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Free Radical

Free Radical needs some Nectar, studio's future decided on February 4

Feb 02
Free Radical Design’s future as a developer will be announced on February 4. The studio behind the magical Star Wars Battlefront III footage and games like TimeSplitters and Haze was forced into administration last year... read

Rumortoid: Pandemic still has Battlefront, Rebellion worked on PS2 version

Jan 22
If you’re keeping track -- I’m not sure how you are -- Star Wars: Battlefront III might have changed hands several times. Initially, it was Free Radical’s game. The leaked alpha footage from last week (liter... read

Don't Panic: Free Radical Design isn't dead just yet

Dec 21
In this time of doom, gloom, and economic despair, we could all learn something from the late, great Douglas Adams: Don't Panic.A few days ago, we reported that Free Radical Design had locked its doors, closed up shop, and pe... read

Rumortoid: Free Radical locking its doors?

Dec 18
Here's a rather strange (and dismaying) rumor that has recently surfaced on the Eurogamer forums. According to a poster there, Free Radical Design employees are currently sitting at a Holiday Inn, wondering why they've been l... read

Free Radical wants to know your platform of choice for TimeSplitters 4

Sep 18
With so little information about TimeSplitters 4 circulating around the Internet and Haze not going over well with a considerable number of people, it's hard to know what to expect from Free Radical.Will TimeSplitters 4 be on... read

Ubisoft/Free Radical: Please install this patch for Haze that doesn't exist

May 23
Having only played through some of the demo for Haze, I'm not even going to comment on the quality of Free Radical's PlayStation 3 first-person shooter. I will say that the four-player cooperative drop-in/drop-out sounds real... read

Korn's music video for Haze plus three new videos of Haze's multiplayer

Apr 23
Here's the song by Korn that was made Ubisoft's and Free Radical's Haze. The song is called Haze and Korn performed it live at a concert. The song is available on Korn's new album that was released overseas. To quote the pres... read

Bargain Bin Laden #37: Second Sight

Feb 17
Psychic power in videogames was an idea that had not been fully explored by 2004, and still hasn't been fully whored out, strangely enough. It was a complete and utter shame then, that by some cruel stroke of dastardly coinci... read

A behind the scenes look at Haze

Nov 10
Screenwriter for Free Radical, Rob Yescombe, takes it to the streets of Nottingham to talk with kids, bums, and goths about the upcoming first-person shooter, Haze. Of the people he chats with, few of them have the slightest ... read

Here's a Radical idea: just say no to used games

Oct 29
If you happen to be the type of person who prefers the used game market in lieu of paying full price for your next fix in what amounts to an already expensive hobby, then Free Radical's David Braben has a few choice words for... read

TimeSplitters 4 teaser: fight to the finish

Oct 09
Are you eagerly awaiting the release of TimeSplitters 4? If so, head on over to Free Radical's Web Site for a little teaser that you should find very amusing. If you answered no to that question, you should still go the site,... read

Haze will have rumble on the PS3. Yeah, that's it

Sep 29
This latest video for Haze shows you no gameplay or cinematic at all. All it shows is a PS3 controller vibrating. In fact, I'm not even sure why I'm bothering posting this video aside from the fact that it's the weekend and t... read

Timesplitters 4 looking probable for the Wii

Sep 25
Some new tips drop into my in-box like a shiny big dollop of liquid gold. From the day the Wii was announced, FPS on the machine has been at the forefront of my mind, and I've had a vaguely realized image of a perfect example... read

Kick ass abilities: just another reason why you should care about Haze

Aug 11
With a seemingly endless amount of high-profile games coming out in the next few months, it’s easy to lose track of every single last title that looked good to you at one point in time or another. There’s a chan... read

More Timesplitters 4 details appear, David explodes with joy

Aug 08
I love Timesplitters 2. I mean really love it. In an almost scary way. If it were a girl I'd marry it, if it were a food I'd gorge on it until my stomach lining burst, and if it were a drug my veins, lungs and brain would now... read

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