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Heroes of the Storm showing at BlizzCon, teaser released

Formerly Blizzard All-Stars
Oct 17
Blizzard wants you to set aside whatever you think you knew about Blizzard All-Stars. This newly released video -- with its new name, Heroes of the Storm -- shows off what they have brewing for BlizzCon, set to go dow November 8 and 9, 2013.  Two HotS games?  Here's a new webpage to keep your eye on. read

BlizzCon tickets go on sale April 24 and April 27

BlizzCon takes place Novmeber 8-9
Apr 04
The only thing that sells out faster than San Diego Comic-Con tickets are BlizzCon tickets. You'll have two days this month to try and snag tickets, with the first set of going on sale April 24 at 7PM Pacific, and the other o... read

BlizzCon is back on, returns this November

Feb 20
Rejoice, Blizzard fans! After taking a break in 2012, BlizzCon is back on this year, and taking place from November 8 to November 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center down in Anaheim, California. That's about all the real info ... read

Office Chat: Tara wanted to drink margaritas at BlizzCon

Jan 26
I predict that this will be our most popular episode of Office Chat to date. There's just something about this one which really grabs your attention. I think it's probably Dale's eyes. They're like oceans I could get lost in... read

The DTOID Show: LEGO Minecraft, Blizzcon, & Xbox 720?!

Jan 25
Hey gang! We're back with our usual tri-weekly revelry, and today the news is all hot and stinky. Er. Exciting. For starters, Blizzcon is cancelled. Blizzard is gonna have a big pro-gaming tournament in Asia, but no. No nigh... read

Blizzard has declared that there will be no Blizzcon this year, meaning that World of Warcraft fans have lost the one thing in real life they were planning to do this year. Haha, insulting nerd humor! The convention will retu... read feature

Blizzard apologizes for slur-filled BlizzCon video

Oct 28
Following musician George 'Corpseater' Fisher's use of anti-gay language at BlizzCon 2011, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime has issued an apology. "It was shortsighted and insensitive to use the video at all, even in censored... read

My amazing adventures at BlizzCon 2011

Oct 27
I only had a few hours to spend at BlizzCon 2011 this past weekend, and I wanted to do as much fun stuff as possible in that very limited amount of time. I had already played StarCraft II and Diablo III (and don't regularly ... read

Blizzard under fire for homophobic Blizzcon video

Oct 27
Blizzard has come under fire for featuring an interview with Cannibal Corpse frontman George Fisher during Blizzcon's closing concert. The video rolled partway through an Level 90 Epic Tauren Chieftain performance, in w... read

The DTOID Show: New releases, Skyrim, and BlizzCon 2011

Oct 24
Good evening, children! Let's all gather around Auntie Tara's arms as she tells you the tale of a far-off land - a peaceful, pungent place where elves and trolls and all manner of basement dwellers roam free from the persecu... read

BlizzCon 2011: I heard you like Pokemon in your MMOs...

Oct 23
The next World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, and many of its new features were announced this weekend. I sat in on some of the BlizzCon panels, where many of these additions were explained in detail. These include... read

BlizzCon 2011 in five* minutes or less

Oct 23
Okay, so maybe it's technically more like eight or nine minutes. Either way, if you're ever wondered what fighting the crowds at BlizzCon is actually like, then look no further because we've managed to pack about 12 hours of... read

BlizzCon 11 photos, part deux it again

Oct 23
The parade of hi-res orgasm fuel continues with the second day of BlizzCon 11 photos. I can't pretend that I'm all too familiar with Blizzard's repertoire, but I can appreciate like-minded geeks coming together to make any ol... read

As soon as I found out that I'd be talking to a couple of the guys from Diablo III at BlizzCon this year, I was determined to find out whether or not the highly-anticipated RPG would, in fact, ever make it to conso... read feature

BlizzCon11: Tara talks Mists of Pandaria with Tom Merritt

Oct 22
In between fighting the crowds and dousing myself in hand sanitizer at BlizzCon, I had time for a quick stop-and-chat with Tom Merritt, host of Tech News Today and Revision3's Tom's Top 5. We talked all about the new Wo... read

