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12:30 PM on 03.15.2013

The Conduit HD now available for Tegra 3 devices

The Conduit HD, a high-definition re-release of High Voltage Software's Wii-exclusive first-person shooter, is now available for Tegra 3-optimized Android devices on Google's Play Store. Along with the visual upgrade, the gam...

Keith Swiader

2:30 PM on 03.01.2013

Wii FPS The Conduit is going HD for smartphones

I won't blame you for only vaguely remembering The Conduit, the Wii-exclusive first-person shooter that developer High Voltage Software claimed would be so technologically proficient that it would demonstrate just how little ...

Tony Ponce

9:00 AM on 05.22.2011

Conduit 2 dev accused of trashing game reviewer's book

Conduit 2 developer High Voltage stands accused of attempting to "Amazonbomb" a man's book in retaliation for a negative Conduit 2 review. Michael T. Murdock called Conduit 2 "appalling" and trashed the graphics, voice acting...

Jim Sterling

Conduit 2: 24-hour release party live on Mash Tactics photo
Conduit 2: 24-hour release party live on Mash Tactics
by Pico Mause

A few months back Conduit 2 was streamed for the first time on Destructoid's afternoon live show, Mash Tactics. Thousands of dollars worth of exclusive swag was given out. If you missed out on that legendary event, don't worry... we're back with a vengeance!


  • What:  24-Hour Conduit 2 Marathon
  • When: April 19th, 12 PM Central. To get an email notification follow us on Justin.Tv/Destructoid


To commemorate the game's upcoming launch, Destructoid and the Conduit 2 team will be hosting a 24-hour marathon live stream event for the community. Here's the best part: if you can make it to Chicago, you're invited to come party with us! There will be prize giveaways all night and an exclusive presentation from High Voltage Software. Space is limited, so please contact pico [at] to RSVP.

Viewer discretion is advised: The drinks will be strong!

[Join us for Mash Tactics every weekday at 4PM PST on Justin.Tv/Destructoid to watch live streams of new game releases and crazy antics with industry guests. Come join us on the chat and see what all the fuss is about!]

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11:00 AM on 02.28.2011

Conduit 2 trailer shows off the multiplayer

Oh look, it's a multiplayer trailer for Conduit 2! This video gives you a taste of the twelve-person online combat, not to mention the four-player splitscreen mode. This is definitely looking like the best online first-perso...

Jim Sterling

10:20 AM on 02.08.2011

High Voltage: Preposterous to demand games sell a million

Conduit and The Grinder developer High Voltage has criticized the prevailing attitude that videogames need to sell over a million in order to be considered a success, calling such a believe "preposterous" and declaring that t...

Jim Sterling

3:20 PM on 02.04.2011

Conduit developer making Kinect title for 2K

High Voltage Software, developer of the upcoming Wii shooter Conduit 2, is already working with Microsoft's motion camera, Kinect. Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger revealed the project to Eurogamer, although details are ...

Nick Chester

8:20 AM on 02.04.2011

High Voltage is working on Conduit for 3DS

High Voltage is busy bringing over their engine to the 3DS and they say that the results are "very good." Chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger told Eurogamer that they'd have something close to Conduit 2 on the 3DS by the ti...

Dale North

Preview: Conduit 2 photo
Preview: Conduit 2
by Neranjan 'Venom' Bissoon

High Voltage's upcoming first-person shooter for the Wii is looming on the horizon, and we at Destructoid got some early, exclusive coverage.

Eric Nofsinger, the Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage Software, allowed us some hands-on time with this highly-anticipated Wii title, and revealed some new details about Conduit 2, as well as some other "secret projects."

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2:20 PM on 01.26.2011

Live show: Chill Bros play Conduit 2 pre-release @ 3PST

We have very exciting news! Destructoid Chill Bros have the exclusive pre-release, two months early for Conduit 2, one of Destructoid's most anticipated games for the Nintendo Wii in 2011. We will be playing the game live wit...

Pico Mause

3:40 PM on 01.18.2011

New Conduit 2 trailer is packing heat

I get the sense that a lot of people are skeptical about Conduit 2. First, it's a Wii game, which is already enough to upset some people. Second, the original Conduit received a lot of pre-release hype, but failed to live up...

Jonathan Holmes

The most wanted Wii games of 2011 photo
The most wanted Wii games of 2011
by Matthew Razak

Last year the Wii clearly had its best year so far. Not only did 2010 bring us fantastic installments in almost every major Nintendo franchise, the white waggle box saw a flourish of third-party support, an increase in great WiiWare titles and, in my eyes anyway, a decrease in the shovelware crap that has plagued the system. But, with the Wii's hardware getting more and more out of date, Sony and Microsoft jumping on the motion control bandwagon, and the 3DS landing next year, is the little system that no one believed in, and yet still changed the face of the gaming industry, coming around the bend to the finish line?

Not if 2011 has anything to say about it. While at the moment the announced list of games for the Wii is not as long as its competitors, it should be remembered that at the start of 2010 the games on the Wii's horizon weren't so plentiful either. If things go the same way as they did this past year then 2011 could be pretty awesome. So we continue our look at 2011 with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PSP and 3DS/DS and now the Wii.

Join me and the always exciting Jonathan "I'm always exciting" Holmes as we lay out the games we're most looking forward to in 2011.

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Impressions of Conduit 2 photo
Impressions of Conduit 2
by Jonathan Holmes

Things are happening with the Conduit 2. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what I mean by that. All I can tell you is, if you do your homework and play your cards right, you could see something; something big.

Depending on how squeamish you are, you might not be prepared with what you find. Like a kid who's turned over a rock to find a nest of centipedes, I was not fully ready to deal with what I uncovered in Conduit 2. Luckily, I had a gun that shot flesh eating flies with me. I may not have been ready to deal, but those flies sure were.

Read on for my full impressions of the Conduit 2.

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10:30 PM on 09.02.2010

Conduit 2 delayed until 2011, getting new control options

Bad news for Wii owners and first-person shooter fans -- High Voltage's sequel Conduit 2 has been pushed out of this year and in to 2011. The game will now see release in the first quarter of next year. The good news is that ...

Nick Chester

1:20 PM on 06.16.2010

E3 10: Conduit returns to action on the E3 floor

For those that played The Conduit, they found a decent shooter with some very interesting weapons and a multiplayer that hearkened back to the days of ol' in a good way. Those who didn't, and that was probably the majority, ...

Matthew Razak