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College Humor


College Humor does Doctor Who

Apr 03
College Humor, responsible for other amusing videos, has put together a Doctor Who retro RPG video. Be aware that this contains spoilers to the Matt Smith seasons of the show, so don't watch it and then cry about how so... read

Skyrim hoarding hits home for every RPG player ever

Apr 01
Hoarders is an A&E documentary show about compulsive hoarders. Skyrim is a game in which you collect a lot of sh*t. Naturally, the two go together like white on rice. In all honesty, you don't have to be a hardcore Elder... read

These women are offended by Duke Nukem Forever

Jun 26
College Humor's sister site, Dorkly, got some women to play through Duke Nukem Forever. I was pissed off for all the same reasons too. read

If Jersey Shore were an RPG

Oct 08
This is probably good for a chuckle. It portrays a terrifying vision of the future in which Jersey Shore is licensed and produced as a videogame. Thankfully, the blow is softened somewhat by how clearly it's satire. Sti... read

What videogames would be like with a super-easy mode

Jul 08
What would videogames be like with a super-easy mode? Very boring. Well, most of them anyway. Some games look like they would be even better like Mortal Kombat. It's a good thing we haven't gotten to the point where the game just takes away control from you cause you're sucking so hard. Oh wait. read

Weekend Destructainment: Game Genie cheaters

May 29
[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.] The ducks of Duck Hunt have it rough. They have to do wh... read

Slappers only: The GoldenEye stand-off

May 03
Before there was Halo: Reach. Before there was Modern Warfare 2. Before there was any major console first- person shooter, there was GoldenEye 64. The classic Rare game was arguably the one that started the whole craze of FP... read

President Obama brings health care to videogames

Apr 01
Barack Obama is helping everyone, even videogame characters! Both good and bad guys will be treated equally and get the help they need when they're flashing or low on health. And unlike real life, the President has no proble... read

RPG heroes are jerks

Mar 24
Link, Mario and any Final Fantasy hero -- they're all out to save the day even if it means robbing from the people they're out to protect. The heroes will barge in, take whatever they want and leave the defenseless villagers to deal with the consequences. What's a poor villager to do? Nothing. Nothing at all. [Thanks, Henrique!] read

Klosterman: new games better than old ones in every way

Feb 10
In this bonus footage from CollegeHumor's Bleep Bloop, pop culture journalist Chuck Klosterman argues that, unlike works found in literature or film, games can be reasonably said to have gotten better and better as the years ... read

Mario and Sonic have an awkward reunion

Feb 03
Sure, it looks like Sonic is about to make the ultimate comeback with Project Needlemouse, but I'm pretty sure the blue hedgehog has a lot of downtime in between games. So the poor guy needs some kind of paying gig in betwee... read

Mario and Luigi are horrible plumbers

Dec 30
The Mario and Luigi you and I know are great heroes. Thanks to College Humor's latest videogame skit, we now know that if Mario and Luigi were really people, we'd never go anywhere near them. Really, they'd be two badly dres... read

The God of Tetris is a dick

Dec 07
College Humor has been on a roll lately with all of their videogame shorts. The latest one shows us just who to hate for all the dick moves in Tetris. Seriously. You got the perfect setup going, praying for that line piece and it doesn't show up until you have to use an L block because you've given up all hope. DAMN YOU TETRIS GOD! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read

Mortal Kombat's tournament system isn't all that fair

Dec 03
You know, if you stop to think about it, Mortal Kombat's tournament system is pretty messed up. One guy against a dozen other fighters? And that one guy even has to fight other people that are trying to save Earth? Not to me... read

Yoko Ono infects The Beatles: Rock Band

Nov 27
It's the classic story of four friends making great things happen until some psycho b*tch comes into the scene and ruins everything. read

The Sims: The movie

Nov 03
I would take this over an Asteroids movie any day. And yes, in case you've been living under a rock, there really is an Asteroids movie in the works. The funniest part about this trailer is a two-year-old joke from Dale Nort... read

The Mario and Princess Peach sex tape

Aug 04
Finally. The video you’ve all been waiting for your whole life to see. Oh yeah, Mario and Peach so get it on. At first, I thought this was going to be pretty corny but the videogame jokes are kind of funny. The Zelda/H... read

The Duck Hunt dog finally gets what he deserves

Dec 24
We all hate that damn Duck Hunt dog. If you don’t, then you’re one of the filthy little cheaters who would put their gun right up to their TV screen to hit all the ducks. Anyway, the dog sucks. The brilliant minds... read

Halo 3 Homicide Detective

May 30
Now that the Street Fighter: The Later Years series is over, College Humor is taking on  another popular videogame series. In Halo 3 Homicide Detective, some detectives who kind of act like Live idiots, investigate how a... read

Street Fighter: The Later Years - The series finale

Feb 29
The final episode to the amazing Street Fighter: The Later Years series is finally here. Last time we left off with Ryu and E. Honda getting ready to go into an all out battle. The fight starts to heat up until E. Honda retre... read

Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 8

Feb 06
The new Street Fighter tournament has just kicked off with Blanka and Chun-Li as the first combatants. Blanka shows his true colors (and poor make up job) during the fight as he tries to kill Chun-Li until Ken steps in to sav... read

Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 7

Dec 13
The latest installment of Street Fighter: The Later Years continues right where the cliffhanger ending of episode 6 left off. Best of all, we finally get to see E. Honda -- well, his fat anyway.As the fighters gear up and pre... read

Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 6

Nov 26
We join the fighters as they train for the next up coming tournament. Ken still can't do his Hadouken. In fact, it's more like a Hadoucan't! This episode is all about Ken as the next scene takes us to Ken trying to visit Chun... read

Street Fighter: The Later Years -- Part 4

Sep 07
As promised, the first of seven new episodes of the fantastic Street Fighter: The Later Years was released today. It sucks knowing that the series will be over soon, but until then, we're just going to have to enjoy it while we can. And what better way to bring back the series by having Chun-Li and Bison fight! With plungers! Also, Balrog is a pervert.  [Via Teta's CBlog]  read

SHORYUKEN! Street Fighter: The Later Years is back

Aug 30
It has been way to long time since we last heard anything about the amazing College Humor series Street Fighter: The Later Years. Many of you have been wondering and now we finally have answers! Episode 4 will be premiering S... read

Minesweeper : The Movie

Aug 06
If you've seen one video game movie, you've seen them all, right? Yeah, I get where you're coming from. All of them, from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to the mess that was the Mortal Kombats were total disasters (except... read

Clock Suckers: A very demented and awesome cartoon

Jul 25
"What's up your ass Kate? You love videogames."  "I do. I'm just sick of beating you guys all the time. It's like I'm the Harlem Globetrotters and you guys are two retarded assholes."A... read

PBC presents: The New Adventures of Captain S

May 18
We at Destructoid are always receiving new videos and content from readers who want us to help get the word out about whatever it is that they happen send us at the moment. As you would expect, some of it stands out more th... read

Talking video games with College Humor

Feb 28
Earlier this week I had a sort of informal interview/discussion with Jeff Rubin from College Humor on some of today's "hot" video game topics. We touched on porn, Nintendo, and games we feel ashamed to play. Check out the discussion here, or hit the jump for the full piece. read

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