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Final Fantasy XIV photo
Final Fantasy XIV

Chocobos are using Twitter to race in Final Fantasy XIV

It's funny because birds tweet
May 21
// Joe Parlock
Final Fantasy XIV confused the shit out of me. I played it for about a month, and I’ll probably go back to it, but god damn I had no idea what I was doing. But now there is an anchor in that game, something I know and ...
Final Fantasy memorabilia photo
Final Fantasy memorabilia

Fat Chocobo plush is as huggable as you'd expect

Also, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy figurines
May 19
// Steven Hansen
I've been pretty into fat Chocobos (or are they just big chocoboned?) since Brett wrote this thing on getting into MMOs through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I still likely won't play it, though, and I won't buy this bad...

Watch a nice Lightning Returns chocobo quest playthrough

About nine minutes from producer Yuji Abe
Oct 14
// Dale North
I saw that Square Enix had shared a video of producer Yuji Abe's playthrough of a certain chocobo quest in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Hmm, I thought. Then I saw a major games website run a new hands-on preview of...
Chocobo Racing 3D photo
Chocobo Racing 3D

Chocobo Racing 3D has most likely been canned

Oct 10
// Chris Carter
In case you weren't aware, Square Enix showed off a video for Chocobo Racing 3D a few years back, and nothing ever really came of it. Everyone assumed it was either still in development or canceled, but Siliconera talked to ...

Lightning Returns at TGS: Open worlds, cool costumes

Sep 20 // Dale North
As you may have heard, the third and final Final Fantasy XIII game changes things up a bit, with an action-type battle system replacing the more traditional system of the previous two. Parties are also gone -- it's just Lightning and all of her crazy costumes and silly poses.  I liked the old battle system, but I really like this new one too. It does take a bit of getting used to, though. Lightning is free to move around the battle field and choose any attack from a selection of commands, and they're executed immediately, much like an action game. These commands are contained in three equippable combat styles, each with their strengths and attributes. Oh, and each comes with a different costume for Lightning.  These costumes are getting a lot of heat, but I think series fans are taking some of this stuff too seriously. Plus, the costumes showed in this TGS demo were neat. One has Lightning as a sort of dragoon, just like Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV. Her costume is a treat for fans with its dark purple metal and trademark arm spikes, and her air-to-ground spear attack would make Kain proud. I think fans are really going to like some of these costumes. They're not all senselessly pervy. Back to the battle system. When used, each command depletes its combat style's gauge a given amount, forcing players to jump to another combat style until it refills. Successful fighting involves bouncing from one style to the next, exploiting weaknesses while keeping the hits coming. Again, it's weird at first, but you'll soon enjoy how fast and free it is.  We've talked about the battle system before, but our experience with it came in a pretty linear slice of the game. But the Tokyo Game Show demo is happy to show off just how open the game is. There was a quest to follow, but I went exploring first, running around the lush countryside that surrounded a village called Canopus Farms. Green covered hills served as a backdrop to gorges filled with ruins. Sunlight served to highlight chocobos and their riders traveling in the distance. Scaling the world up for Lighting Returns to make it fit in with current open-world games couldn't have been easy, but Square Enix has done a nice job here. What a pretty game. Canopus Farms is a small village, but I was able to check out some of Lightning Returns' new world features there. Walking about town is easier now with Lightning's new jump ability. I hopped fences and other objects you'd normally have to walk around. There are vendors that sell time and food now, too. I grabbed a pudding at a snack stand to refill my HP after some field battles. When approached properly, encounters in the field can bring you temporary battle bonuses. Like in Atlus' Persona series, Lightning can swing her sword at a field enemy to gain perks like 10 percent more hit points or a speed boost. On the other hand, missing gives you a temporary penalty to deal with. I hacked away at Puchineros and Gremlins in the field to get back into the battle system -- it's just as fun as I remember. Larger enemies had me using a bit more strategy. Lightning's status debuffing combat set let me bomb these guys with speed and defense debuffs to wear them down before polishing them off with swords and spells. Meanwhile, Hope gave me guidance on my quest, which had me seeking out this legendary chocobo. Riders I met along the way warned of some danger, and just beyond them was a large beast that seemed to be blocking my access to something behind it. This monster was quite a bit harder than the field enemies, requiring me to use Lightning Returns' new Overclock ability to stagger him a few times. Though the action in battles continues without interruption, I found it interesting that you could hit the Start button to use some readied items. This battle had me using all of my remaining Hi-Potions before finishing it off. It turns out that this monster had harmed the legendary chocobo. The following cutscene was sad: a white chocobo lay trembling on the ground, feathers stained with blood. Before you start crying, know that I saved it. Villagers took it back to Canopus Farms and nursed it back to health. I won't ruin it for you, but you come to know this particular chocobo as the story continues. This TGS demo for Lightning Returns was just another small slice for us, but I'm pleased to see just how open and freely explorable it is. I have still have concerns about the story, but there's enough exciting stuff going on outside of the story to keep us entertained. It's still Final Fantasy XIII, so take that as you will, but Square Enix's approach is so different here that I think fans are going to be pleased.   
Lightning Returns TGS photo
Final Fantasy: Lighting Returns' best showing yet
I like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I dug it from our very first hands-on preview, and I'm now I'm digging it even more after playing the new Tokyo Game Show floor demo. Some felt that the first preview was a b...


