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Electronic Arts

Review: Unravel

Feb 08 // Caitlin Cooke
Unravel (PC, Xbox One, PS4 [reviewed])Developer: Coldwood InteractivePublisher: Electronic ArtsReleased: February 9, 2016MSRP: $19.99 Unravel’s story begins with an elderly woman making her way up to bed as Yarny, the game’s darling protagonist made from red yarn, comes to life downstairs. His adventure begins just outside of the cottage, roaming through the garden and into the beyond in search of lost memories made by the family that once inhabited the house, unraveling himself along the way. Yarny is able to roam freely throughout the cottage, a landing area for the ten chapters in the game which are accessed through framed pictures. Each photo transports our hero to the area it was taken where he encounters fragments of lost family memories, pictures frozen in time. At the end of each chapter he places the memories into a photo album that starts to come to life, weaving pictures into a story. [embed]339641:62166:0[/embed] To capture all the memories you guide Yarny through various terrain and strategize on how to make it past obstacles without unraveling him too much, as he only has limited amounts of yarn before reaching another spool. At first the game throws a lot of yarn techniques and mechanics at you quickly, but with time they start to become second nature. Coming up with clever solutions using environmental props along with grappling, swinging, climbing, rappelling, and tying knots for points of resistance are key to making it through. The yarn puzzles are fairly easy to figure out without being too simple -- each task is fairly small and broken up, not requiring long chains of thought but at the same time being challenging enough to feel rewarded when making it through. There were a few areas I was stuck on for longer than I’d like, but for the most part I found them to be fun and clever. Surprisingly, the levels never felt repetitive and the game was kept fresh by experimenting with the yarn’s mechanics in new environments. Outside influences also give a bit of flavor, requiring additional thought behind the puzzles -- for example, landslides, animal chases, and active machinery all play additional parts to the game beyond the yarn. Because the yarn is finite and will stop unraveling if you use too much, being cautious with solutions is critical to making it past obstacles. Yarny will get visibly distressed and emaciated if you pull too far away -- but don’t worry, you won’t kill him, he just won’t stretch any farther. If you find yourself in a particular bind (literal or no) you are able to reset back to the last save point by holding the down button. This is an extremely useful and necessary feature as it is quite possible to accidentally get yourself in an unsolvable situation. Spools act as save points along with providing the additional thread, and are fairly regular throughout the levels, however there are some small stretches that can wear thin if you’re not careful and make too many mistakes. Unravel as a whole is a whimsical and endearing adventure, pulling you further into the atmosphere through the intricate textures and bright effects. In one of my favorite levels you make your way through a snowy farm, rolling pine cones to make snowballs. The environment was so realistically captured and joyful that I felt I was right there with Yarny rolling around in the snow. Textures and light within the environment are slightly exaggerated, but in that magical way that makes fond memories stand out brighter. Everything from a log to a puddle comes to life beyond what’s contained in reality, almost like watching the most beautiful sceneries replay in your head. There’s a certain sadness to the experience that I can’t quite explain, perhaps lost nostalgia and a lingering familial longing that tugs at the heartstrings. It’s not necessarily "sad" or depressing in the traditional sense, but a thoughtful tale that brings forth various emotions throughout that will vary depending on the player’s personal history and connection to the story. These emotions are certainly drawn out even further by the sepia tones and lovely violin accompaniment, along with the self-discovering nature of the game. Unravel cherishes the best moments in life while recognizing the hard battles we sometimes face as families, all wrapped up within delightful gameplay and stunning scenery. The atmosphere is so compelling that I couldn’t help but feel like a piece of my own story was wrapped up in the game with the rest of the photo album. It’s rare but a special thing when a game manages to impart a story that touches strings deep in the heart, and Unravel manages to meet and exceed this feat. Get ready to have all the feels. [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]
Unravel review photo
Simply beautiful
At first glance Unravel feels akin to LittleBigPlanet with its adorably miniature yarn-clad mascot, but don’t let it fool you. It’s a heartfelt story with little communication beyond imprinted memories, woven with...

