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Atlus: 'Title you've been waiting for may be announced'

Dec 27
In a chat about the coming year, Atlus told Famitsu that "That title you’ve been waiting for may be announced," says Siliconera. What a terrible tease. Technically Persona 5 has been let out of the bag, so that wo... read

The estimates we gave this morning for the PlayStation Vita sell-through were about right. Enterbrain's numbers show that 321,407 Vita systems were sold the first launch week. Considering that the system launched on December ... read feature


Skyrim is the first Western game to get Famitsu's 40/40

Nov 29
As if Skyrim's list of achievements needed to be longer, the latest Elder Scrolls has managed to accomplish something previously unseen in this industry -- it's the first Western game to score Famitsu's perfect 40/40 review s... read

Square Enix's Unreal project from Dragon Quest producer

Nov 29
The latest Famitsu reportedly reveals that Square Enix's Ryutaro Ichimura is heading up the company's first project that uses Epic's Unreal 3 Engine. Ichimura's last work was Dragon Quest IX, but he says that he has "gra... read

Famitsu: PS Vita memory cards are a 'requirement'

Oct 26
When a company sells an optional add-on to a product, one usually assumes that it is just that -- optional. According to Famitsu, however, the PlayStation Vita's expensive memory cards aren't something you can just ignore, wi... read

Famitsu reveals two new 3DS games with odd names

Oct 19
Try these on for game names: "If I Were in a Sealed Room With a Girl" and "Code of Princess" I love how Japan can just throw together some English words and make us accept it as something that makes sense. Both of these title... read

The DTOID Show: A Kiss From The Nubs & New Vita Games

Sep 07
[The Destructoid Show gives a rundown of all the top news from every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.... read

New Lumines and other games confirmed for PS Vita

Sep 07
Following the info dump from Famitsu about the analog nub cradle for 3DS, the publication has listed more games coming to PlayStation Vita in Japan. With Tokyo Game Show less than two weeks away, we'll be hearing more about t... read

New Persona 4 The Golden Vita screens show new character

Aug 31
Around this time last night was the first we've ever heard of this game and now we've got the first batch of screenshots. Famitsu is all over Persona 4 The Golden, just as they were with all the other series games. Now they h... read

New Onechanbara coming to 360, stars vampire sisters

Aug 31
D3 Publisher has a brand new Onechanbara game in the works, and it'll be ditching series heroine Aya for a pair of vampire sisters, Kagura and Saaya. I doubt many people will notice the difference, since anime children with m... read

And for Grasshopper's next act... Lollipop Chainsaw!

Jul 20
[Update: Famitsu has put some images of the game on its website, so head over there to check them out. I'm not changing my stupid mock-up header, because I worked so hard on it.] Grasshopper Manufacture would be hard pre... read

Your first look at Chemical Plant in Sonic Generations

Jul 14
Famitsu has revealed two stages for the upcoming Sonic Generations -- Chemical Plant and Stardust Speedway. A bunch of rather dirty scans have hit the 'net as well, so check those out for your first glimpse. Looking forward t... read

Final Fantasy Versus XIII still not in full production

Jul 13
C'mon! Why tease us with games you've barely started working on yet? This whole time we've been hearing about Final Fantasy Versus XIII could be counted as one long tease if you consider that the team at Square Enix hasn't ev... read

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD gameplay video

May 30
What to see what a PSP game blown up to HD on the PS3 looks like? Well, you're going to have to work for it. In a recent Famitsu Ustream broadcast you'll find footage of this first of what will hopefully be many PSP-to-PS3... read

Nintendo 3DS May Firmware detailed

May 11
Japanese rag Famitsu has detailed Nintendo's May update to the Nintendo 3DS, which will finally bring the 3DS eShop -- well over a month after the system's launch. How nice of Nintendo to grant us this favor.  As well as... read

Grand Knights History from Vanillaware announced

Mar 30
I loved Vanillaware games, investing ridiculous amounts of time into Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. It's been a while since we heard anything from the studio, but the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed... read

