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Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Grandia series

Mar 30
In the last debate we tackled the entire Dragon Quest series and tasked everyone with choosing their single favorite game. Some older titles got more support than I expected, and some got less, but when the dust finally sett... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Dragon Quest series

Mar 23
After yet another RPG series debate, we're growing ever closer to the actual epic tournament that will let your favorite RPGs battle to the death for the honor of being "the best RPG of all time." However, the RPG genre is on... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Xenosaga series

Mar 16
In the last debate we got one step closer to Dtoid's March Madness tournament that will run for several months. Our quest to find the best RPGs for our competition led us to the Breath of Fire series and the response we got w... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Breath of Fire series

Mar 02
Last week we made progress on our journey of selecting all the contenders for the massive RPG game debate tournament that is drawing near. Unlike the week before last, we found an almost unanimous decision for what will sure... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Suikoden series

Feb 23
Last week we began the process of gathering the final contestants for the many-month-long RPG debate to the death! Before moving on this week with Suikoden, let's see which game from the Tales RPG saga made the cut and will e... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Tales RPG series

Feb 16
In the last debate I dropped the bombshell on everyone that we're about to start another multiple month RPG debate tournament, but not yet! After receiving about five different nominees from over 200 of you (OMG!) my head is ... read

Darksiders vs. Zelda: A compelling argument

Feb 07
Like other Destructoid editors, I get a lot of messages from readers. Some of them agree with my gaming opinions, some of them disagree. Some of them are so world-changing that they totally tear apart my view of the world an... read

Game Debate to the Death: What are your favorite RPGs?

Jan 26
Last time we spent all week focusing on just the Final Fantasy series, and it was quite a lot to focus on. If you thought that was daunting though, just wait! Final Fantasy debates are usually a touchy subject, but while the ... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death: Final Fantasy

Jan 19
The previous game debate let the readers pick their favorite game of 2009, and the results are in! With over a hundred votes cast for 40 different games, one game in particular rose way to the top. Before long it became a bat... read

Game Debate to the Death! Favorite game of 2009?

Jan 05
Last week's debate offered tons of options and the votes piled in by the hundreds. Given the freedom to vote for any game series as your favorite of all time, here were the top leaders out of the 59 different series that rece... read

Game Debate to the Death! Favorite game series ever?

Dec 29
Oh boy, last week I thought I was throwing a small gathering of die hard fans a bloody zombie bone, but apparently there's almost no closet Resident Evil movie fans around these parts of the Internet. Let's just get this over... read

Game Debate to the Death! Resident Evil movie series

Dec 16
Leeloo Milla Jovovich stares deep into your soul. Last week we discussed which Resident Evil games were the best and worst in the whole series, and as promised, this week we take a break from gaming to debate which Resident E... read

Game Debate to the Death! Resident Evil series

Dec 08
The game series debate continues! Last week we ended the Mario series by choosing the all-star of its RPG past and having it battle the pinnacle Mario platformer game to the death. Some disagreed with the two that made the fi... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death!Super Mario to the Death!

Dec 01
Last week I told you a Resident Evil series debate would be next week -- surprise! I just couldn't let the opportunity to see these two famous Super Mario games pass by without a huge 1 vs 1 "Mario to the death" showdown deba... read

Game Debate to the Death! Super Mario series Part 2

Nov 24
Many castles were pillaged and passed as we went from one Mario platformer game to another last week. Which game's flags gave us the most victory slides? Here are the top results: Super Mario World (33 votes) -- Winner! Supe... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Super Mario series

Nov 17
Talk about a nostalgia-fest! Last week had more lengthy bonus question comments than ever before, and I'm pretty sure I read every single one of them. There was so much insight that I even pulled out Wind Waker and replayed t... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! The Legend of Zelda

Nov 11
Good gaming gods, last week's debate was epic, and I do not use that word lightly. I had to go through all 235 comments twice, just to make sure no tallying mistakes were made. The outcome broke almost every debate record ima... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! MGS VS Half-Life

Nov 03
Last week's bonus questions brought in even more discussion than the week before, and when you outdo a Zelda and Final Fantasy debate, that's saying something. And boy did you guys and gamer girls have plenty to say. I'm thri... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Halo VS Half-Life

Oct 27
Last week I introduced a new format for these weekly game debates, and it went great! I used two of the most loved series in the game industry of all time, and the result was just as vicious from both sides as I expected... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death: Zelda VS Final Fantasy

Oct 20
Last week's debate turned out pretty close considering each series has opposing goals, but there was plenty of Dtoid Army support on both sides. Here's are the racing results:Twisted Metal series (37 votes) -- Winner!Gra... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! T. Metal VS G. Turismo

Oct 06
Last week's debate will hopefully be a wake up call to those responsible for the Mortal Kombat series' future. The numbers from our microcosm debate poll may show that a small group of people are happy with the series overall... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! SF VS MK

Sep 29
I guess last week's debate was a Super Smash Bros. battle on stock mode set for 82 lives each -- truly a debate to the death. The result was not pretty, and reminiscent to those times when you were so drunk you could only lif... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death!Smash Bros VS Mario Party

Sep 22
Last week's debate made me pretty nervous. On paper, comparing a cartoony and speedy shooter to a realistic and slow stealth shooting game made perfect sense. But this was Metal Gear -- could any series compare with it in a d... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Metal Gear VS Metal Slug

Sep 15
Last week we stepped on another sports course to watch another industry rivalry. With a long line of games on other consoles in both series' pasts, it was tied for the first half of the votes. However, long before it was time... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death!Mario Golf VS Tiger Woods

Sep 08
Time to tee off and debate until you're tee'd off! From turf to rough we move on from last week's debate to another sports series Dtoid discussion. Debate dare: read the rest of this in your best Madden voice. "Well... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Madden VS Blitz

Sep 01
The debate destruction trail continues hot off the heels of Guitar Hero's corpse from last week. Another week, another homicide. This one wasn't as horrible to witness, but it still made you want to watch because you just kne... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death: Mario Kart VS Gran Turismo

Aug 25
Last week I think we killed a game series. No one checked to see if it was breathing, we just all ran in fear and guilt. Could we have done anything to save the series? We might have to make a pact to never tell anyone about ... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death: Guitar Hero VS Rock Band

Aug 18
Last week we all went down guns ablazin' as everyone duked it out over what the better FPS gun was. One side was armed with a gravity gun, and man did they do a lot of damage. Unfortunately, the other side was equipped with a... read

Game Debate to the Death! Gravity gun VS Portal gun

Aug 11
Last week was a fighting genre fight to the death. The clash of old versus new brought out all sorts of supporters and critics. The thought process of many of the comments was logical, balanced, compelling and downright a ple... read

Game Debate to the Death! Street Fighter IV VS BlazBlue

Aug 04
Last week we used more Dtoider input and took inFamous through another round of debate. Did it meet its death? Or did it persevere once again? The leader of the votes swayed several times -- just as it did the week before -- ... read

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