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The Conduit HD photo
The Conduit HD

The Conduit HD now available for Tegra 3 devices

Has multiple purchasing options
Mar 15
// Keith Swiader
The Conduit HD, a high-definition re-release of High Voltage Software's Wii-exclusive first-person shooter, is now available for Tegra 3-optimized Android devices on Google's Play Store. Along with the visual upgrade, the gam...
The Conduit HD photo
The Conduit HD

Wii FPS The Conduit is going HD for smartphones

I completely forgot about this game
Mar 01
// Tony Ponce
I won't blame you for only vaguely remembering The Conduit, the Wii-exclusive first-person shooter that developer High Voltage Software claimed would be so technologically proficient that it would demonstrate just how little ...

Conduit 2 dev accused of trashing game reviewer's book

May 22
// Jim Sterling
Conduit 2 developer High Voltage stands accused of attempting to "Amazonbomb" a man's book in retaliation for a negative Conduit 2 review. Michael T. Murdock called Conduit 2 "appalling" and trashed the graphics, voice acting...

A few months back Conduit 2 was streamed for the first time on Destructoid's afternoon live show, Mash Tactics. Thousands of dollars worth of exclusive swag was given out. If you missed out on that legendary event, don't...


Conduit 2 trailer shows off the multiplayer

Feb 28
// Jim Sterling
Oh look, it's a multiplayer trailer for Conduit 2! This video gives you a taste of the twelve-person online combat, not to mention the four-player splitscreen mode. This is definitely looking like the best online first-perso...

High Voltage: Preposterous to demand games sell a million

Feb 08
// Jim Sterling
Conduit and The Grinder developer High Voltage has criticized the prevailing attitude that videogames need to sell over a million in order to be considered a success, calling such a believe "preposterous" and declaring that t...

Conduit developer making Kinect title for 2K

Feb 04
// Nick Chester
High Voltage Software, developer of the upcoming Wii shooter Conduit 2, is already working with Microsoft's motion camera, Kinect. Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger revealed the project to Eurogamer, although details are ...

High Voltage is working on Conduit for 3DS

Feb 04
// Dale North
High Voltage is busy bringing over their engine to the 3DS and they say that the results are "very good." Chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger told Eurogamer that they'd have something close to Conduit 2 on the 3DS by the ti...

Preview: Conduit 2

Feb 03 // Neranjan 'Venom' Bissoon
From what I've played, Conduit 2 is an improvement from the original in perhaps every way possible. High Voltage listened -- everything that fans asked to be improved was improved. The shooter features more weapons, both classic and Wii Motion Plus support, upgraded audio support, a better in-game achievement system, and a more mature version of the developer's impressive Quantum 3 engine. Having the chance to play the multiplayer mode, I can attest that High Voltage is trying to establish this as the premiere FPS on Nintendo's console. Conduit 2 trumps its predecessor by now featuring splitscreen and cooperative play, 12 multiplayer maps and a whopping 14 multiplayer modes. Having attended a community event run by SEGA, I walked away quite impressed by the robust suite of multiplayer options shown. I was also able to check out the campaign mode for Conduit 2, which also has also seen many improvements. It now features a longer campaign, with 16 missions, whereas the original only had nine. I just got to check out a small portion of the campaign, but from what I experienced, I'm impressed with the work that's been done. Conduit 2 has more locations, more enemies, epic boss battles, and more buried secrets.  It's clear that High Voltage has put some time and effort into making this game superior in all ways to its predecessor. Add the fact it's on a console that is not known for its high quality first-person shooters, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what the final version of this game will be like. Eric also disclosed some info on the possibility of the Conduit franchise appearing on another platform. I can only reveal so much, but make sure to watch the video to get some more details on Conduit 2 and future High Voltage projects. Oh, and for the hell of it, I am giving away a signed The Conduit concept art book to my favorite Conduit 2 related comment on this post. Good luck!

High Voltage's upcoming first-person shooter for the Wii is looming on the horizon, and we at Destructoid got some early, exclusive coverage. Eric Nofsinger, the Chief Creative Officer of High Voltage Software, allowed us some hands-on time with this highly-anticipated Wii title, and revealed some new details about Conduit 2, as well as some other "secret projects."


