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Bizarre Creations

Here's some footage from the canceled Blur sequel

Bizarre Creations' last project before getting shut down
Jan 06
Remember Blur? It was that awesome racing game that was basically Mario Kart for adults by Bizarre Creations. Unfortunately that development studio was shut down shortly after Blur's release. Well new footage of the last titl... read

Former Bizarre Creations folks form Hogrocket

Mar 23
Out of the ashes of the now defunct Bizarre Creations rises the North West England-based studio Hogrocket. The tiny studio consists of three former Bizarre Creations folks: Peter Collier, Ben Ward, and Stephen Cakebread. Whil... read

Lucid Games formed by ex-Bizarre Creations staff

Feb 25
A spot of good news has come out of Bizarre Creations' closure in the formation of a new studio by ex-employees. Lucid Games is the name, and it's being led by Pete Wallace, who was previously a development director at Bizarr... read

Weep for what could've been this generation's Road Rash

Feb 22
Remember that Road Rash pre-vis video from 2006, which surfaced in 2009 with the news that the project was canned? After EA Warrington was shut down, artist Richard Cook joined Bizarre Creations which was recently closed as w... read

Farewell video concludes the Bizarre Creations legacy

Feb 18
Bizarre Creations -- the studio behind Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, and The Club, just to name a few -- is no more as of today. Activision was unable to find a buyer "after a few months of exhausted examination of a... read

Activision recommends closure for Bizarre Studios

Jan 19
The fate of Bizarre Creations, the team behind Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, and Blur, isn't looking too hot right now. Barring any last-minute miracles, the studio is likely to close. As you might recall, Activision ... read

Bizarre Creations, Budcat to be axed by Activision?

Nov 16
The UK games industry weeps once more, as I have the sad news of reporting rumors that another UK studio -- this time Bizarre Creations -- is allegedly facing closure. Bizarre Creations in Liverpool houses 200 employees and w... read

James Bond will be getting physical in Blood Stone

Sep 21
Activision sent over another trailer for 007: Blood Stone focused on the combat elements featured in the upcoming game. I don't think the intent here was to highlight the differences between stealthy and aggressive play... read

No current plans for another Geometry Wars, damn it

Sep 13
Bizarre Creations's Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is incredible. The sequel? Even better. They may be among some of my personal favorite games of all time. But according to Bizarre level designer Peter Collier, there's no plan... read

The second helping of Bond from Activision at gamescom nearly caused me to shatter my teeth. During a tense hands-on with the game's driving section, I had to put my pen in my mouth so I could hold the controller, a poor ... read feature

New James Bond game inspired by old James Bond games

Jul 19
I have many, many concerns about new James Bond game, Blood Stone, but I am eternally happy that the series is returning to third person and in capable hands with Bizarre Creations. My joy over the return to third person is m... read

[Updated: Now with more promotional images of Joss Stone and images from the game!] Wii owners aren't getting all of the Bond love with GoldenEye this holiday; Activision has announced James Bond 007: Blood Stone, developed b... read feature

E3 BREAK!: Here, have a $20 off coupon for Blur

Jun 16
Take a quick breather from the hustling and bustling of E3 2010 with a gracious $20 off coupon for Bizarre Creation's Blur. It's the "grown-up Mario Kart" one, not the "everything explodes and the AI drivers are thieving b*st... read

The Human Centipede is now a game

May 24
A few weeks ago I was both fortunate and unfortunate enough to attend a screening of The Human Centipede (First Sequence). You see, Human Centipede needs to be seen, but the things you see in it cannot be unseen. It's a movi... read

Blur has advanced tactics

May 18
This video highlights some of my favorite bits about Blur. Namely, the versatility of power-ups. In the advanced tactics tutorial, you'll be shown how weapon power-ups can also be used defensively as well as some other neat ... read

Danica Patrick on the basics of Blur

May 13
Danica Patrick is something of a celebrity, so I'm told. I am aware that she races cars (though I don't know what kind of racing) and some people consider her to be smoking hot. I think it says something about me that the fi... read

This is how Career mode works in Blur

May 10
Behold! I have been given another excuse to talk about how much fun I've had playing Blur! The above video, one of the game's tutorials, details what will transpire when you play in the arcade racer's Career mode. Like every... read

Blur devs aren't ruling out a handheld release

May 07
Blur developers Bizarre Creations aren't ruling out a possible handheld release of their racing game. In a recent interview with VG247, lead designer Gareth Wilson kept the possibility of such a thing open. But he also made i... read

A look at the cars and tracks of Blur

Apr 23
I dig Blur in a big way. It scratches the progressive multiplayer itch in a format which isn't a shooter, which would probably be enough if it were not also an excellent arcade racer. I'm going to resist the urge to buy... read

Download Geometry Wars 2 on the cheap this week

Apr 05
Know what that horribly obnoxious buzzer means? That's right, it's Deal of the Week time! This time around, Xbox LIVE Gold members have the opportunity to grab Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 for 400 Microsoft Points. Download ... read

Blur 360 beta open to all next week

Apr 02
The closed beta for Blur on Xbox 360 is so popular that Bizarre Creations ran completely out of invite codes. That's what lead designer Gareth Wilson told Kotaku Talk Radio this week. Since they can't get anybody else in... read

Geometry Wars Touch now available for iPad

Apr 02
Technically speaking, it was available yesterday, but you weren't going to be able to play it anyway. With how crazy things have always been on the iPod/iPhone front when it comes to games, I can't say I've been looking forwa... read

Geometry Wars 3? Not happening, says Bizarre Creations

Apr 01
I understand that Geometry Wars and its sequel, brilliantly titled Geometry Wars 2, are something of Xbox Live Arcade mainstays. I also understand that some of you might be disappointed to hear that Bizarre Creations is so bu... read

Expect to see plenty of post-launch DLC for Blur

Mar 05
It's getting to the point where most games -- regardless of genre -- have downloadable content of some fashion. The real news is A) when the additional off-the-disc content was created alongside regular development, instead o... read

Bizarre gives a video taste of Blur multiplayer beta

Mar 04
Did you get your Blur multiplayer beta key? We gave out, like, a thousand of them. Our community manager, Hamza Aziz, was not amused when I told him he was doing that. But when Activision offered them to me, I just had to ma... read

Bizarre wants you to invite buddies over to play Blur

Feb 26
Rey's been sent off to Bizarre Creation's studios in Liverpool, England to play Blur this week. You and I, though, just get to watch this new video that Activision has released. The focus here is on social gameplay, apparent... read

Bizarre Creations explains Blur's Twitter functionality

Feb 24
I was thinking of making this whole post less than 140 characters, but then I'd have to resort to using txt lingo. No thank you, good sir. Okay, so we already know Bizarre Creations loves Twitter enough to put it in its upcom... read

Beta for Bizarre's Blur announced for March

Feb 10
In today's investor's call, Activision announced that it will launch a multiplayer beta for Bizarre Creations' Blur this March. No details on how to participate have been released, yet I'm told you can expect more details at ... read

Latest Blur teaser shows off 'unique culture,' explosions

Jan 29
Of all of the games that were delayed last year, I was surprised how much I was upset by Activision pushing Blur into 2010. Having played some four player split-screen, I've been sold on the game's high intensity, Mario Kar... read

Bizarre working on a new title, a movie license

Jan 27
A job listing for an "Experienced/Senior Designer" lets on a few details of what the studio might be working on next. A new job listing for the Activision studio says that this designer will be working on a project based on a... read

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