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7:00 AM on 10.22.2012

PS3 update 4.30 out tomorrow, kills Life with PlayStation

Sony is gearing up for a big firmware release tomorrow, v4.30. The most notable feature being added is the ability to view your PS Vita Trophies on the home console. The Trophy section is now listed under the PSN area of the ...

Jim Sterling

12:48 PM on 02.04.2008

Sony: One million people Folding@home with the PlayStation 3

This isn't a knock on the Playstation 3 (in fact, this could construed as a positive thing), but there was awhile there when everyone on my PlayStation Network friends list was constantly Folding@Home. There wasn't much game ...

Nick Chester

10:07 AM on 12.19.2007

Folding@home update: listen to music while you save the world

The PS3's distributed computing program Folding@home has been adding some major muscle to Stanford University's research capability, and that makes it the first game system to actually do some good in the world. Things tend t...

Dale North

7:07 AM on 11.01.2007

Folding@home reaches world record, thanks to PS3

Apparently, the cell processor is good for something other than making Ratchet's tail all furry and stuff. Sony Computer Entertainment has issued a press release informing us that Stanford University's Folding@home program ha...

Nick Chester

8:17 AM on 05.18.2007

Jack Tretton potentially 'disappointed' in Microsoft's Folding@Home interests

More inter-company slinging of the mud lately, as Microsoft and Sony essentially devolve the games industry into a slightly less spectacular episode of The Jerry Springer Show. Responding to comments from the inimitable Pet...

Jim Sterling

8:21 PM on 04.11.2007

Sony in talks to sell your excess cycles, your dog, and your favorite hat

Remember a while back when Sony revealed the Folding@Home option within its PlayStation 3 consoles and everyone got warm fuzzies in their tummies and Phil Harrison visited all of our homes on a unicorn to give us each a pupp...

Earnest Cavalli

1:55 PM on 04.01.2007

Destructoid: The Italian Restaurant

Diversification is important for a growing gaming business, as is stockpiling marinara sauce and not making offensive Mario impressions when Italian people visit. This is why we broke in a local Bucca De Beppo and completely...

Papa Niero

2:10 AM on 03.24.2007

Folding@home turns PS3 into the console equivalent of Johns Hopkins

[Psst - Join the Destructoid Folding Group!  #55789 ] Yesterday, PlayStation 3 firmware upgrade 1.6 finally went live and with it came the awesome distributed-computing, disease-fighting power of Folding@home. If yo...

Earnest Cavalli