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Broken Sword

Broken Sword 5 photo
Broken Sword 5

Broken Sword 5 to be split into two episodes

Expect both to be released in the next three months
Nov 05
// Alasdair Duncan
Long-running adventure game series Broken Sword ran a successful Kickstarter last year to fund the development of a new installment. Next month we'll be able to get our hands on the first part of that new game. Dubbed The Ser...

Beneath a Steel Sky 2 confirmed for PC, Mac, and phones!

The brilliant adventure game gets funded!
Sep 24
// Jim Sterling
Beneath a Steel Sky 2 did not quite reach the funding requirements set forth in Broken Sword's Kickstarter, but Revolution has revealed that fan support was so enthusiastic, it's prepared to risk the game anyway. Beneath...

Beneath A Steel Sky 2 announced as Kickstarter goal

If Revolution Software makes a million, we get the sequel
Sep 07
// Jim Sterling
Revolution Software has received all the funding it needs to make Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse. However, the team has introduced a range of extra stretch goals, including an entirely separate game. If the studio makes $1...

New Broken Sword sequel hoping to get Kickstarted

Aug 23
// Jim Sterling
Point! Click! Combine things with things to do things to things! Broken Sword is one of the classics when it comes to classic point 'n click adventuring, and with Kickstarter proving people still want that sort of thing, it's...


Broken Sword 4 hits GOG, first 3 games on sale

Oct 18
// Maurice Tan
I thought I only suffered from media amnesia when it came to crappy dime-a-dozen B-horror movies, but looking at 2007's Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death I can't remember if I have ever played it or not. Good thing it's now ...

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