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1:00 AM on 07.30.2011

China tells booth babes to show less skin

Booth babes have become one of the attractions that people attending conventions and expos expect to see. They are sexy and usually scantily or outrageously dressed, they may not know anything about video games (or whatever p...

Victoria Medina

11:15 AM on 07.25.2011

Chinese couple sell their kids to pay for MMO habit

In a story that has left me with my jaw literally hanging open, two parents have been apprehended by Chinese authorities after it transpired they sold their three children to fund their MMO habit.  Li Lin and L...

Jim Sterling

7:30 PM on 05.26.2011

Chinese prisoners forced into MMO gold farming

It's been reported that prisoners in a Jixi labor camp were made to farm gold in MMOs, so the prison bosses could get rich selling it on. Some people already think gold farmers ought to be locked up, and it seems China is tak...

Jim Sterling

9:20 AM on 02.08.2011

Chinese ISP acquires majority stake in Riot Games

Riot Games, maker of PC online battle arena game League of Legends, has announced that Chinese internet services provider Tencent has acquired a majority stake in their company. We still don't know what this means financ...

Dale North

10:30 PM on 02.07.2011

What the hell? Blizzard theme park 'Joyland' for China?

Never would I have combined the two random thoughts to come up with the idea of a Blizzard-themed theme park. It doesn't quite compute in my head, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. Of course, if there was to ...

Dale North

5:00 PM on 01.18.2011

First game for Chinese eBox Kinect-ish console, Flyimal

eBox. That's what many think this new Chinese game system will be called, set to be released later this year. It will have Kinect-like motion sensing controls integrated into the unit. One of the first games for the system...

Dale North

3:00 PM on 09.20.2010

Final Fantasy XIV text issue turns Chocobos to Horsebirds

I've paid a fair amount of attention to strange Japanese games, but this situation's weird in a very different sense. It's confusing, especially if you're unfamiliar with how Japanese text works, so stay with me here. Written...

Josh Tolentino

6:00 PM on 08.29.2010

Say hello to the eBox, China's answer to Kinect

We all know about the Chinese knock-off Wiis that are all over the place, but those are so last year. No one is going to want a knock-off of a Wii when they can get a knock-off of Kinect! At least that is the obvious thinking...

Matthew Razak

6:00 PM on 07.11.2010

China banning sex and violence in game marketing

Sex. Violence. Both those things sell, and they sell well. However, China isn't a big fan of "unwholesome" content, and they also have a problem with online gaming. In order to reduce the issue, they will be instituting a ban...

Matthew Razak

2:20 PM on 07.07.2010

RetroN 3: NES, SNES, Genesis and wireless, all in one

The RetroN 3 gaming system tries to do it all. There's three cartridge slots in this 3-in-1 system: Super Nintendo, NES, and Sega Genesis. And on three of the four sides of the system you'll find a set of two ports for each s...

Dale North

8:00 AM on 04.19.2010

Microsoft accused of using Chinese child labor

Microsoft has been caught in a nasty controversy after revelations that one of its suppliers in China may be using child labor. The kids are allegedly making mice, keyboards and Xbox 360 controllers for $0.65 an hour. Althoug...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 03.22.2010

Counter-Strike cheater gets knifed in his head

As if we needed further evidence that videogames are SERIOUS business, an alleged Counter-Strike cheater in Jilin, China was rushed to hospital with a giant kitchen knife jammed into his skull. A group of kids were arguing wi...

Jim Sterling

2:00 PM on 12.29.2009

Videogames cause abortions and cough medicine addiction

China's government-owned news channel has decided to blame videogames for young teen girls having sex and needing abortions. Online games have also been blamed for mass murder, following an "expose" at a prison camp where a k...

Jim Sterling

1:00 AM on 12.03.2009

Tiger Woods crash + The Sims = profit?

By now you've all heard about the recent Tiger Woods drama. It's been discussed everywhere. The Daily Show even synced up a bunch of news reports on it to the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Then Jon Stewart broke out i...

Jordan Devore

1:40 PM on 11.30.2009

A cop in china: Spike teases another unannounced game

The Spike Video Game Awards are quickly becoming the place to catch world premiere trailers and videogame reveals. That was Geoff Keighley's goal, and he seems to be making good on his promises.  Spike has revealed ...

Nick Chester

1:40 PM on 10.08.2009

This looks like the PSPgo, but it totally isn't

Not bad, China. When you rip off something, you usually do a crap job. This? This looks like a PSPgo at first glace. Maybe even second glance. But it misses the mark on closer examination.What you're seeing here is the PXP-20...

Dale North