Day one photos from BlizzCon

Oct 22
Blizzcon kicked off on Friday, and for everyone that can't be there, enjoy these very nice pictures. There is cool cosplay, miniature Warcraft action and a three monitor set-up. There is some other stuff too, but the whole th... read

Details on Blizzard DOTA and what makes it worth a look

Oct 21
Straight out of BlizzCon, Blizzard has shed some light on how Blizzard DOTA will work. With League of Legends going strong, Valve's Dota 2 on the way, and a score of DotA clones out there, it's sometimes hard to imagine just ... read

After the announcement of the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft, I was able to jump right into the game and get hands-on with the class and race. Upon being dropped into the new starting area, I was instantly ... read feature

Diablo III's Black Soulstone cinematic is pure eye candy

Oct 21
You have to hand it to Blizzard -- they sure know how to craft an eye-catching, interest-grabbing cinematic. This video comes by way of BlizzCon 2011, and has me all pumped up to ... click on a bunch of evil dudes until they... read

As many of you probably saw, one of the revelations that came out of BlizzCon this morning were some of the new units that will be available in the multiplayer portion of Heart of the Swarm, the upcoming StarCraft II expansio... read feature

World of Warcraft expanding with 'Mists of Pandaria'

Oct 21
Blizzard has unveiled the next expansion for World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria. Indeed, that's what that trademark was about. Through this addition, the game will be getting the Pandaren race, the continent Pandaria, the M... read

Lots of NVIDIA toys to play with at BlizzCon

Oct 20
NVIDIA has shared a little of what's in store for BlizzCon this year. Just about everywhere you look at the convention, you'll find GeForce GTX-equipped PCs powering all the Blizzard games you love such as World of Warcraft&n... read

Global StarCraft II League to be held at BlizzCon 2011

Jul 12
Blizzard Entertainment has formally announced that the ever popular Global StarCraft II League will make it to Blizzcon this October. BlizzCon 2011 this year will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California on... read

BlizzCon tickets to go on sale in late May

Apr 12
A little company called Blizzard Entertainment will be having another of its annual fan conventions this coming October 21st and 22nd in Anaheim, California. I hear they are popular events for which one would want to purchase... read

Prepare your Zerg cosplay, BlizzCon 2011 dated

Feb 07
Blizzard Entertainment's BlizzCon is always a massive success, so the fact that there's another one schedule for this year isn't a shock. Now you can mark it on your calendar, though: BlizzCon 2011 is taking place October 21 ... read

The BlizzCon 2010 schedule is kind of overwhelming

Oct 06
Whether you are attending BlizzCon in person, have one of those fancy virtual passes, or are just curious to see what the dealio is, you can probably get some good use out of the full event schedule. As expected, there's a he... read

Reminder: BlizzCon tickets go on sale tonight

Jun 02
If you plan on heading to Blizzard's massive fan event BlizzCon this year, head's up! The first batch of tickets will go on sale later today at 10 PM Eastern for $150. The event will take place on October 22 through the 23 at... read

BlizzCon 2010 tickets on sale first week of June

May 18
You'll have two chances at getting tickets to the BlizzCon 2010 show taking place on October 22 and 23. Blizzard will be selling tickets for $150 on June 2 at 7:00PM PDT and June 5 at 10:00AM PDT. You'll want to create a Batt... read

All Blizzcon '08 attendees will get into the SCII beta

Feb 22
We'd like to imagine that Blizzard is using an old-fashioned paper mixer to choose which fanatic is getting into the StarCraft II beta next. But that would be kidding ourselves -- Blizzard has more money than Bill Murray. Cha... read

Las Vegas Convention Center to host BlizzCon? (Update)

Nov 13
If the Las Vegas Convention Center Web site can be trusted, then it appears as if the Sin City complex will be the next host of developer Blizzard’s massive community event, BlizzCon. The Web site is currently listing t... read

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