PAX: My favorite cosplay of the show ... so far

Aug 31
// Chad Concelmo
There is a surprising amount of great cosplay at PAX. People walk around in some pretty elaborate and sometimes beautiful outfits. While all impressive, most of it is the same thing you normally see: a Lara Croft here, a Mast...

Chocobo a cappella is... umm... wut

Apr 29
// Tony Ponce
Uhhhh... here you go! Your dose of weirdness for the weekend! Enjoy! The comedy duo of Max and Sam decided to start a mini-series in which they record a cappella renditions of Final Fantasy songs. As much as I enjoy a good a...

Chocolina, Final Fantasy XIII-2's hot cosplay shop owner

Dec 01
// Dale North
In our massive Final Fantasy XIII-2 preview I talked about the game's crazy Chocobo-obsessed merchant. Her name is Chocolina, and she is a total nut job. First off, she's wearing feathers over her arms and hands, and what loo...

Watch a Chocobo get MURDERED in FF: Type 0

Oct 27
// Jim Sterling
If you fancy getting traumatized this morning, watch the above video. It's the opening moments of Final Fantasy: Type 0 and it will tear away everything that you've ever held as good because a Chocobo gets totally f*cked up ...

Anime Expo: Wakfu inspired by Final Fantasy

Jul 02
// Wesley Ruscher
Square-Enix may have a little more to do with the world of Wakfu than just publishing the French-developed MMORPG that is set for open beta later this fall. During the Anime Expo panel “An Introduction to the World of W...

Chocobo Racing returns to 3DS

Sep 29
// Conrad Zimmerman
  Here's something I'd never thought we would see again. Square Enix is developing a new Chocobo Racing game for the 3DS. Tenatively titled Chocobo Racing 3D, I assume it will consist largely of riding on the backs of ch...

Taking it to the streets: What is a chocobo?

Aug 22
// Matthew Razak
It's a simple question, really: What is a chocobo? Anyone in the gaming community could tell you in an instant and most likely pop in a copy of some Final Fantasy game and show you as well. But what about the random man on t...

Square Enix trademarks 'Chocobo's Crystal Tower'

Apr 21
// Dale North
Chocobo's Crystal Tower. That sounds cute. It also sounds dungeon crawler-y. That's fine by me, as I love dungeons that are mysterious. Of course, I'm just guessing. This is only a trademark. We're guessing its a new game. Sq...

Game Debate to the Death: What are your favorite RPGs?

Jan 26
// Tom Fronczak
Last time we spent all week focusing on just the Final Fantasy series, and it was quite a lot to focus on. If you thought that was daunting though, just wait! Final Fantasy debates are usually a touchy subject, but while the ...

E3 09: Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 footage shows off Odin

Jun 02
// Joseph Leray
I love the fact that the Entertainment Software Association gets together every year to organize and fund what really amounts to a giant, industry-wide case of blue balls. Take, for example, this footage of Final Fantasy XIII...