Live show: Chill Bros play Conduit 2 pre-release @ 3PST

Jan 26
// Pico Mause
We have very exciting news! Destructoid Chill Bros have the exclusive pre-release, two months early for Conduit 2, one of Destructoid's most anticipated games for the Nintendo Wii in 2011. We will be playing the game live wit...

New Conduit 2 trailer is packing heat

Jan 18
// Jonathan Holmes
I get the sense that a lot of people are skeptical about Conduit 2. First, it's a Wii game, which is already enough to upset some people. Second, the original Conduit received a lot of pre-release hype, but failed to live up...

The most wanted Wii games of 2011

Dec 31 // Matthew Razak
Matthew Razak The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword (Wii) Developer: NintendoPublisher: NintendoTo be released: 2011 Is duh enough to write here? Because, duh. No? You need more. How about this: from all indications, Skyward Sword is taking the Zelda franchise down a different path. Not only are we now going to be controlling Link's sword fighting through the one-to-one controls of Wii MotionPlus, but in an insanely risky move, the developers are strongly hinting at the fact that the very fundamentals of a Zelda game are getting shook up. Who knows how much they're actually going to change things (if it ain't broke, why fix it?), but even not knowing gets you more excited for this game. Plus, they finally seem to have found a great art style that balances out the more mature look of Twilight Princess with the amazingly gorgeous cartoon style of Windwaker. Zelda has never let me down and I'm not expecting it to start now. The Last Story (Wii) Developer: MistwalkerPublisher: NintendoTo be released: TBD I've completed in their entirety two JRPGs in the past six years. One was the re-release of Chrono Trigger on the DS and the other was Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey. This should tell you how excited I am about The Last Story. Not only is it Mistwalker developed, but this is the first game that Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has directed in 18 years. You don't jut come back into directing after 18 years for anything, so The Last Story has got to have something special. Earlier this week we got a solid look at the game's fighting system, but still no U.S. release (please for the love of everything get one). We've also had trailers, story info, and the official site to drool over. It's fantasy based, and like many modern JRPGs will have mix of real-time and turn-based combat. It also will feature six-player online gaming, making it a true standout on the platform. From the pedigree of its developers to the fact that the Wii needs some deeper, lengthy games, there shouldn't be a Wii owner out there who isn't clamoring for this one. Lost in Shadow (Wii) Developer: Hudson SoftPublisher: Hudson SoftTo be released: January 4, 2011 As you can see above, we actually won't have to wait very long into 2011 for Lost in Shadow. In fact the incredibly interesting looking Wii exclusive has already released in Europe and Japan to some oddly mixed reviews. Some can't get enough of it and others say it doesn't really live up to its concept of a boy's shadow using the shadows of objects in the world to navigate his way back to the boy. To tell the truth, the mixed reviews only make me more intrigued by the art house looking game. It's no secret that the place for platform gaming is the Wii and this game simply looks too interesting to pass up. Even a failed attempt at something intriguing and different is better than no attempt at all, but I just have a feeling that I'm going to land on the side that says this game was a great success. The Conduit 2 (Wii) Developer: High VoltagePublisher: SegaTo be released: Feb. 15, 2011 Look, we all know that The Conduit had its issues. A complete lack of character development, sub-par level design and more cliches than you thought one could cram into a single game were just a few of them. However, it was still a really fun shooter and absolutely nailed how a shooter should be done on the Wii. It also contained some of the best multiplayer on the platform to date. Thus it is easy to understand why we should be excited for The Conduit 2. Take all the great things about the original, and then improve on all the bad things. It's as easy as that, and High Voltage has been saying that is exactly what they're going to do. If that's the case we won't just be seeing a great shooter on the Wii, but a great shooter on any platform. Rhythm Heaven (Wii) Developer: NintendoPublisher: NintendoTo be released: TBA If you've played Rhythm Heaven on the DS then you know ... stop tapping your foot. If you've played the game on the DS you know what ... really, I know one of the tunes from Rhythm Heaven is in your head, but stop tapping your foot. If you picked up the DS Rhythm Heaven you know that the game is not only addictive, but also has some ... seriously, that's really annoying. Stop tapping your damn foot. If you ... STOP! *Ahem* DS Rhythm Heaven was awesome, Wii version should be too if it ever actually comes out in the West. There, was that so hard? Jonathan Holmes Nice list, Matt! In fact, you picked most of the games I wanted to talk about. If that we're bad enough, a lot of the other Wii games I want right now are just rumored, like that non-sports Mario and Sonic game, that vitality sensor survival horror game, and of course, the full library of the "Wii 2". That said, there are +5 exciting Wii games that I'm sure will exist in some form or another. Let's just hope they all come out in the United Stated. Speaking of which, lets start out with ... Night of the Sacrifice (Wii) Developer: Marvelous EntertainmentPublisher: Marvelous EntertainmentTo be released: March 24, 2011 (Japan) TBA (U.S and Europe) There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Night of the Sacrifice. For one, the art direction is amazing. A mix of semi-realistic characters and Feel the Magic-style flat-people in a survival horror game? I've never seen anything like that in a survival horror game, which is saying a lot considering how many survival horror games I've played. Then you have the giant