Titanfall photo

Report: Titanfall 2 will include single-player mode

Retelling American war stories in space
Feb 07
// Kyle MacGregor
Titanfall 2 hasn't been revealed yet, but a sequel to Respawn Entertainment's 2014 shooter is in the works and is planned for release "sometime late this year or early next," according to the series' lead writer Jesse St...
Unravel photo

EA and Origin Access subscribers can play the first two levels of Unravel right now

Oooh Yarny, kumbayaaaa
Feb 05
// Joe Parlock
It’s not long now until puzzle-platformer Unravel is launched. On February 9, the world will be too distracted by how adorable Yarny is to notice many of the world’s ills, and we will at last have achieved global ...
Mirror's Edge photo
Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is getting a closed beta, and you can register now

Then buying won't be a leap of Faith
Feb 04
// Brett Makedonski
Before Mirror's Edge Catalyst releases on May 24, you have an opportunity to take it for a test drive and kick the wheels a little bit. Well, "test run" might be a more appropriate term considering this game is all about...

Origin freebie photo
Origin freebie

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is free on Origin

The one from Criterion Games
Feb 02
// Jordan Devore
The latest game in Origin's On the House program is 2012's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. For a limited time, you can add it to your account for free and it'll stay there until the end of days, probably. I'm not particularly we...
News roundup photo
Strangely lenient towards cock fighting
I am very pleased to announce that this week is 100% bodily fluid-free. There’s no wee, no poo, no nothing. It’s been a totally wholesome, family-friendly week in gaming news! The most NSFW thing you'll find is th...

Madden NFL 16 photo
Madden NFL 16

Madden NFL 16 is heading to EA Access on February 2

Handeggs! Get your handeggs right here!
Jan 31
// Joe Parlock
EA has announced that a new game to be added to their EA Access subscription service on Xbox One on February 2: Madden NFL 16. Please, control yourself. No need to get that excited. In his review, Steven wasn’t entirely...
Evil publisher fight photo
Evil publisher fight

Ubisoft and EA clash over 'Ghost' trademark

Ghost Recon vs. Ghost Games
Jan 30
// Kyle MacGregor
Publishers Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are primed to go to war over the word "ghost." The former filed a Notice of Opposition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office this Friday, disputing a pair of trademark appli...
Electronic Arts photo
Electronic Arts

EA wants you to trust it, PC gamers

'We are on a journey'
Jan 29
// Vikki Blake
EA is on a mission. "We are on a journey to regain the trust of the PC gamer,” said Peter O’Reilly, senior marketing director for Origin.  “Over the last couple of years we have focused on ensuring a gr...
EA photo

The new Mass Effect, Titanfall, and Battlefield games will be released by March 2017

Announcing... Mass Titanfield!
Jan 29
// Joe Parlock
Looks like EA is in for a busy year, because we’re getting the new Mass Effect, Titanfall, and Battlefield games sooner than you might’ve thought. According to EA’s Q3 financial report, the company is planni...
EA photo

EA is skipping an E3 booth this year, hosting 'EA Play' event instead

Jan 27
// Chris Carter
As time went on, certain players opt to skip out on E3. Blizzard has BlizzCon. Now, EA has "EA Play." Instead of hosting a typical E3 booth this year, EA will have a special engagement from June 12-14 at the Nokia Theater in ...
Electronic Arts photo
Electronic Arts

EA's Origin Access available now in Europe

Will you be signing up?
Jan 27
// Vikki Blake
The PC variation of EA's subscription service, Origin Access, is now available in Europe. The service rolled out across North America on January 12, but only now has reached European shores.  If you're familiar wit...
Microtransactions photo

Teen who spent $8K on FIFA microtransactions refunded

I'm genuinely surprised
Jan 25
// Jordan Devore
Steven recently covered a wild story about a man, Lance Perkins, who was shocked to learn that his 17-year-old son had racked up $7,625 in FIFA microtransactions. A few updates on that front. As it turns out, the damage was e...
Electronic Arts photo
Electronic Arts

