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Hot Pooper Gaming photo
Hot Pooper Gaming

Watch an Xbox Avatar shove Hot Pockets up its ass

This, this is my fetish.
May 25
// Jed Whitaker gen has arrived. Finally.
My Little Pony avatars photo
My Little Pony avatars

My Little Pony avatars available for PS3 at $3.99 each

More expensive than the classic horse armor
Mar 18
// Jed Whitaker
Grown men who feel connected with female ponies from a cartoon aimed at young girls are currently celebrating and throwing money at their TV screens as five My Little Pony avatars are now available for the PlayStation 3 ...

Hey! You can buy a Mr Destructoid helmet for your Xbox Avatar

We also have a PlayStation Home shirt for all those times you use PlayStation Home
Mar 05
// mrandydixon
You may recall about a year-and-a-half ago, when we unveiled the Destructoid line of merchandise for your Xbox Live Avatars. At the time, the biggest request was that we get a Mr Destructoid helmet to join the cool shirts and...

Contest: Win Rocky movie swag and MS Points from Dtoid!

Jul 02 // mrandydixon
To enter, you need to take a picture of yourself in your best Rocky pose and post it in the comments below. At the end of the contest, I'll choose from among all the entries and assign the prizes below: 1st Prize Real-life "Rocky and Butkus" t-shirt Set of four POP! Movie vinyl figurines (Rocky, Clubber, Apollo, and Drago) Rocky: The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray box set 3200 MS Points card 2nd Prize Real-life "Italian Stallion" Rocky t-shirt Rocky: The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray box set 2400 MS Points card 3rd Prize Rocky: The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray box set 1600 MS Points card You have until this Friday, July 5 at 11:59 PM Pacific to enter, and the contest is open to anyone with a US mailing address. Limit one entry per person. Good luck, and have fun!
Rocky contest photo
Up for grabs are the Rocky collection on Blu-ray, t-shirts, figurines, and more
[Update: Contest over! Winners are Marche100, MJMyLover, and Michael Peditto!] Our friends at Flashman Studios and MGM recently unveiled a collection of clothes and items in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace based on everyone's fav...

Xbox One shirt photo
Xbox One shirt

MS overdelivers value with free Xbox One Avatar shirt

Jun 27
// Brett Makedonski
Oh, Microsoft. Again you open the floodgates of charity and let the waters of value drench your consumers until they're to the point of drowning in hot deals and fun times. It's no surprise that the people, your people, have ...

Contest: Win 3200 MS Points, Star Trek swag, and more!

Jun 05 // mrandydixon
To win one of the ten prizes below, you need to write a Star Trek-themed poem in the comments. Haiku, limerick, sonnet -- whatever's clever. Here's one I just came up with: Captain Kirk, Mr Spock and UhuraBeamed down to the planet CenturaRed Shirt Rico was scaredHis life wouldn't be sparedWhen Kirk said it was an aventura (Finally putting that creative writing degree to good use!) The best poem (based on my judgement) wins the grand prize below, second and third best will take home those respective prizes, and seven runners-up will win Microsoft Points cards worth $5. You have until this Friday, June 7 at 11:59 PM Pacific to enter, and the contest is open to US residents only. Good luck! Here are the prizes: Grand Prize Choice of a Rubies Star Trek TNG officer costume (Command, Science, or Operations) Star Trek TNG Official Soundtrack (Provided by La La Land Records*) Star Trek TNG Season 1 Blu-ray Collection 3200 MS Point Card $25 Star Trek Into Darkness Fandago Gift Card 2nd Prize Star Trek TNG Official Soundtrack (Provided by La La Land Records*) 2400 MS Point Card $25 Star Trek Into Darkness Fandago Gift Card 3rd Prize Star Trek TNG Official Soundtrack (Provided by La La Land Records*) 1600 MS Point Card $25 Star Trek Into Darkness Fandago Gift Card 7 runners-up $5 MS Point Card *The Star Trek The Next Generation soundtrack prizes are courtesy of La-La Land Records. Visit them at
Star Trek TNG contest photo
Celebrate the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation Avatar items on Xbox Live
[Update: Contest over! Winners are ZeroForte, Pixielated, dunnace, A Char, WSwan, Swishiee, DrippingSins, Shawn Kelfonne, Char Aznable, and Matt Evans.] Our friends at Flashman Studios recently unveiled an awesome new line of...


