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David Jaffe


David Jaffe says that they're going to miss the date of October 4, and that Twisted Metal has to be pushed back. They need time to polish the title, he says. "Thing is, you gotta trust me when I tell you that – with thi... read feature


Twisted Metal now an 'HBO serial killer' with an M rating

Jul 25
Remember when Eat Sleep Play was aiming for a T-rating for the upcoming PlayStation 3 Twisted Metal? It's given up that plan; the game will now ship with an M-rating. "Without the blood," Eat Sleep Play's David Jaffe told a c... read

E3: Jaffe reveals boss, stage and robots in Twisted Metal

Jun 06
David Jaffe has revealed what we'll be seeing of Twisted Metal this week at E3. The above trailer reveals a little bit of the story behind Sweet Tooth's deadly ramapage as well as a boss named Iron Maiden, a semi-c... read

Oh, you're not ready for Twisted Metal. You think you are, but you're not. You may think that you're prepared, being a fan of this PlayStation and PS2 predecessors, but you're not even close to being prepared. This game is in... read feature


David Jaffe criticizes media praise for 'art' games

Mar 14
David Jaffe, ever a man after my own heart, has slammed the praise that people pour on "art" games. He claims that most art games aren't as compelling as people pretend, and focusing on them only serves to devalue the medium.... read

GDC 11: Jaffe: Games should be patched four times a year

Mar 03
Outspoken game director David "Glistening Bull" Jaffe has criticized games that release huge amounts of patches in a short space of time, suggesting that a game should be updated four times a year at most. "Hardware manufactu... read

Jaffe: NGP is like a fresh pussy

Jan 30
Famous author Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Famous game developer David Jaffe once said, "New hardware is like new pussy." Truly, the spirit of Clarke is b... read

Jaffe to Destructoid: Can't I have an opinion!?

Dec 01
Twisted Metal director David Jaffe upset a number of our more mental Xbox 360 fanboys yesterday when we quoted his comments on console exclusivity. After earning a torrent of vitriol from various community members for flying ... read

Jaffe loves PS3 exclusivity more than audience expansion

Nov 30
Twisted Metal won't be coming to the Xbox 360. Obviously not, since Sony owns the game's license. Still, even if creator David Jaffe could put it on the 360, he apparently would not. According to the developer, giving the PS3... read

David Jaffe 'f*cking sick' of 'artsy fartsy' industry

Jun 22
David Jaffe likes to make games about maniacs in cars shooting each other with rockets. He's not what you'd consider a deep and philosophical soul, nor will he be winning awards for epic game narrative. He's absolutely fine w... read

Jaffe isn't expecting Twisted Metal to be a blockbuster

Jun 22
Twisted Metal is a name hardcore gamers likely all recognize but the series has never had the über-success we associate with major, AAA releases. Series creator David Jaffe knows this and doesn't seem to be deluding hims... read

Jaffe explains how twisted the T-rated Twisted Metal gets

Jun 21
Fans of Twisted Metal: Black might have been put off a bit upon hearing that Eat Sleep Play were aiming for a 'T' rating with its upcoming PlayStation 3 Twisted Metal game. The studio’s co-founder David Jaffe later turn... read

Eat Sleep Play's upcoming PlayStation 3 Twisted Metal title is sure to go down as one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming. Since the studio's formation back in 2007, rumors have swirled that the company was hard at work on a ... read feature


Jaffe on a new Twisted Metal: 'I WISH'

May 24
Gamers have long thought that Eat Sleep Play -- co-founded by David Jaffe -- have been working on a new Twisted Metal title for the PlayStation 3. But if Jaffe's latest Twitter comments are to be believed, that may not be the... read

Jaffe won't be at E3, nor will his top secret game

Apr 28
David Jaffe has a secret. The secret is totally not a new Twisted Metal game for the PS3. And he's going to get to keep his secret a little bit longer. The designer has confirmed that neither he, nor his secret -- which ... read

New Twisted Metal! Jaffe: 'Soon bitch!'

Feb 19
Last night at the AIAS Interactive Achievement Awards in Las Vegas, David Jaffe may have gotten caught up in the moment and confirmed a new Twisted Metal as his next project. 1UP believes it heard an audience member shout out... read

Twisted Metal is not confirmed, but could be a reboot

Jan 31
A new Twisted Metal has been rumored forever now, and hinted at and kind of directly referred to by David Jaffe himself. It's one of those terribly, terribly kept secrets and Jaffe is probably the biggest culprit in hinting a... read

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! T. Metal VS G. Turismo

Oct 06
Last week's debate will hopefully be a wake up call to those responsible for the Mortal Kombat series' future. The numbers from our microcosm debate poll may show that a small group of people are happy with the series overall... read

David Jaffe to 'shut the f**k up' for six months

Aug 30
Destructoid is no stranger to the words flying out of David Jaffe's mouth. In fact those words have flown directly at us. In short (if two sentences are too long for you), David Jaffe has a big mouth and he likes to run it. H... read

Jaffe getting twisted?

May 09
The point of posting clandestine information on the internet with the parts you don't want people to read is lost on me entirely. When you post something like that, as David Jaffe did on his blog, you're basically asking for ... read

David Jaffe: Used games are none of the consumer's business

Mar 04
God of War creator and Youtube video poster David Jaffe has posted his latest diatribe, this time tackling the thorny issue of used games. You already know our stance by now -- that publishers need to stop whining and accep... read

The God of War III footage at the VGAs wasn't what Jaffe was talking about

Dec 16
Remember a few weeks back when David Jaffe told us how amazing Sony’s God of War III looked? Jaffe’s description of his private viewing in Santa Monica was simple, but robust at the same time:HOLY HOLY HOLY F---IN... read

A couple of days ago, we told you how David Jaffe, the designer of the original God of War title, was going nuts over how great God of War III looked. He actually said "HOLY HOLY HOLY F**KING HELL!!!!" We didn't thi... read feature


Brett Ratner to direct God of War movie

Sep 30
Hey, you know that completely mediocre movie Rush Hour 3? And you know that exquisitely crafted, beautifully designed, and jarringly visceral videogame God of War? Well, the guy who directed Rush Hour 3 is now officially dire... read

Jaffe responds to NoE's 'geeks and otaku' claim

Jun 13
Yesterday, many Destructoid readers were upset to hear Nintendo of Europe's Laurent Fischer (that's a dude!) thoughts on the Wii storage limit problem, as he feels that only "geeks and otaku" desire additional memor... read

Internet Matlocks save the day! Twisted Metal comes to the PS3?

Feb 07
When David Jaffe told readers at GamePro to be on the lookout for clues as to what Eat Sleep Play's next game would be within Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition itself, he apparently wasn't kidding. Compliments... read

Dave Jaffe keeps it real once again: Another call for a one console universe

Jan 13
Dave Jaffe is a multi-faceted man. When he's not openly criticizing the company that has written his pay checks for most of his career, feuding with gaming blogs, or actually working on the occasional game himself, he takes t... read

First look at Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

Dec 05
Here's the first trailer for the newish Twisted Metal game for the PS2 called Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition. The trailer reveals that new levels from the unreleased Twisted Metal: Black 2 will be in the game, ... read

Eat Sleep Play logo unveiled

Oct 17
A couple of months ago, we told you about the departure of game maker David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) from Sony to start his own company with Scott Campbell, and they named it Eat Sleep Play. Now Level Up has the firs... read

Flame bait from game designers who say 'F**k Halo'

Sep 13
David Jaffe's blog Jaffe's Game Design is always an entertaining read, but the responses to a recent post should prove to be very entertaining in the coming days. After that, we expect a steady decline in response post qualit... read

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