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Drunk and Deboner


BritToid 6: Keep calm and jump on the bandwagon

Jan 23
Look, before we start anything I'm just going to straight up apologize. I got drunk -- in fact I got so drunk I never even managed to get home to be a part of this episode. When I did get home, I thought throwing jelly beans ... read

The Destructoid Show Holiday special!

Dec 22
Earlier today, Jon Carnage and I hosted a very special episode of The Destructoid Show. When I say "very special," I mean it in both the heartwarming holiday way, and also in the short-bus kind of way. We counted down our to... read

Dtoid Live: Saturday Morning Hangover!

Dec 11
Feeling a little bit under the weather this morning? Come and join Jordan Devore, the always lovely ImpossiblePlant and myself for Saturday Morning Hangover, a new weekly livestream on Destructoid's channel. Yay!&nb... read

Catherine's leaked Achievements are utterly spoileriffic

Nov 30
I'm largely apathetic towards Xbox LIVE Achievements and PS3 Trophies, though I certainly don't mind earning a few for a little extra effort. Just a little (sorry, Dead Rising 2's "Zombie Genocider"). However, it's moments li... read

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries announced for 3DS

Sep 29
Wait, what? Another Resident Evil game is coming to the 3DS? Is that some sort of record for an unreleased console? I think it might be. Well, to be fair, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries wont be totally new. From the sounds of... read

BRAINS! Dtoid at the Dead Rising 2 zombie pub-crawl

Sep 27
Capcom was nice enough to invite me and Hamza out to the bars last week in honor of Dead Rising 2's upcoming release. They rented a bus to shuttle us around and everything. Normally, we'd try to make an informative video abo... read

Public Access Destructoid: A rainbow gathering

Jul 31
What happens when you've been exiled from the Internet, society, and Walmarts nationwide?  You end up here at The Rainbow Gathering. It is difficult to describe what actually goes on at these technology-adverse gatherin... read

RE shot looks pretty, taste untested

May 02
Getting drunk is not hard to do. It requires a bottle of booze and your ability to open that bottle of booze. However, mankind has been getting drunk for so long that sometimes you just need to spice it up a bit and throw in ... read

At GDC? Come party with Astro Gaming + Dtoid tonight!

Mar 12
Next week Destructoid turns four years old.  Redunkulous.  As is customary, we hope to get all of our friends together and cause irreparable damage to our vital organs and professional reputation (ha!).  If you... read

Turning Japanese: DQ bar video

Feb 01
We got the news that a Dragon Quest bar called Luida's Pub was coming about a month ago. It opened three days ago and since then I'm sure it has been jam packed with Japanese people trying all the DQ themed food and admiring... read

Yahtzee and some other guys are opening a bar in Brisbane

Jan 10
It sucks to be a gamer in Australia. Game bannings, watered down games, high prices and overzelous politicians pretty much make gaming in the land down under difficult. However, there is a kind of light for all you Australian... read

This week in Public Access Destructoid we have a very special show for you today, ladies and gentlemens.  We sent Jon Carnage to learn how to squeeze juice from used video games in a real life factory! Mr. Rosenberg's ... read feature


Play games, mix a drink, drink the drink

Dec 05
One of the greatest things in the world is drinking while gaming, but one of the worst things in the world is when you finish your drink and you have to stop gaming in order to make another. Sure beer solves this issue by be... read

Things you cannot has: Jack Frost beer mug from Atlus

Aug 26
Further proving that Japan gets all the coolest sh*t, Atlus is now offering up this lovely beer mug, bearing the likeness of none other than one Jack Frost of Persona fame. The little guy needs something to do with his time w... read

Gaming and drinking together as always

Apr 26
The Official Xbox Magazine, tired of covering games sober, has gone ahead and notched the nerdiness level up a few degrees by getting some high-end drink creators to come up with some very special alcoholic drinking recipes. ... read

Not your typical gaming party: First look at GTR's Community Vibes IV venue

Feb 06
Godfree, I'm speechless. You've outdone yourself. This is ridiculous.Gamertag Radio invited us for a sneak peek at the venue for Community Vibes IV inside the unopened Club Ecco, an uber-swank "pizzateca" lounge tha... read

Illinois brings back prohibition ... in videogames

Jan 03
Just when you thought your days of enjoying malt liquor in T-rated videogames would never end, along comes Illinois to crush your alcoholic fun. Yes, despite there never really being many instances of this, Illinois has decid... read

The drink is a lie: Portal, the bar!

Dec 22
You may remember seeing some pictures earlier this year from the IT University of Copenhagan's "Final Fantasy Bar", which featured everything from Final Fantasy cosplay to drinks like the Lifestream. I can actually ... read

Comic-Con 08: Your wife asked my friends to suck her purple penis party edition

Jul 24
Comic-con is already beginning to devour San Diego with over 120,000 sweaty bastards crushing into the convention center -- and Destructoid be there to smell them all! In addition to our gonzo floor coverage we're bringing yo... read

Ban this sick filth!: Sega ad is hilariously sexual

Jun 28
Most of Sega's 16-bit-era advertising either a.) touted its blast processing power or b.) shamelessly ripped on Nintendo in a nasty smear campaign. Everyone remembers the classic "Genesis does what Nintendon't" phra... read

Final Fantasy: The Bar

Jun 02
I don't know if you remember hearing about the Mario Bar, an event created by the folks at the IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark. I remember thinking that their Yoshi cocktail sounded delicious! The same group of people ... read

There is a god after all: Castle Crashers development is totally developed

May 17
According to this update from the game's official development blog, Castle Crashers — the long-awaited, XBLA-exclusive, hand-drawn 2D beat 'em up from the great minds at The Behemoth — is finally complete. This, m... read

Exposing the PTC's bullsh*t: Journalist shows up council's ignorance

May 08
We all know by now that the Parents Television Council doesn't exactly understand what "reality" is, but unfortunately they prey upon those ignorant of the truth in order to continue their hypocrisy and express opin... read

Guinness World Records for Tapper and Ms. Pac-Man set at Barcade event

Apr 11
Barcade in Brooklyn hosted a little shindig yesterday in which it invited hopeful gamers to drink a few rounds and beat a world record or two, although not necessarily in that order. Official judges from Guinness were there t... read

You know, I never thought this would happen. We actually have so much stuff to give away to our readers that we have to pace ourselves. We can't wait to get these huge contests out the door to unveil the treasure chest of oth... read feature


First, a matter of cereal business. By now you've probably noticed that Destructoid (and a few other sites) is sponsored by Turning Point this week. So, how are we going to blow our sponsor's money? In the past we've given aw... read feature


GDC 08: ready for GDC 2009?

Feb 22
While you may be lying in your hotel room this morning wondering if your hangover is actually normal or if you need to go to the ER for alcohol poisoning, somewhere CMP has been busily assembling the details of the next GDC. ... read

Time for a VIDEOGAME drinking game: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Feb 16
Considering all of the different types of drinking games there are, I'm surprised there's not one centered around videogames. Sure, you can create your own -- like every time you hear "Welcome to the circus of values!&qu... read

Luigi's wild night on a cake

Dec 09
Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a drunken Luigi on a cake.Elhaym Solaris is a quite the pro when it comes to getting Luigi baked ... and by that I mean on a cake. This icing masterpiece was created for Elhaym's f... read

The Most Rad Dorm Ever

Aug 24
Do you guys say "raddest" or "most rad?" Man, college was a nightmare, huh? --Oh, right, I didn't go. Boy, was I mistaken -- instead of languishing at acting school with boys taking their clothes off and c... read

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