Venture Bros all up in Team Fortress 2 and Xbox Live

Bunch of promos for the the new season
Jun 05
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Venture Bros is back! Season 5 started up this past Sunday, and for those of you that missed the first episode it's available to stream in full on Adult Swim's YouTube channel. Or you can download the first episode on your X...
Xbox Live photo
Xbox Live

Buy four XBLA games, get a free month of Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft expands Xbox Live Rewards
Mar 28
// Jordan Devore
Microsoft is rolling out additional Xbox Live Rewards offers on April 1 in the form of MyPunchcard, which is more or less what it sounds like. At least for the month of April, this promo is Xbox Live Arcade-oriented: Play 20...

FAIL: This Xbox Live Arcade avatar is NOT a corgi

I demand a do-over
Mar 08
// Dale North
I'm on vacation this week. I was looking to take some down time before this crazy year for videogames officially kicks off. With both PAX East and GDC coming up later this month, I'm trying to rest up, but this busted corgi a...
Mega Man photo
Mega Man

Mega Man 25th anniversary celebrated with Avatar GLORY!

Watch the greatest trailer Capcom's ever made
Jan 16
// Jim Sterling
Capcom has today revealed its ultimate gift to Mega Man fans everywhere. To celebrate the blue hero's 25th anniversary, Capcom has seen fit to grace the world with the only gift that measures up -- Xbox Live Avatar items! Dr...

Contest: Win some awesome Mega Man swag!

Dec 21 // mrandydixon
Grand prize (1): Mega Man X shoulder bag Bass keychain Mega Man 10 iPhone case Proto Man patch Mega Man 1up head patch Mega Man X4 wrist band Servbot Bobble Budds (x4) Mega Man Archie comic trades, Vol 1, 2 and 3 Mega Man helmet plushie Mega Man avatar item for Xbox 360* Runners-up prizes (9): Mega Man helmet plushie Mega Man avatar item for Xbox 360* *Depending on availability, winners may receive Microsoft Points cards in lieu of actual avatar item codes.
Mega Swag photo
Help us celebrate the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary and win a bunch of free stuff!
[Update: Contest over! Winners have been notified via email!] In celebration of Mega Man's 25th anniversary (which we've been covering all week!), our friends at Capcom, Capcom-Unity, and Flashman Studios have joined fo...


Xbox Live Marketplace holiday discounts are live

Black Friday from the comfort of your home
Nov 20
// Jordan Devore
Xbox Live has already started discounting games and digital trinkets for this big shopping week. Most notably, Spelunky and Rock Band Blitz are down to 600 Microsoft Points each. You should probably buy those, particularly th...

PAX: Avatar Motocross Madness is actually decent

Sep 03 // Casey B
The main game mode I checked out involved a race in an Egyptian desert environment, called Dynasty City. The full game will have three different main locations -- Egypt, Australia, and Iceland -- and about four races at each location, for a total of 12 races. What immediately struck me during my hands-on was that the vehicle handling was pretty tight, and that steering and performing tricks felt natural. In Avatar Motocross Madness, you gain boost through performing tricks in a simplified version of the trick/boost reward system seen in games like Pure. The tricks generally seem to be your standard motocross set, though getting in a timely landing does play an important role lest you face a nasty crash and penalty that halts the game for a moment before letting you get back into the race. The racing seems fairly well balanced, as I felt like I was being challenged enough to keep things interesting throughout the track. It took actual skill to keep up, rather than the sort of rubber-banding A.I. that games of this nature often employ. Avatar Motocross Madness also has a free-roam mode that immediately brought to mind hours I once wasted driving around in Smuggler's Run or even the earlier MX vs. ATV series for PS2. In this mode, you wander around the desert environment grabbing coins and collectibles. I was told that although there was a time limit in the demo shown at PAX, the actual game would have no such restriction. Another mode absent from the demo that is sort of like the free-roam mode is called Trick Session, where you compete against the ghosts of other players or against A.I. bots to get the most tricks in a timed free-roam session. While Avatar Motocross Madness certainly doesn't seem to stray from an expected formula, I came away from the demo actually enjoying my time with it. To be completely honest, I stopped by the neglected booth a couple more times during the weekend just to get a quick fix of a genre that I tend to love as a pick-up-and-play experience. As much as I absolutely hate most titles I've seen that incorporate Xbox avatars into their gameplay, I feel it'd be a shame not to mention this game as a genuinely enjoyable one that's not too casual and not so hardcore that it gets to be frustrating. Let's just hope the price point will match the experience when the game releases in 2013.

The Xbox 360 indie scene is filled with a ton of throwaway games and "experiences" that incorporate your Xbox Avatar into the gameplay. It's not surprising that Microsoft's own Avatar Motocross Madness for Xbox Live Arcade si...


Friday Night Fights: It's poker time!

Aug 17
// mrandydixon
Welcome to another BIG night in the realm of FNF! First up, King Foom will be playing RaiderZ again with the folks from Perfect World, and giving away a ton of PC peripherals in the process! Up for grabs are $400 worth of&nbs...