We're not just a 'corporate beast,' says EA CEO

'That's not what we're trying to do'
Jan 21
// Vikki Blake
Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson assured attendees at a recent conference that the publisher was not just a money-hungry "corporate beast." Talking at the B.C. Tech Summit (via Vancouver 24 Hrs), Wilson acknowledged that the...
UFC 2 photo

Mike Tyson probably needs money so he's in the new UFC game

The Baddest Man
Jan 20
// Brett Makedonski
It's well-known that Mike Tyson, once a highly paid athlete, has squandered almost all of the money he earned during his career. He's a monetary shell of what he once was. Iron Mike has taken to the likes of exhibition matche...
EA Access trial photo
EA Access trial

Play free EA games with Xbox Live Gold next week

Complimentary EA Access January 19-24
Jan 15
// Steven Hansen
Electronic Arts has a subscription program -- EA Access -- that allows you to play from a catalog of games for a flat fee every month. EA recently launched the previously Xbox One exclusive service on PC and rebranded it as O...

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is off to a great start, based on the beta

Jan 15 // Chris Carter
The biggest change I noticed immediately was the hub world, which the game grants you access to right from the start. It essentially consists of two giant bases (one for Plants, the other for Zombies), with a giant battlefield in the middle. Right now in the beta quests aren't enabled, but it was fun to just roam around in, as there's plenty of canon fodder to destroy and new areas to discover. Players can level-up in the hub it seems, breaking up some of the monotony of playing online over and over. You can also instantly switch allegiances and see how the other side lives. I'm hopeful for this element of the game in the finished version. In terms of the new classes, I'm rather impressed. Each army has three new playstyles, all of which add their own unique imprint to the metagame. On the Plant side I really enjoyed the Rose, which functions as a mage archetype, complete with a polymorph spell. The Citron, a tank-like character is a real game-changer with its shield, which can block sniper shots with ease for both you and your party. Kernel Corn is a bruiser of sorts, with limited mobility and the power to call in airstrikes. The Zombies have a lot of utility as well with the Imp, who is fast and fragile, but dual wields pistols and can call in the devastating mech power-up. Captain Deadbeard suits the Zombie playstyle just fine as a wildcard, who is more of a jack of all trades/master of none type deal, with long and short range abilities. Super Brainz is probably the wackiest of them all though, as he's a melee character that's seemingly based off of Bizarro with a host of different moves, including a hadoken. Of course, all the old favorites return, with four variants for every character, including the new classes. While microtransactions are in at launch this time (they weren't in the first game, but were added later), they seem to be par for the course, which basically means you can ignore them. Players will be able to buy coins for real cash, but those coins are handily awarded by playing the game, and according to EA "nothing you can't earn can be bought." The beta kicked off as of yesterday, and you can join in on the festivities until January 18. It's limited to just multiplayer and several modes, but the finished version will bring back the wave-based "Garden Ops" mode, as well as split-screen for "all game modes," as well as the ability for the second player to earn their own upgrades on their account. Barring a tiny amount of lag in a few of my matches, things seem to be going very smoothly.
Plants vs. Zombies photo
Plants or Zombies
It's a damn shame that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare wasn't more popular. I mean, it did well enough for EA to greenlight a sequel, but many of my friends weren't keen on it because it looked too silly. Little did t...

Unravel photo

Unravel is out next month, but you can get your hands on Yarny today

Step-by-step adorableness
Jan 13
// Alissa McAloon
If you're a fan of Unravel's excessively cute protagonist Yarny, and why wouldn't you be, now could be your chance to get a yarn companion of your very own. Thanks to a short step-by-step demonstration by the game's crea...
EA Access photo
EA Access

EA Access is available on PC now too

Origin Access
Jan 12
// Brett Makedonski
EA Access, the subscription service to lease certain Electronic Arts games, is no longer exclusive to the Xbox One. It's now available on PC as well, but rebranded to "Origin Access." Despite the name change, Origin Access lo...
Huge FIFA bill photo
Huge FIFA bill

