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Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: LEGO City Undercover, Monster Hunter

Also, a HarmoKnight demo
Mar 14
The Wii U is getting a decent amount of full retail downloads this week, with LEGO City Undercover ($49.99, March 18), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ($59.99, March 19), Need for Speed Most Wanted U ($59.99, March 19), and Croods:... read
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Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Kersploosh!, Wrecking Crew

Also, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity demo, ATV Wild Ride 3D
Mar 07
It's a 3DS kind of day, as basically every update in today's edition of Nintendo Download is eShop related. First off there's the brand new Kersploosh!, which I'll have a review for later today. The rest of the offerings are ... read
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Bit.Trip, Retro City, Etrian Odyssey

Best week ever?
Feb 28
This week's Nintendo Download has something for just about everyone. Bit.Trip Presents Runner2 is fantastic and it's available now via the Wii U eShop. Also on the console side of things, Retro City Rampage has arrived o... read
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Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: F-Zero and Monster Hunter demo

Also, Yoshi, Etrian Odyssey IV
Feb 21
The Wii U will be getting something today, in the form of F-Zero for 30 cents (Wii U Virtual Console), and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Trine 2: Director's Cut demos. Likewise, the 3DS will also be getting a Monster Hunter d... read
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Wii Street U Edition

Also, Dig Dug, Naruto, and Moke Moke
Feb 14
Today is one of the most boring episodes of Nintendo Download yet, as the featured app is Wii Street U -- a program that lets you view virtual streets via Google Maps, like a billion other devices that you can actually take o... read
Club Nintendo photo
Club Nintendo

Four new Club Nintendo rewards surface

Birds & Beans, Metal Torrent, Paper Mario, and Kirby
Feb 11
If you have some coins to spare, you can grab four new games right now from Club Nintendo: Birds & Beans (DSiWare, 100 Coins), Metal Torrent (DSiWare, 150 Coins), Paper Mario (Wii Virtual Console/Nintendo 64, 200 Coins), ... read
Nintendo download photo
Nintendo download

Nintendo Download: Mega Man 2 Edition

Ken's Rage 2 on Wii U, Etrian Odyssey IV demo
Feb 07
Be prepared for a load of non-exciting news on the Nintendo front this week. The Wii U is getting its first ever digital-download only release in Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 ($59.99). Before you pick it up, make sure... read
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Fire Emblem Edition

Also, Ikachan, Puddle, and Ice Climber
Jan 31
The Wii U is getting something this week in the form of a game that was released on PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade, and the PlayStation Network last year -- Puddle. If you haven't tried the wonderful game The Cave yet, check out C... read

Nintendo Download: Reel Fishing 3D Edition

Biorhythm and a ZombiU demo
Jan 10
Frogs are my favorite animal. Yep, that's what I'm choosing to focus on in today's issue of Nintendo Download, because this week is one of the weakest offerings yet, and it features tons of animal games. That's alright though... read

Nintendo Download: 1/3/13: New Years Unchained Edition

It's Django -- the D is silent
Jan 03
It's kind of a "meh" week for Nintendo Download fans, but it's far from worthless. Unchained Blades (which came out last year on the PSP in Japan, and this year in the US) leads the way today as the big full retail release on... read

Nintendo Download: 12/27/12: Mega Man Edition

I can't resist the Mega
Dec 27
Mega Man 1 is finally hitting the 3DS Virtual Console, as is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Outside of those two classics, Fluidity: Spin Cycle is ready to go for the 3DS eShop, as is Johnny Impossible and Mahjong 3D - W... read

Nintendo Download: 12/20/12: Alex Trebek Edition

The Wii U is getting some HOT downloads
Dec 20
Things are kind of low key in this week's Nintendo Download, as there's a ton of old releases and some extremely dull new ones. On the 3DS, you can grab Wario Land 2, escapeVektor, New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC, Mario Tennis Op... read

Nintendo Download: 12/13/12: Shroud of Chuck E. Edition

The 3DS has another good showing
Dec 13
Nintendo Download isn't looking bad this week, especially if you're a fan of Guild 01 and Chuck E. Cheese's. In the portable arena, you can pick up Crimson Shroud (3DS eShop), Art of Balance TOUCH! (3DS eShop), Ninja Gaiden (... read

Nintendo Download: 12/6/12: 3DS > Wii U Edition

The 3DS has a pretty big day today
Dec 06
Even if nothing on offer this week is truly remarkable, the sheer volume of content is impressive in this week's Nintendo Download. For the 3DS, you can pick up Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS eShop), LEGO Lord of the Rings (3DS... read