Join Dtoid tomorrow for an Xbox Community Playdate!

Aug 16
// mrandydixon
Destructoid is joining forces with 360Sync, Platform Nation, and the rest of the gaming communities featured in the latest batch of Xbox 360 avatar gear for a massive Xbox LIVE Community Playdate! Tomorrow from 8 to 11 PM Eas...

The DTOID Show: Dead Space 3, Sleeping Dogs, & SWAG!

Jul 25
// Tara Long
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today's news was fairly light due to Max and I both feeling like we got run over by a bus, but don't let that affect your enjoyment of our fine program. We still tried really hard! ...Okay, mildly ...

Destructoid clothing items have officially arrived on the Xbox 360 Avatar marketplace today! We have Destructoid branded wristbands, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and varsity jackets for male and female Avatars ranging from 80 to ...


Joke's over: Skyrim 'Arrow in the Knee' is an Avatar prop

Jun 12
// Jim Sterling
Folks, time to pack your shit up and leave, because the Joke Boat has officially set sail for cleaner waters. The long-running and increasingly tired "arrow in the knee" meme has been embraced by Bethesda, and given legitimac...

Signs of impending doom: Hot or Not for Xbox Live Avatars

Mar 15
// Conrad Zimmerman
Our world is an truly amazing place sometimes. Despite two decades of online interactions which have exposed me to the very stupidest things humanity can offer, it nevertheless manages to sneak in a surprise now and again. Li...

The DTOID Show: Xbox Live Tattoos, ME3 guns, & Vita Sales

Jan 04
// Max Scoville
Hey guys! Here's our first official episode of The Destructoid Show of the new year. Like, in the studio. With a script. For starters, we briefly discussed our stance on SOPA and encouraged you guys to go make a fuss. As...

CafePress partners with Xbox to put your avatar on swag

Dec 06
// Brett Zeidler
In a rather strange, although not at all surprising move, CafePress has announced it's new partnership with Microsoft to bring your very own Xbox Live Avatar to life on various gear. CafePress has always been an online retail...

Get your Skyrim launch avatars on XBLA now

Nov 03
// Dale North
Do you love The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so much that you want to spend extra money on loosely related digital content? I knew you would! Let me point you to the new Skyrim launch avatars on Xbox Live Arcade. They're available...

War of the Worlds avatar gear invades XBLA

Oct 28
// Liam Fisher
You had to know it was only a matter of time. They've been out there, watching us for years just waiting for the chance to force themselves on to your XBLA avatars. They've plotted their hostile attiring and have chosen ...

Robocop avatar gear: I'd buy that for a dollar

Aug 21
// Liam Fisher
In past weeks, publishers have announced copious amounts of avatar gear in support of their games. T-shirts, hats, pets, props, etc... but nothing truly worth the price tag. This, however, justifies the existence of avatar g...

Warhammer helps sexify your Xbox avatar

Aug 16
// Liam Fisher
We know you all love that spiffy avatar gear, and THQ's got your back this time out with an assortment of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine apparel and pets for your Xbox Live avatar. Seriously, get excited. Do it. For 80 points...

Clothe your Xbox avatar in some pretty sweet Rage apparel

Aug 04
// Liam Fisher
In a not so surprising turn of events, it seems people are really excited about id's open-world FPS Rage. So excited, in fact, that a set of Xbox Live avatar items has been released to the wilds of the Marketplace. Now your a...

Rise of Nightmares has a terrifying pre-order bonus

Aug 04
// Conrad Zimmerman
SEGA's Rise of Nightmares is coming to Xbox 360 next month, giving you the ability to flail in terror at a horror game and maybe have it mean something. And if you want to creep yourself out even further, you can go pre-order...

Avatar Kinect out today, 240 MS Point 'Sparkler' out soon

Jul 25
// Nick Chester
Micrsoft's Avatar-based chat and "social entertainment experience," Avatar Kinect, is available today for Xbox 360. The program will be accessible to both Gold and Free Xbox Live members between July 25 and September 8. After...

Be the King of Pop with Michael Jackson avatar outfits

Jul 22
// Bob Muir
Ubisoft released Michael Jackson: The Experience for Kinect back in April, but they're just now getting around to offering up the usual avatar tie-ins. You can adorn your avatar in duds based on Michael Jackson's most popular...

Because you asked for it: Hitman: Absolution Avatar items

Jun 22
// Nick Chester
Hitman: Absolution isn't out until next year, but that doesn't mean you can't start spending money on crap related to the game right now. Today's crap comes in the form of Avatar items, including a classic Agent 47 outfit. It...

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