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4:00 PM on 10.06.2012

Help UK's gamer bar Loading open a venue in London

I mentioned this fundraiser in a post earlier this week about the Solid Snake made out of shot glasses, but I felt it deserved to be broken off into its own separate article. Loading, owned and operated by one James Dance, i...

Tony Ponce

10:30 PM on 10.02.2012

That's one 'Liquid' Snake! A 2100-shot glass masterpiece

UK gaming bar Loading wanted to celebrate the Metal Gear series' 25th anniversary with a little pizzazz, so it hired a freelance designer named Joseph Payne to assemble an appropriate bar-themed work of art. The result was a ...

Tony Ponce

Spotlight: Drinking and gaming at Emporium Arcade Bar photo
Spotlight: Drinking and gaming at Emporium Arcade Bar
by Geoff Henao

[Every now and then, Dtoid shines its Spotlight on a games-related artist, event, or place we'd like to share with you guys. Basically, we think this is awesome. Do you think it's awesome?]

Located in Wicker Park, one of Chicago's highlight, nightlife neighborhoods for cool kids and old folk, lies the recently opened Emporium Arcade Bar. Having previously managed the popular Barcade in Brooklyn, NY, Emporium co-owner Danny Marks decided to venture back to Chicago to open up the city's very first arcade bar with his brother Doug Marks.

Myself and fellow Flixist editor Liz Rugg were able to attend a special press opening and had a chance to talk to Doug about the ideas he and Danny have in mind for Emporium's aesthetic, the inspiration for bringing an arcade bar to Chicago, and even a brief history lesson about arcades in the city. For more information on Emporium Arcade Bar, you can read Liz's impressions or visit their website

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4:00 PM on 06.23.2012

Emporium Arcade Bar now open in Chicago!

If you've grown up or lived in the wonderful Midwestern city of Chicago for a while, you understand that there's been a dearth of good videogame-related activities to enjoy in the area. Sure, there's the occasional LAN comp...

Liz Rugg