Man swears off Xbox after son spends $8,000 on FIFA microtransactions

I'd be swearing, too
Jan 11
// Steven Hansen
It's not just Kanye who hates microtransactions. Canada's Lance Perkins is upset after his 17-year-old son unwittingly charged $7,625.88 in FIFA microtransactions to the credit card he was granted for emergencies and family p...
NCAA Football photo
NCAA Football

EA got NCAA Football fans' hopes up just to dash them

Someone's being a dick
Jan 11
// Brett Makedonski
Facebook fans of the EA NCAA Football franchise were treated to a seemingly ominous message this morning. The page, which has been inactive for 18 months, posted a three-second clip of a heart monitor beeping. Many took ...
Hardline Getaway DLC photo
Hardline Getaway DLC

Battlefield Hardline gets Getaway DLC, if anyone's playing

Don't ax me no questions
Jan 07
// Steven Hansen
Sure, everyone's busying themselves on Battlefield: Star Wars, who wants to mess with a year-old, Visceral-developed Battlefield Hardline? Some people, maybe, as EA's Night at the Roxbury is still getting support. The Getawa...
Unravel photo

Unravel's Yarny came from the ideas of love and connectedness

And a camping trip, specifically
Jan 07
// Darren Nakamura
We've been pretty enamored with the feels-like-an-indie-but-is-actually-EA-published puzzle platformer since we first saw it last year. At the time, director Martin Sahlin got up on stage and talked about his inspiration for ...
Star Wars Battlefront photo
Star Wars Battlefront

Recent Star Wars games generate over $1 billion in sales

What a shock, said no one ever
Jan 04
// Vikki Blake
Star Wars Battlefront is thought to have sold six million units since its launch in November 2015. In an interview to Fortune, analysts estimated how recent Star Wars releases are performing, including Battlefront and Di...
Battlefront TFA photo
Battlefront TFA

Battlefront probably isn't getting any content from The Force Awakens

Damn, I wanted one of the new X-Wings
Dec 24
// Nic Rowen
While it would already seem like EA missed the boat if they were planning on adding anything based on The Force Awakens to Battlefront, a recent tweet put the final nail in that space coffin. Responding to a Twitter user aski...
Star Wars photo
Star Wars

Star Wars: Battlefront II was originally supposed to be a multiplayer-only game

Eventually changed to add a campaign
Dec 24
// Chris Carter
Lots of folks out there have complained about recent efforts to drop campaigns from games (Titanfall, Rainbox Six Siege), but as Did You Know Gaming points out, the concept was actually rather old. Star Wars: Battlefron...
Deals photo

Star Wars Battlefront 33% off on Origin as Force Awakens nears

It's totally selling well, says EA
Dec 15
// Dealzon
What will you be doing this weekend? EA is hoping some of you will watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and then follow the hype train straight to Star Wars Battlefront. From now until December 21 at 10 AM Pacific, both the Sta...
Battlefield photo

Battlefield 4 The Legacy Operations DLC out today

EA rolls out new patch
Dec 15
// Vikki Blake
The latest Battlefield 4 patch rolls out today. Consequently, the multiplayer servers will be offline for up to an hour on each platform. The PC version rolls out at 08.00 UTC, PlayStation 4 09.00 UTC, Xbox One 10.00 UTC, Pla...
Unravel photo

Unravel looks like a wonderful platforming adventure

Releasing Feb. 9 on PC, PS4, Xbox One
Dec 14
// Jordan Devore
Unravel is probably on your radar by now, but if it isn't, I've got a trailer for you! This is a puzzle-platform game from Coldwood Interactive and EA about a tiny yarn character who ventures out into the big wide world. Yarn...
Battlefield photo

DICE reveals what game it's working on next

Some team members remain on Battlefront
Dec 14
// Vikki Blake
Development director Dan Vanderlind has confirmed that DICE is working on an all-new Battlefield game. Though he didn't go into the details of what the new project entails, he did confirm that though some team members are staying on to continue working on Star Wars Battlefront, he has moved onto the next Battlefield instalment.  What are you hoping to see in the next Battlefield?

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