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E3 Expo 2011

While certain people in the games industry make me jump up and down with excitement, there are others who make my personality do a complete U-turn and Tomonobu Itagaki is one of them. Instead of swearing and squealing&n... read feature

NOS and Crave Online find the cure for sleep

Jun 15
After chugging a few NOS energy drinks, Crave Online had the jittery idea to break a world record at E3. It involved no sleep, fighting games and a tent full of energy. Fatalities and X-Rays were included too. Fueled by... read

Relentless Software goes smaller on iPhone and Kinect

Jun 15
Buzz devs Relentless Software get back into the quiz game foray with Quiz Climber, their first iPhone game that feeds the inner quiz addict with persistent social network integration and the lust for bragging rights. Relentle... read

No touching my VisionBalls

Jun 15
Ever wanted to use your iPad but don’t have enough stupid hands to multitask? No? Alright then. Do even have an iPad? Well, that’s too bad. I’m still gonna tell you about this new tech though so deal with it. read

New Destructoid Episode: It's our E3 wrap-up, y'all!

Jun 13
To celebrate the - count it! - forty episodes of The Destructoid Show that got released during the week of E3, Max and I are taking a much-needed holiday today. Before you break down sobbing, know that doesn't mean you'll be... read

E3: Kinect makes Max Scoville look ridiculous, giant

Jun 13
If you paid attention to Microsoft's press conference at this year's E3, then it should come as no surprise that Kinect games are dominating the Xbox this year. While this may seem like good news for those of you who don't... read

E3: Max and Tara play Fruit Ninja Kinect, idiocy ensues

Jun 13
I bet you thought our E3 videos were over, didn't ya? Well, guess again! Max and I are back with one of our last demoes to come out of E3, and believe me, our exhaustion shows. Then again, that could just be from playing F... read

E3: Scary LA woman asks Mr Destructoid to do pushups

Jun 11
Mr. Destructoid is super fit and can do a lot of push-ups as seen in this video from E3.  It should be noted that this little woman is under that helmet.  Thanks Dorian for rocking it! read

E3: Day 3 coverage round-up from The Destructoid Show

Jun 08
Good evening, treasures! On the off chance that you've been waiting all day to watch The Destructoid Show's E3 videos, then look no further. I'm here to wrap up day 3 of our show floor coverage and, even better, I can promise you won't have to visit YouTube to watch. It's win-win. Be sure to hit the jump for more video goodness! read

E3: Day 1 coverage round-up from The Destructoid Show

Jun 07
Happy Tuesday, Destructoid readers! E3 may not officially start until today, but The Destructoid Show was on the scene to cover all of yesterday's major press conferences. Want to see us wrap up the Sony press conference fro... read

E3: CinemaNow coming to PlayStation 3

Jun 06
As originally posted on Flixist Sony, just moments ago, announced that CinemaNow, a movie streaming service along the lines of Netflix, will be coming to the PlayStation 3 very soon. How soon? Well, PlayStation CEO Jack Trett... read

It's E3 Monday! Microsoft's livestream is about to begin, and we'll be covering it Live from the floor and from our offices. Check out our liveblog below! If you're on your mobile, check out the livestream for mobile devices at If the embedded stream does not work for your region, try the GameTrailers one here, the Gamespot one here, or the Microsoft one here. read feature

The Darkness tears flesh again in sequel trailer

Jun 02
Things are not looking too good for Jackie Estacado in this first trailer for The Darkness II. Somebody thinks Jackie isn't the best place for the Darkness to be hanging out and he's willing to cruelly bring up memories of t... read

Devil's Third E3 trailer says game is playable at TGS

Jun 02
Oh, how is this promotional video for The Devil's Third strange? Let me count the ways. First, it features Japanese talent Hard Gay. That should have tipped me off from the beginning that there was no way I would unders... read

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