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Xbox 360 Lost Planet 2 content due to space limitations

Feb 18
Fact: There's more space on a Blu-ray disc than a standard DVD. So there's that. According to Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi, this fact became a bit of an issue when developing Lost Planet 2 for both the Xbox 360 and the... read

Blu-ray discs are about to get even bigger

Jan 06
As if Blu-ray discs weren't big enough, a new report has revealed that they're about to get even bigger. Thanks to new production methods, the old per-layer storage capacity for BDs has been increased to 33.4 GB.  "Read ... read

Halo Legends anime 'will make you smile here and there'

Dec 02
Sadly, no matter how much I wish it were, the picture above isn't part of Halo Legends, that big new anime anthology project coming out of Japan. Now thanks to some new information from Famitsu and your translation-happy frie... read

Sony's newest 'everything' ad is ver - STICK

Nov 22
Damn it Sony. How in God's name did it take you this long to come up with a good ad campaign? *Sigh* Well, at least now that you've found one you're milking it for all that it's worth, and you're milking it really well. On F... read

God of War III demo shipping on District 9 Blu-ray

Oct 28
When I think of shrimp-like aliens who have been oppressed by South Africans, I'm always reminded of Spartan warriors who perform assassination missions for ancient Gods. This is why District 9 and God of War III are a match ... read

Analyst: 'Xbox 360 consumers are not begging for Blu-ray'

Oct 22
When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talks, people listen. Earlier today, word went around that the executive had confirmed an upcoming Blu-ray player add-on for the Xbox 360 platform. What he actually said was hardly a confirmat... read

Gizmodo has an exclusive interview with Microsoft CEO's Steve Ballmer going up in full this Friday. Until then, they're releasing little clips from the interview and the one they have up right now sees the CEO talking about ... read feature


Uncharted 2 would be 'very different' without Blu-ray

Oct 16
I upset a handful of people (who must have been relatives of Sony, they were so emotional) when I dismissed Naughty Dog's previous assertion that Uncharted 2 was impossible on anything but a PS3, stating that these sorts of c... read

Goozex has kept me happy for some time now with its game trading services, and I was excited to hear that they recently added movie trading as well. Hooray! The list of reasons to leave my house is shortening by the day! Anyw... read feature


We had hints about it, and despite the fact that God of War III producer Stig Assmussen played dumb about it, here it is: God of War Collection is coming to the PlayStation 3 this holiday. This Blu-ray rel... read feature


FF VII: Advent Children Blu-ray dated for America

May 13
Square-Enix's "whoring of Final Fantasy VII" celebration all began with this little beauty, and it can be yours on Blu-ray this June 2. The movie sequel to the classic game will cost you $38.96, and will come packed... read

Final Fantasy XIII may help the PS3 to break sales records

Apr 23
For Sony, it seems like titles in the Final Fantasy series and their console sales are forever intertwined. We saw it with the PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII, and then later with Final Fantasy X and the PS2. And if hunches... read

Shocker: The PS3 will always have Blu-ray

Mar 12
Analysts make me laugh my head off sometimes. Outside of being professional guessers, they also some up with some ludicrous ideas, such as the guy who last month suggested that Sony would release a PlayStation 3 without Blu-r... read

Final Fantasy XIII: we're still good for 2009, hour-long demo in movie

Feb 25
I'm looking forward to my copy of the Japanese Blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete for many reasons. For one, there are new scenes. And it's shiny and high-def. Oh, and there's an English voice trac... read

Movies and games on one Blu-ray disc? It's happening this year, promises Sony

Feb 12
Now this is an interesting concept, and one so obvious that it really is shocking nobody's tried it already. SCEA hardware marketing manager John Koller has announced plans to produce Blu-ray movie/videogame hybrids sometime ... read

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete has English voice track

Feb 02
As a Final Fantasy fan, there's a lot of reasons to want the Japanese release Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. First, it comes with the Final Fantaxy XIII demo. And if you spend enough, it comes with a fancy, cust... read

