Katawa Shoujo, an indie visual novel developed by the former 4channers at Four Leaf Studios, is finally out, after f... read

It’s hard not to be wary of something given away for free in the age of Horse Armor DLC. Nitronic Rush is neither Korean nor a free-to-play MMORPG, so I let my guard down this time -- good thing too! Nitronic Rush i... read feature

Just look at those balls! Those beautiful, magnificent balls, zipping through those abstract planes of color and geometric shapes!  Proun is a beautiful and clever visual feast that deserves to be displayed in a museum -... read feature

I bet you want to give free indie game The Wager a try

May 05
Indie dev Surprised Man created its game The Wager as part of the 72-hour Ludum Dare game jam in December, and has since been expanding on it for an official release. It's an exploration game in which you explore islands in t... read

Free App of the Day: Super Blast

Jan 11
Super Blast 2 is out on iTunes, but if you want a slightly different version for free, then get the original. Super Blast costs nothing today, and you might like it! Judging the game based on Super Blast 2, these titles are s... read

Fishing Master now available for iPhone, totally free

Dec 17
Laugh if you must, but I love Fishing Master. Lord knows I have taken abuse for it before. But its charm and gameplay are worth more than anybody who would mock me for enjoying them. And now it'll be even easier for me to tak... read

Cave Story WiiWare dev - 'I want to make more Cave Story'

Sep 21
Near the end of my TGS time in Tokyo, I was lucky enough to meet up with Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis, Inc. You know Tyrone. He's the guy who helped bring Cave Story to WiiWare, and thank the Lord, it sounds like he's still w... read

pOnd is like flOw and flOwer but much more awesOme

Jul 12
Do you miss Reverend Anthony? I sure do. Like with .Tiff, what he provided for Destructoid could never be replaced. I still read his Twitter though, which might be as close as I'm going to get to seeing him write for Dtoid ag... read

E3 10: Browser-based Fantasy Football with Quickhits

Jun 17
Quickhit Football was a weird game for me to play. As someone who doesn't really pay much attention to football, a game that acts as a fusion between fantasy football and and RPG is great for fans, but not quite for me. Howev... read

Mega Man 8 fan-made demake free for the playing

Apr 20
Every once and a while, people take a crack at Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 by saying they look like "fan-made projects". Thing is, that's not the most effective insult. Technically speaking, Cave Story is a "fan-made project",... read

Can't talk now, playing Infectonator: World Dominator

Feb 28
Wave goodbye to the rest of your weekend. Infectonator: World Dominator is a game about destroying the world with a zombie apocalypse. It's less of a thinky-thinky kind of apocalypse, though, and more of a clicky-clicky one: ... read

The less you know before playing Cream Wolf, the better

Feb 19
Roughly 90% of Cream Wolf's charm comes from discovering what the game is actually about, so I'll leave you to it. For the sake of making this news post more than a single sentence, though, I'll point out that it was made by PixelJam and messhof. Those guys are good at making games. Now, go play Cream Wolf. read

Lewis Carroll + Gorillaz + Warioware = Record Tripping

Feb 18
Cool. As much as I'm a fan of straining weird analogies, there isn't a single one to be found in this post's title: Record Tripping is quite literally (A) made up of minigames, (B) set to a simultaneous soundtrack of Gorillaz... read

The Spirit Engine 2 now available for free

Feb 18
If you're into story-based RPGs, listen well: The Spirit Engine 2, formerly $10 (and before that, formerly $18) is now free. Even as someone who doesn't really dig dialogue-heavy RPGs, there's some interesting stuff here. You... read

Command and Conquer Classics gives you C&C for free

Feb 14
While it's hard to believe that the "conclusion" of a franchise as storied and long running as Command & Conquer is not the biggest RTS release of the year, it's still kind of a big deal. To celebrate this big deal EA has... read

Play the winners of TIGSource's Assemblee compo

Feb 08
Another competition is complete, and now the rest of us have at least ten new indie games to waste a few hours with. We've reported on the Assemblee Competition before (short version: artists created sprites wit... read

Interstellar Marines is both innovative and unoriginal

Jan 24
I'm torn. On the one hand, indie title Interstellar Marines has one of the coolest development structures I've yet seen. Leading up to an eventual release of a full game, the team is releasing small, free, playable previews t... read

Only super-cool dudes can beat Flood the Chamber

Jan 23
About twenty minutes ago, the headline to this post would have been something along the lines of, "whomever made Flood the Chamber can go f*ck himself and die because he's a bad person and he caused me emotional pain," but I'... read

Indie game Every Day the Same Dream is drudge-tastic

Dec 24
This post is about Every Day the Same Dream, an indie game about the monotony of cubicle life and one man's attempt to escape it. Or not escape it. Or something. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, great -- ano... read

Captain Forever released, you'll be better at it than me

Nov 23
I previously talked about Captain Forever during its pre-launch phase, when you had to pay $20 to access it. The game is now available for free, here. And I'm still horrendous at it. Captain Forever is what you might get if y... read

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is finally free!

Sep 30
Download this, right now. Strange Adventures in Infinite Space used to be the most surprisingly expensive indie game on the PC market -- $20, despite being almost a decade old -- but now it's free. Beautifully, wonderfully fr... read

Addictive one-button platformer of the week: Canabalt

Sep 08
I'm not entirely sure why, but I've been replaying Canabalt, a free, browser-based platformer, at least once every two days since it came out.Perhaps I long to luxuriate in the luscious pixel art. Perhaps I'm desperate to bea... read

SCUMM and Star Wars together at last

Aug 29
One of the greatest travesties mankind has ever committed on itself is having let adventure gaming's prime run its course without a LucasArts Star Wars adventure game using the SCUMM engine being created. It just doesn't make... read

Go down, Moses: for the love of God, play Tower of Heaven

Aug 14
If you're in college (or a particularly rambunctious teen) you've probably played a drinking game called King's Cup. Well, substitute the Shlitz for a three-color platformer with an absolutely killer soundtrack and you might ... read

Play 6-player Tetris over at Tetris Friends Online

Jun 22
When I sat down to discuss Tetris with Alexey Pajitnov and Henk Rogers, the creator and CEOs of The Tetris Company this past E3, one of the more interesting topics was Tetris' status as a sport. Both of these men are working ... read

E3 09: Jade Dynasty is dynamite!

Jun 04
Jade Dynasty is the latest free-to-play MMO coming from Perfect Worlds, the distributor of such games as Perfect World International and Ether Saga Online, all based out of China and Asia. If you remember my preview of Ethe... read

Hate paying for games? 1Up has you covered

May 16
Right now it is 11:23 p.m. on Friday night, and being a totally extremely cool person I am home writing, but I can already tell you that I will probably get no sleep until this post actually goes live at 2 p.m. on Saturday th... read

A lot of people play RuneScape: Enough to earn a world record, anyway

Sep 11
I clearly just don’t get RuneScape. Some time ago, at the insistence of a younger cousin (who played the free MMO religiously), I gave the game a shot, and was subsequently unimpressed. Maybe my standards were just set ... read

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