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Criterion's Need for Speed shown off today for first time

Jan 27
Just not to you.  Burnout developer Criterion has tweeted that it will be revealing its upcoming Need for Speed title today for the first time. Here's the catch -- it's being shown off internally at Electronic Arts, whic... read

Criterion isn't working on new Burnout Paradise DLC

Jan 20
As much as I hate being the messenger on this one, it's got to be said: Criterion Games is finished putting out post-launch content for Burnout Paradise. It's understandable if talk of the canned add-on ideas got you all fire... read

Criterion teases Need for Speed title in 2010

Dec 29
Soon we’ll receive PR from Electronic Arts announcing that Burnout developer Criterion is working on a 2010-bound Need for Speed game. The blast won’t a surprise -- this isn’t a secret pairing. EA COO John Pleasants and EA Ga... read

Time travel, boats, and other scrapped Burnout DLC ideas

Dec 18
When it comes to downloadable content on consoles, Criterion Games is leading the way. Taking a fun game (Burnout Paradise) and then significantly expanding it to the point where the original concept is unrecognizable is not ... read

Here's a first look at the Burnout fanatic's car of choice

Jun 29
Besides adding a fantastic new location to Burnout Paradise, the "Big Surf Island" add-on brought nine new vehicles, all of which are pretty rad for plenty of various reasons. But there's one car that I bet 99% of p... read

Burnout devs: If you've maxed out a system you suck

Jun 14
I can just see Burnout's technical director, Richard Parr, reading EA's quote about the 360 being maxed out and rolling his eye to high heaven before slamming his face into his palm and muttering something about "idiots ... read

With Criterion Games constantly providing such a steady stream of add-ons, Burnout Paradise seems to have more in common with a platform than an actual videogame.The core experience has evolved time and time again, and the ga... read feature


Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island DLC gets a price tag

Jun 08
With only a few short days until Burnout Paradise gets its next huge add-on, "Big Surf Island", it's about time we heard a little more about the DLC pricing- and content-wise. Thankfully, we have got those exact det... read

Criterion takes us on a tour of Big Surf Island

May 28
The latest episode of Crash TV is up and it's all about Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island DLC. The Criterion folks show off the Carson Dust Storm and the guys drive it all over Big Surf Island showing off what makes the new ... read

Construction on the bridge connecting downtown Paradise City to Big Surf Island is finally complete! Well, the bridge still has some construction going on but that's not going to stop anyone from heading into the island. Plus... read feature


Seagulls are obnoxious: Burnout 'Big Surf' DLC hits June 11

May 22
Criterion Games has just released the first trailer for the long-awaited Burnout Paradise downloadable content, “Big Surf Island,” which hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 11.Based on what I’m seeing he... read

Criterion to reveal Burnout Paradise island info tomorrow

May 21
Criterion Games is hinting that tomorrow it may reveal some solid details on its upcoming Burnout Paradise “Big Surf Island” expansion.“Almost time to spill the beans,” writes Criterion’s Pete La... read

Rumortoid: Criterion developing its own Need for Speed title

May 15
Could a Criterion Games-developed Need for Speed be on the cards for a 2010 release? Seeing as how EA is currently overseeing the production of not one, but three separate NFS games, I'm willing to believe almost anything at ... read

This past week, EA invited me out to give the new Cops and Robbers DLC for Burnout Paradise a test drive at their Redwood Shores studio. Can you believe that it’s been over year since Burnout Paradise launched, and the... read feature


The Burnout Paradise 'Cops and Robbers Pack' gets priced

Apr 28
This is my last post about the "Cops and Robbers Pack" for Burnout Paradise, I swear! The downloadable content has been priced recently (and dated a while back, actually), which is kind of important.Look, I'm no ang... read

Watch Criterion play Burnout Paradise's Cops and Robbers DLC

Apr 24
After a few weeks of showing literally everything about the Burnout Paradise "Cops and Robbers Pack" without actually revealing exactly how the new mode would play, Criterion has answered our cries for gameplay foot... read

More footage of Burnout Paradise's hot fuzz

Apr 17
Because the recent teaser for the Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers Pack wasn't nearly enough footage to satisfy the Burnout aficionados in the audience, we have got a second helping of video content for the premium DLC.On ep... read

Criterion teases the Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers Pack

Apr 15
Disclaimer: the screenshot above is not from Criterion Games' latest trailer for the Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers Pack. Why? The better question is, why not? In all seriousness, the image has more pizazz, but the video (... read

Burnout Paradise "Toy Cars" downloadable content coming this Thursday

Mar 03
Criterion has revealed today that new content for Burnout Paradise, called the "Toys Pack," will be released for consoles this Thursday. Announced last year, the pack will feature nine new vehicles, including t... read

A more intimate look at Burnout Paradise's Legendary Cars

Feb 18
 We told you about the Legendary Car Pack (available starting tomorrow) for Burnout Paradise the other day, and as expected, many of you ate it up. But, that was before we knew what the pricing for the DLC would be like.... read

Burnout Paradise 'Legendary Car Pack' hits later this week

Feb 16
I have heard many of you mention that you plan to support Criterion by purchasing premium downloadable content as a way of repaying the company for rocking on the free DLC front. But will you make good on that promise?Thankfu... read

Criterion announces still more Burnout Paradise DLC

Feb 09
If there's one game that has consistently managed to have great DLC released for it, Burnout Paradise would have to be my pick. Criterion is continuing to crank out new expansions, announcing a "Cops and Robbers Pack&quo... read

Watch Criterion demo the new Burnout Paradise Party Pack DLC

Feb 06
 If your copy of Burnout Paradise has been rotting away on your game shelve for more than a few months now, you owe it to yourself to dust the case off and pop the game back into your system of choice. With the onsl... read

Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box trailer rocks hard

Jan 26
 OK, so it's official -- Burnout's theme music rocks harder than Metallica's Death Magnetic. There's no discussion here. So I'm glad to hear that it's continuing to be used in the marketing for the upcoming Burnout ... read

Criterion details upcoming Burnout Paradise update with store, restarts, more

Jan 23
On February 6, Criterion Games will be issuing a huge and free update to Burnout Paradise. The developer has just detailed all of the changes on the official Web site, and it's nothing short of ridiculously impressive. For in... read

Criterion rocks: The Ecto-1, General Lee and KITT are coming to Burnout Paradise

Jan 09
Alright, Criterion is f*cking awesome. This, THIS, is how developers need to support their games. This is the year of Burnout Paradise, as it's receiving a bunch of downloadable content. We’re getting toy cars, the Ex... read

Burnout Christmas card shows off the new hovering car

Dec 20
[video]115440:921[/video]As a little gift to gamers, the latest Crash TV podcast is delivering the first gameplay footage of the new Jansen 88 Special car coming to Burnout Paradise in 2009. As we reported previously, the Jan... read

Burnout Paradise PC demo will let you play the full game for a 'limited period'

Dec 08
Continuing the trend of not completely screwing over its customers, Criterion Games is looking to give PC players a taste of the excellent Burnout Paradise, and a mighty fine taste at that.The company will be releasing a demo... read

Burnout DLC 'Big Surf Island' won’t be free, but looks cool anyway

Dec 02
Criterion’s Burnout Revenge is due for another big update in the form of a landscape, but it won’t be free. Recently, Criterion updated fans on Big Surf Island. The DLC is a new area designed specifically to quenc... read

OK, let's me just say this right now -- Criterion has done downloadble content better than anyone else this generation. Sure, Harmonix/MTV are rocking it weekly with Rock Band DLC, but Criterion's Burnout Paradise stuff? All ... read feature

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