ghosts, chainsaw wielding maniacs, strange women and their creepy staring contests, and the option to play with the balance board. What? Really? For better or worse, that's a combination that's worth keeping an eye on. Given Marvelous's excellent track record on the Wii (including Little King's Story, No More Hereos, and Muramasa), I'm leaning towards "better", but either way, I'm excited. Monado/Xenoblade (Wii) Developer: Monolith SoftwarePublisher: NintendoTo be released: June 10, 2010 (Japan) TBA (U.S. and Europe)  I'm going to be play this game in 2011. Nintendo is going to release it in the United States (though that's looking less and less likely), or I'm going to import it. Either way, going to happen, and that's why it's still one of my most anticipated games on 2011. I had the chance to play the game for a few minutes when I was in Tokyo earlier this year, and it was totally engrossing. It's not quite as beautiful as Matt's pick of The Last Story, but the concept (traverse the petrified bodies of two fallen Gods), the soundtrack (by an all-star team including Yoko Shimomura, Manami Kiyota, Yasunori Mitsuda, and ACE+) were more than enough to make up for that. Don't make me import this one, Nintendo. I'll have fun with the game either way, but it would be great to not have to look over at a translation FAQ the whole time that I play it (like I did with Ripening Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love and Welcome Home Chibi-Robo! Happy, Rich Big Sweep!). Retro City Rampage/de Blob 2/Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Wii, various other consoles) Developer: VBlank studios/Blue Tongue/Traveler's TalesPublisher: NintendoTo be released: June 10, 2010 (Japan) TBA (U.S. and Europe) I'm really excited about all three of these games, and each really deserves their own spot on this list, but because they're all multi-platform, their going to have to share one entry. All three of these games are headed to HD platforms, but I'm still going to get them on the Wii. Lego Star Wars III is going to be a big deal, with over 175 playable characters (including some from The Force Unleashed), and over 300 interactive NPCs on-screen at once. That promises to be quite the spectacle, but I'd just as soon save $10 and get my lego in standard definition. Same goes for de Blob 2, which I got to play earlier this year on the Xbox 360. The game looked amazing, but more importantly, it played amazing. I don't really have a HD or SD preference with highly stylized looking game like this, so I'll likely go with the cheapest option (the Wii). As for Retro City Rampage, since the game is going to be cheap, I can afford to get it on WiiWare and XBLA. It's coming out on XBLA first, so I'll have to buy it then, but I can't deny the allure of playing the game again with the Wii remote turned on its side. There's just something perfect about playing pseudo-NES gamea with the old control pad and two button layout. It's also undeniably cool (for an old man like me, anyway) to relive some Tanooki suit memories in Super Mario 3 (via the Super Mario All-Stars collection), then instantly switch over to Retro City Rampage, where I can use the same suit to fly into traffic and rob hordes of defenseless pedestrians. New Fatal Frame (Wii) Developer: TecmoPublisher: NintendoTo be released: TBA We know next to nothing about this one, except that it looks like a remake of Fatal Frame 2, and that it's set for release in Japan sometime in 2011 in Japan. As a huge fan of the series, that's enough for me. Just like with Xenoblade and Night of the Sacrifice, I will import this sucker if I have to. Nothing will come between me and getting spooked out by those creepy and beautiful ghost-hunting girls. Best case scenario, some brave publisher will pick this game up and Fatal Frame 4 and bring them both to the U.S. and Europe in some sort of collection. Barring that, there's always the chance that the same team who brought us that borderline-magical Fatal Frame 4 translation patch will translate this new Fatal Frame game for us too. Worst case scenario, I'll just import the game and play it with a (sigh) translation FAQ. Oh Nintendo of America, why can't you reliably bring your awesome Japanese games to the United States? It's almost like you're trying to make me hate you. New Bit.Trip stuff (WiiWare, various other consoles maybe) Developer: Gaijin GamesPublisher: Aksys GAmesTo be released: TBA 2011 At first, I was just going to tell you about how much I want Bit.Trip FLUX. I recently got to play through the game, and it was one of the most enjoyable, eye-opening experiences I've had in a long time. As soon as I finished it, I immediately starting replaying it, and the game was even more fun the second time through. I can only think of a couple of other times I've experience that sort of intense re-playability with a game (Resident Evil 4 and Mega Man 2 immediately come to mind). I think there's a good chance we're got a 10/10 here. Besides, FLUX is the culmination of one of my favorite series ever, so obviously I'm excited.  Still, I'm arguably even more excited about the other Bit.Trip stuff that I know is coming in 2011. Sadly, I can't tell you exactly what this stuff is, what console it's coming to, etc. (though since this is 2011's most wanted Wii games list, you can guess that at least some of this new stuff is coming to the Wii). Rest assured though, 2011 will be the best year for the Bit.Trip series ever. ---------------------- Additional staff picks for the Wii: Colette Bennett: Xenoblade Chad Concelmo: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, The Last Story, de Blob 2 Hamza Aziz: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Night of the Sacrifice ---------------------- This is just a selection of our most anticipated games for the Wii. There are a ton of great games coming out next year, and we want to hear from you what YOUR most wanted Wii game of 2011 is (use this giant list to help you figure out what's coming out.) Leave a comment telling us the games you want the most, and we'll tally up your votes to reveal on Monday what the most anticipated games of 2011 are from the Destructoid community.