Famitsu reveals Resident Evil Revival Selection

Mar 22
The latest issue of Famitsu has hit the shelves in Japan and it features four pages on a new Resident Evil title, Resident Evil Revival Selection. Well, okay, it's probably not a "new" game. What we're hearing is that th... read

New screens for The Last Guardian fuel my nightmares

Mar 02
There's a saucy new bunch of Last Guardian screens for you to gawp at like fools. While you do that, I'm going to construct a pillow fort to hide in. I'm going to just come out and say it. That dog/bat/chicken creature? It fr... read

The Last Guardian is 'real that exceeds real'

Mar 01
This week's Famitsu has some hot new details on Team ICO's The Last Guardian. It feels like this game has been quietly in development since man first learned to walk upright, but the Japanese press got a good look at it and h... read

Turns out Catherine has a multiplayer mode

Jan 26
Hey, remember when I said that this post about Catherine's retail bonuses would be the last time I'd gush like a hype-addled fanboy? Apparently I wrong, because a surprise reveal in Famitsu details Catherine's out-of-story ga... read

Acquire's underwear game is Akiba's Trip, a vampire game

Jan 23
Quirky Japanese dev Acquire, responsible for the likes of Way of the Samurai and the decent portions of Tenchu, has just revealed its newest PlayStation Portable game: Akiba's Trip. It had been teasing the game earlier with m... read

Catherine special edition comes with cushion, art book

Dec 28
Catherine has become a source for debate in the Destructoid offices, as we attempt to work out whether or not the game will be good. Everything is looking hopeful, but my expression of concern that the game won't live up to i... read

New Catherine gameplay screens make it look way better

Dec 26
It took a while, but the hype machine for Atlus' sexy new action-puzzler Catherine had recently (and finally) shifted into "providing actual gameplay details" mode. Screens were shot, copy was written, and...let's just say th... read

Final Fantasy Agito XIII has 'unique' multiplayer

Dec 08
We've not heard a thin buggered winkle from Final Fantasy Agito XIII in a while, but Square Enix has confirmed that the game still exists. It will also have a "unique" multiplayer element, according to director Hajime Ta... read

New info on Kinect Panzer Dragoon wannabe Project Draco

Nov 19
We haven't heard much about the Japanese Kinect game coming from Yukio Futatsugi, the director of Sega classic Panzer Dragoon, since Tokyo Game Show. A new Kinect feature on Famitsu reveals a few new details and some screensh... read

Valkyria Chronicles III is a PSP game, coming January 27

Sep 15
I've read that more than a few of you hoping that the upcoming sequel to Valkyria Chronicles II, aptly named Valkyria Chronicles III, would be a game bound for current-generation home consoles, rather than a handheld game. I ... read

Catherine shows off pictures of 'Katherine', scary hands

Sep 10
Hey! Remember Catherine, the awesomely sexy new game from Atlus and the people who made Persona? Yeah, that one! With the trailer! Well, Famitsu has new screenshots and details for you to devour with your eyes, which include ... read

New details on Tokyo Jungle confirm that yep, it's weird

Sep 02
When I posted about Tokyo Jungle yesterday, I noted that the game promised something called "hunting action." Many of you took this to mean that Tokyo Jungle was yet another contender for Monster Hunter's dominance of the mon... read

The new Catherine trailer blows a load of info, assets

Aug 19
Words cannot express how much I want Catherine right now. Famitsu, the world's most prematurely-scanned game rag, has splattered a saucy new trailer and a sack full of screens onto the internet, and I'll be damned if this ga... read

Half-Minute Hero sequel announced, start praying for it

Aug 04
The latest issue of Famitsu has hit stands and it contains news on a sequel to the brilliant Half-Minute Hero. Called "Yuusha 30 Second" (the Japanese title for the original being "Yuusha 30"), there is slim but promising inf... read