Nintendo Download 11/29/12: Not for U Edition

The Wii U has been snubbed again in this week's Nintendo Download
Nov 29
Prepare to be disappointed this week if you have a Wii U -- the only offerings on the table are 3DS related, with no Wii U titles in sight. You can grab Aero Porter (eShop), Pac-Man (eShop VC), Invasion of the Alien Blobs! (D... read

Nintendo Download 11/22/12: Thanksgiving Edition

Gaming makes a great escape
Nov 22
Stay young. Or single. Getting hitched changes everything. Thanksgiving turns from a joyous occasion of mindless gorging to a tricky affair at best, with in-laws, planning, babies, and stress to deal with. I'm going to use th... read

Nintendo Download: Gnome Edition

David would be proud. Maybe.
Nov 01
You like gnomes, right? Of course you do! When they're not creeping you out or stealing your underpants, I guess they can be alright. Well today you're getting your weekly dose of gnome-age, whether you like it or not, with 2... read

Nintendo Download: Cave Story Edition

Oct 04
Nintendo Downloads are usually nothing to go bonkers over, but today, a number of you might be bouncing off the walls at a chance to buy these offerings. Firstly, if you don't own Cave Story four times already, you can pick u... read

Nintendo Download: Denpa Edition

Sep 27
The absolute highlight of this week is The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (eShop, $9.99). In a move no one expected, a demo was released last week, and this wacky AR Japanese eShop game is now available in North America.&n... read

18th Gate is set to be released on DSiWare soon

Sep 07
18th Gate is a hex-based SRPG that boasts a decent amount of content for a DSiWare game. You can play as multiple heroes, trek through 18 areas, and encounter randomized enemies and traps. The game is currently appr... read

Nintendo Download: Digital release of overpriced NSMB2

Aug 16
On August 19, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be available to purchase both in brick-and-mortar stores and on the eShop. If you plan on downloading the game, I ask that you exercise extreme caution. Check for discounts of physic... read

Nintendo Download: A pox on Commando: Steel Disaster!

Aug 09
I'm hijacking the Nintendo Download from Chris this week because, dammit, you are all in danger! Commando: Steel Disaster ($7.99 on DSi or 3DS) may look like a fairly inoffensive Metal Slug clone, but don't be fooled! I play... read

Nintendo Download: Pinball Wizard edition

Jul 12
There rarely comes a time when I can mention The Who, Pinball Quest, and Kirby in the same article, but today is that day my friends! Granted, my connections are tenuous at best, because the only real pinball related thing to... read

Nintendo Download: Classic Rayman and Metal Slug 3

Jun 01
This week's Nintendo download content is bursting at the seams with things that you may or may not actually want. For example, there's some retro goodness à la old school Rayman astride this week's obligatory insipid p... read

Nintendo Download: Ketzal's Corridors, Anne's Doll Studio

Apr 12
As much as this might sound like an odd week for downloadable games on Nintendo platforms, it's actually on par with the same mishmash of content we're regularly given. I want to believe that someone is literally drawing name... read

Nintendo Download: Mutant Mudds gets an eShop demo

Mar 29
Whoa! Slow down, Renegade Kid! Mutant Mudds is doing gangbusters on the eShop, your next eShop game about a monkey that throws bombs is on the way, you're inviting fans to pitch yet another eShop game via a summer-long contes... read

Nintendo Download: The Kid Icarus anime shorts begin

Mar 15
Nintendo is officially in full Kid Icarus: Uprising mode! The Kid Icarus anime shorts kick off this week, starting with "Thanatos Rising" by Production I.G. This roughly eight-and-a-half-minute CGI cartoon is split across thr... read

Nintendo Download: Punch-Out!!, Zuma's Revenge, and more

Mar 08
A few more games have graced the 3DS eShop today, including Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream ($4.99), which should be a good indicator of how well you remember patterns from games you were obsessively into many years ago. And ... read

PSA: Grab Four Swords DSi before it's too late!

Feb 16
Community member Rammstein brought to my attention recently that the anniversary edition of Four Swords on the DSi's DSiWare and 3DS' eShop will be disappearing soon -- on February 20, 2012 to be exact. I had completely forgo... read

Nintendo Download: BurgerTime World Tour, Maru's Mission

Feb 09
This week's digital releases on Nintendo platforms aren't particularly thrilling, but it was only a matter of time considering the handful of noteworthy games to come out recently. WiiWare leads the pack with the fashionably ... read

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