Last year the Wii clearly had its best year so far. Not only did 2010 bring us fantastic installments in almost every major Nintendo franchise, the white waggle box saw a flourish of third-party support, an increase in great ...

Impressions of Conduit 2

Oct 26 // Jonathan Holmes
  The guys at High Voltage talk a lot of sh*t about The Conduit. At one point during my recent hands-on with the game, I actually told Eric Nosfinger (Chief Creative Officer on The Conduit  and Conduit 2 ) that it sounds like I enjoyed his old game more than he did. Due to a mysterious technical failure with our recording equipment, I can't give you an exact quote on his response, but I'm pretty sure it was something along the lines of "Of course I don't hate The Conduit, but it's not the game I wanted it to be. Not even close." The Conduit wasn't the game I wanted it to be either. I really like parts of it. Its controls, its weapons, and its They Live-style storyline are all great. From there though, it just seemed like High Voltage ran out of time and/or money. Some of the selling points that are pretty much standard in the modern Sci-Fi FPS (huge bosses, in-your-face storytelling, large battlefields) were largely missing, while a lot of the other things that game could do well (enemy variety, advanced texture mapping, voice-acting) it only pulled off some of the time. All of that seems to be fixed with Conduit 2. It may go on to be known as the Evil Dead 2 of videogames, as it feels like both a sequel and a remake of the original at the same time.  As soon as you boot up the game, you're treated to a big budget CGI recreation of the last moments of the original Conduit, giving us the climactic ending that the first game should have had. Then you're dumped onto an oil rig; a cooler looking, more exciting battlefield than just about any place in the original game. That would have been enough for me, but right after that, a giant, laser breathing sea serpent popped up and started destroying everything. This is a boss fight; a real boss fight against a force many times larger than the player, with an old-fashioned health bar an everything. These are the blockbuster videogame moments that I waited for the entire time I was playing Conduit 1. Almost like an apology, Conduit 2 gave me all of that right away. Less than ten minutes in, and I could already tell that Conduit 2 wont be just a sequel. It's a reparation. The game has so many additions and improvements, it's hard to even know where to begin. Just looking at my notes on is overwhelming. First off, High Voltage actually rewrote the way that the Wii outputs sound in order to make the Conduit 2 sound better than any other Wii title. Then there's the little style tweaks, like the additon of the ever popular "healing factor" health regeneration and universal ammo systems found in many of today's FPSs. Then there's the previously reported, but still awesome, news that the game will addition of Wii Motion Plus and Classic Controller support. Then there's the plan for headset support; a first for a Wii game. Also, the enemies A.I. has been re-written to include multiple new attack and defense maneuvers, there are over 100 different death screams for fallen enemies, there is an entirely new set of voice actors; the list goes on and on. I wanted to spit those little details out before they got swallowed up by Conduit 2's bigger changes and upgrades. For instance, the game's whole structure has changed. There is now a central hub where you select your missions, create new weapons, and interact with non-playable characters. Mr Ford (the game's protagonist) is no longer alone in his battle against the secret society of aliens and ex-presidents that are trying to take over the world. Now he's got a home base, in the middle of Atlantis no less. That's where he gets help from an attractive, armor clad super model-looking lady who also wants to keep us safe from aliens and politicians. When Hamza Aziz first saw her, he let out an audible "Whoa…", a sound that the HD loving Halo fanatic rarely makes when checking out a Wii game. Thanks to the hub zone, we now have the option for non-linear progression. Sometimes you can choose what mission you want to take on next (Mega Man style), while other times you're given the option to back-track to previous levels. Returning to old places may open up new areas, weapons, and