2008: retail videogames outsold DVD and Blu-ray

Jan 23
More Halo 3, less Telladega Nights -- at least that's what consumer's wallets are saying. According to Media Control GfK International's 2008 wrap-up, packaged retail videogames outsold DVD and Blu-ray discs worldwide last ye... read

MS: Customers don't want Blu-ray Xbox

Jan 09
Despite long-standing rumors that Blu-ray compatibility would be coming to the Xbox 360 in some way, shape or form, Microsoft man Robbie Bach claims that customers don't really care for it, reinforcing that the company has &q... read

Rumortoid: Report says Xbox 360 to get Blu-ray

Oct 08
The Xbox 360 external Blu-ray drive rumor will never die. According to a report by XbitLabs, Toshiba and Samsung have been contracted to manufacture a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360. It also states that Microsoft is targeting... read

Fancy features for Resident Evil: Degeneration Blu-ray release revealed

Sep 04
While we most certainly won't be playing Resident Evil 5 this year, we'll all just have to settle for the Capcom and Sony Pictures produced CG film, Resident Evil: Degeneration. Co-directed by Devil May Cry 4 producer Hi... read

PS3 will outlive Blu-ray, claims Samsung

Sep 04
Electronics titan Samsung has given the Sony-adopted Blu-ray format what it believes to be an adequate life expectancy, one that would not see it even last the PS3's life cycle. Giving the format five more years, Samsung clai... read

Blu-ray won't give PS3 a long-term competitive edge, claims Olin

Aug 28
Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences president Joseph Olin has singled out Blu-ray as yet another difference maker that may eventually lose its edge, going the way of the third party exclusive. While stating that the form... read

Xbox 360 Blu-ray support could still happen

Aug 19
Probably one of the most painful lumps that Microsoft received this generation was when the announcement that HD-DVD was officially dead went down. Most Xbox 360 fans recognized the high-definition discs for what they were, b... read

Kmart ad for US greatest hits is colored in irony

Jul 12
We're still crossing our fingers that Sony will melt our faces off with a megaton announcement regarding Home, but something more likely to happen during Tuesday's press conference involves some fantastic games that are about... read

Pioneer makes a huge Blu-Ray

Jul 10
Hideo Kojima is probably in tears right now. The newest Blu-Ray offering from Pioneer is a monstrous 400 GB disk. It is composed of 16 beautifully blue layers. Previously this feat was unavailable to Pioneer, but apparently l... read

Blockbuster expands Blu-ray offerings

Apr 10
Nearly ten months ago, Blockbuster announced that they were going to drop HD DVD from their retail stores across the nation. Now that the format war has been officially over for almost two months, is reporting tha... read

Never say never: Sony says that Microsoft is eyeing Blu-ray

Mar 07
Stan Glasgow, Sony US president, says that they are in talks with Microsoft to add Blu-ray drives to their hardware. And right now, the only hardware Microsoft has is the Xbox 360. This was announced at a media dinner, where ... read

Format war over! Toshiba announces the halt of HD DVD

Feb 19
After much rumor and speculation, it looks like the Grim Reaper himelf has finally come for HD DVD: In a press conference held in Tokyo, Japan today, electronics giant Toshiba announced they will no longer manufacture HD DVD ... read

GameStop says goodbye to HD DVD

Feb 18
Destructoid has gotten word from an inside source (and confirmation - thanks Liqideos) that GameStop/EB Games will no longer be taking HD DVDs or Xbox 360 HD DVD players as of tomorrow. Ever since Warner announced it was s... read

Rumortoid: Microsoft to launch Xbox 360 Blu-ray player as early as May 2008

Feb 18
Admid cautionary tales from retailers and homeless men carrying cardboard signs decrying that the end is near for the HD-DVD format, comes news that Microsoft has already long since started work in-house on a standalone Blu-r... read

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