Japan gets Chocobo Racing as a PSN download

Feb 10
// Colette Bennett
The level of win in the photo above is somewhat beyond my ability to comprehend, but it seemed an ideal photo to use to celebrate the re-release of the Playstation 1 classic Chocobo Racing on PSN (well, in Japan anyway). I'd ...

New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers video doesn't suck

Jan 28
// Jonathan Holmes
Sorry for the unimaginative post title, but Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers has such a long-ass name that I didn't have room for any extra words other than "new," "video," and "...

Check out this bird's Final Fantasy jam session

Oct 24
// Colette Bennett
 People that say animals are dumb can suck it. Seriously. This little bird jams out for the next three and a half minutes to a very familiar tune -- one especially beloved to me, in fact. The video was uploaded by a Japa...

More, please! Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales 2 trailer

Oct 16
// Colette Bennett
Guess who's excited about this.You'll never guess.Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales 2 comes out in Japan this December 11th. There's no US release date yet, but considering a sequel was produced so quickly after the first game, I have a feeling we'll be seeing this in the US soon enough. Much to my complete, unreasonably exuberant delight. Bring it on, Square.[Via Gamekyo]

Never enough Chocobo: two new Chocobo DS titles in the works for Japan

Jul 08
// Colette Bennett
So yeah, I like chocobo. A lot. Sure, they're cute, but the incarnation of Chocobo that you know from Chocobo Tales and Chocobo's Dungeon has more than just the adorable factor going on -- his sense of positivity and determin...

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon screens

Jun 28
// Brad Nicholson
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon is a mouthful. Luckily, it is also an upcoming RPG for the Wii. Today, developer Square Enix gifted the gaming world with 15 new and exciting screens of this loveable little title...

RetroforceGO! Episode 43: Squaresoft

Mar 31
// Dyson
So does anyone know a good tax attorney? It's getting precariously close to the 15th of April, and lazy Dyson hasn't even bothered to total up his expenses for the year. You can claim Pizza Rolls as a business expense, right?...

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon confirmed for US release

Mar 31
// Colette Bennett
Wasn't I just recently bemoaning my sad fate if the most recent entry in the Chocobo's Dungeon series didn't make it to the US? I choose to believe that Square heard my desperate plea, rather than the more likely explanation ...

Interview with Chocobo Mystery Dungeon developer h.a.n.d.

Mar 26
// Colette Bennett
We talked about the announcement of Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon: Tokiwasure no Meikyuu way back in September 2007, where I performed the accurate amount of screaming in joyful anticipation and then went back to the daily gr...

Final Fantasy fan alert: Chocobo Tales keychains

Feb 17
// Colette Bennett
[As originally posted on Tomopop] Usually I privately rebel against blind boxed toys. Despite the fun factor of not knowing what I'm getting, sometimes I just don't want to blow my money on ten boxes in hopes of getting ...

Square Christmas card has snow, chocobo, cuteness

Dec 24
// Colette Bennett
Posting on Christmas Eve has its advantages. You have a captive audience, since everyone is either traveling somewhere or waiting to be attacked by waves of relatives, with nothing to do in the interim. On the other hand, it ...

New Chocobo game for the Wii comes with contests, launch events and more

Dec 11
// Colette Bennett
Square-Enix's recent updates to their website prove that Chocobo games are indeed aimed at kids, which points out that I am clearly perfectly happy being a thirty year old kid. They are offering an arts and crafts contest to ...

New Chocobo's Dungeon trailer, also release date

Dec 03
// Colette Bennett
We haven't seen any major updates on the new Chocobo's Dungeon title coming for Wii, so I was thrilled to find this floating on the old interwebs. Plenty of new CG to google over and a confirmed Japanese release date of Decem...

Want a White Mage chocobo? Here you go.

Nov 15
// Colette Bennett
Meeting in the Square-Enix Boardroom, 1 pmJapanese guy in suit: So, we need to launch some new product for the holidays. We don't have any major titles launching so we need a way to rake in money.Japanese guy with spiky hair:...

TGS 2007: Chocobo's Dungeon trailer (I died of delight, by the way)

Sep 25
// Colette Bennett
 I know you're thinking to yourself: Didn't she just talk about Chocobos? Why yes, I did. Now, I'm going to do it again, since the trailer for Chocobo's Dungeon is now available for me to watch repeatedly and coo over. W...

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