missions. High Voltage is planning on piling on tons of additional content beyond the approximately 12 hour long campaign mode. This isn't just to give you more bang for your buck. High Voltage's real goal with this feature, and the game in general, is to make the world of the Conduit feel like a, real, tangible place. In the real world, there is never just one "mission" or just one problem to solve. The same goes for Conduit 2. No matter the situation, there's always options. This time, those options will take you all over the world. In my play-through, I got to see a level that takes place in China (complete with creepy alien statues that come to life) that introductory level (with the gigantic, laser breathing sea monster and destructible environments), and Washington D.C. stage (which has become a war zone between aliens and humans, with you caught in the middle). I'm told that's just a fraction of the new areas that the game has in store. There are also plenty of new enemies and weapons. One new gun (of alien origin) allows you to shoot some sort of disgusting, airborne alien insects at rapid speeds. Hit someone (or something) with a bug, and that plants a tracer into their body. From there, you can shoot bugs from around corners, crouched under cover, wherever you want, and they'll home into whatever unlucky thing has that tracer planted in it's body. It's an evil, malicious way to take out an opponent, and it's really fun. In order to get this new weapon, you have to snag it from the cold, dead hands of an alien. I didn't catch the name of this particular extra terrestrial, but I do recall that he had the face of a giant spider, and the confidence of a T-1000. I managed to take him out, but only because he was battling some humans at the same time. Of course, after he was down, the humans turned their sights onto me. It was a good thing that I had just picked up a new gun that shoots giant, ravenous alien horseflies. Those poor bastards didn't know what hit (and then ate) them. Beneath all of these new features and experiences is an air of unpredictability and mystery. That feeling was present in the first game as well, but it feels much more intense and complete this time around. The ties to real life history have been intensified, the stakes have gotten higher, and the depth of the conspiracies at work is on a scale that wasn't this clear in the first game. The creators of Conduit 2 know things. There is a reason why they included real life transmissions from The Conet Project in the original game. I wish I could tell you those reasons, but they'd just scramble me if I tried. There is so much more that I'd like to say about Conduit 2, but I've got to bring this to a close. Rest assured, there is more to come. High Voltage collected a notebook full of suggestions from their fans at PAX 2010, and they're planning on implementing as many of those suggestions as they can before the game comes out early next year. My suggestion was that they add a 8 bit or 16 bit version of Conduit 2 in the game to unlockable bonus, maybe at an in-game arcade or something. With the addition of huge bosses (complete with life meters), a hub world, and other traits common in classic gaming, it just seemed to fit. High Voltage didn't promise anything, but they didn't say no either. That seems to be the High Voltage way. These guys are 100% focused on making their fans happy. I can't wait to see how that turns out for them, and for us.

Things are happening with the Conduit 2. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what I mean by that. All I can tell you is, if you do your homework and play your cards right, you could see something; something big. Depending on ...


Conduit 2 delayed until 2011, getting new control options

Sep 02
// Nick Chester
Bad news for Wii owners and first-person shooter fans -- High Voltage's sequel Conduit 2 has been pushed out of this year and in to 2011. The game will now see release in the first quarter of next year. The good news is that ...

E3 10: Conduit returns to action on the E3 floor

Jun 16
// Matthew Razak
For those that played The Conduit, they found a decent shooter with some very interesting weapons and a multiplayer that hearkened back to the days of ol' in a good way. Those who didn't, and that was probably the majority, ...

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