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Artsy Fartsy

Pancakes photo

Get flipped on with this awesome Undertale pancake

Happy Pancake Day!
Feb 09
// Joe Parlock
Today is the most important day. Christmas go screw itself and New Year can piss off because today is the most wonderful time of the year: it’s Pancake Day. Whether you’re religious or not, today’s a day wh...
Smash art photo
Smash art

Here are those great pieces of art from the Super Smash Bros. Direct

Three new challengers
Dec 16
// Darren Nakamura
When Ryu released for Super Smash Bros. earlier this year, he brought with him a cool piece of art (though Wii Fit Trainer looks more like a bodybuilder than a yoga instructor in it). Thankfully, it was a tradition continued ...
GameBarcodes photo

GameBarcodes distill games down frame by frame

Journey's is the best
Nov 19
// Darren Nakamura
A couple weeks ago an imgur page was floating around the Internet showing various films with each frame reduced to its average color and represented as a single vertical line in what turn out to be often vibrant barcodes. Thi...
We are all 12 photo
We are all 12

The dialogue in Fallout 4 is so much better as farts

I can't stop laughing at this
Nov 18
// Jed Whitaker
Some evil genius decided to completely redo all the voice dialogue in Fallout 4, only instead of words he uses fart sounds. Bethesda spent years writing and recording this dialogue, while this person made it better in just ov...

Bob Ross photo
Bob Ross

Expect to see a lot more Bob Ross on

Time to invest in some phthalo blue
Nov 10
// Joe Parlock
Bob Ross taking Twitch by storm was one of the weirdest things to happen in gaming this year. One of the calmest, gentlest presenters ever, having his entire thirty season art show shown in full on a site normally known for g...
Splatoon photo

Splatoon concept art reveals urinal warp zones

Putting the 'ink' in 'tinkle'
Nov 03
// Jonathan Holmes
A 320-page Splatoon art book was recently released in Japan and it's chock full of never-before-seen images and notes about the game's production. A lot of it is the kind stuff you might expect to see in a book of this type, ...
Big ass E. Honda photo
Big ass E. Honda

Giant Street Fighter graffiti towers over Tokyo

Big ass E. Honda
Nov 02
// Steven Hansen
E. Honda is big in Japan thanks to German graffiti artist Andreas von Chrzanowski, known as CASE. CASE is known for his big art and his latest towering piece is so different, as he spent a day last week painting this 12 story Street Fighter character near the Tennōzu Isle Station in Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Bob Ross photo
Bob Ross

Twitch ditches gaming-only, launches Twitch Creative

Marathon Bob Ross starting today
Oct 29
// Darren Nakamura
Twitch has been strict in the past about its content being gaming-only, locking out streamers using PlayStation 4 title The Playroom to create non-video-game-related television shows. With the recent beta of Twitch Music and ...
Awkward photo

What would you say if bae's mom gave you this blanket?

I'd probably wife her
Aug 01
// Niero Desu
After a hard day at the office all a gamer really wants to do is go home, kick off their shoes, and cuddle with evil reborn on console. Right? This redditor writes: "My girlfriend's mom doesn't know anything about gaming but ...
Ninth anniversary photo
Ninth anniversary

109 Dtoiders drawn by Roberto Plankton (NSFW)

Oh my god
Mar 28
// mrandydixon
[Note: There's some slightly-NSFW stuff in the video above. All the more reason to watch it!] In celebration of Dtoid's ninth anniversary, community art god Roberto Plankton has honored 109 of us with some of the most amazin...

Review: Shelter 2

Mar 09 // Jason Faulkner
Shelter 2 (PC)Developer: Might and DelightPublisher: Might and DelightReleased: March 9, 2015MSRP: $14.99  Beginning with a pack of wolves chasing you as a very pregnant lynx, Shelter 2 portrays itself as a game full of suspense. However, after some metaphysical assistance, you find a den and give birth to your four kittens. Although it was a bit nerve-wracking to wonder what was going to happen to my defenseless children, the beginning was the high point of the narrative. I’m not sure if there’s a bit of random generation going on as far as events, but the only things that happened in my lives were: I had my kittens, I hunted and fed them for a while, they grew up, they slowly learned to hunt, they left me, I went back to the den and a small scene played, and the credits rolled. That was the whole game. Twice. There is some replayability in the form of playing as your progeny, who inherit the color of your coat and collectables. However, it only takes about two hours to finish, and those two hours are fairly lackluster. [embed]288795:57663:0[/embed] What made the first playthrough somewhat interesting also happened to be annoying. There are no clues as to what to do during Shelter 2. There are a few tips that pop up at certain points, but they’re rarely helpful as they often appear after you have figured out the function they point out on your own. This would be fine if the gameplay was intuitive, but it’s not. I spent a huge chunk of the game baffled as to what I was supposed to do. I thought, “Surely there must be more to this than hunting and feeding my kittens.” That was it, though, and even it was a struggle. The controls constantly felt as though they were fighting against me. To hunt, you must simply run into an animal. However, on the keyboard, there’s no analog buttons or joysticks to make minute adjustments. So, if you’re chasing a small rabbit, and it turns, typically you’ll over correct because the controls are so insensitive. Your cubs feed automatically once you catch an animal, but to eat yourself, you have to utilize the right mouse button, which by default is mapped to another function as well. Having contextual controls when the default method of control is a keyboard and mouse is bad design for a title that has so little complication to its control scheme already. Visually, I initially liked the watercolor aesthetic. However, when I started playing, it started getting in the way more than it pleased the eye. Trying to track a small darting target through an abstract playfield is infuriating. I can’t see it as a way to simulate the vision of a lynx either, because big cats usually have great motion tracking. There were many times when the odd textures and color scheme would hinder depth perception and I wasn’t sure if my prey had despawned or ran into tall grass. There is a “sense mode” you can activate to subdue the colors and highlight prey in red, but you can’t use it while running, or for more than a few seconds at a time. Having more freedom with sense mode would have done quite a bit to allay my frustration with the inability to distinguish motion easily. The textures are just awful as well. They’re constantly clashing, with the sun looking like a ball of churning blonde hair, bushes being pixelated blobs, and the whole thing looked like the results of the airbrush tool in MS Paint. When you run, there is some sort of blurred effect on the sides of the screen which I at first thought was screen tearing. It was such an odd visual design choice, especially since certain scenes looked really good, such as the initial scene approaching the den with the constellations in the background. It’s a shame, because with a little more detail with the textures and colors, the visuals could have looked unique and popped. As of writing, Shelter 2 is still fairly buggy. I was constantly having both my kittens and prey clip into things and lose their pathfinding abilities. At times models would oddly rotate into the ground, and this took away from the small things it did right. It’s hard to feel caring and empathetic towards your kittens when they start walking steadily into a boulder, or sink through the ground. Also, sometimes I would be chasing prey and it would simply vanish. That was the final straw with my chance of enjoyment. If a game is only two hours long, doesn’t have a large scope, and has issues with the few things it does do, bugs are a sign that it’s not just my personal tastes that are keeping me from meshing with it. I have heard that there are some antagonists in the game world in the form of randomized wolf encounters, but I didn't run into a single enemy through two playthroughs. Lack of an adversary coupled with the dearth of any real reason to explore and the terrible map had me staying in the same little swatch of territory for the entirety of both runs. Maybe this resulted in missing some sort of huge point, or something really cool to see. However, even if that is the case, the game certainly did a poor job of encouraging me to do anything outside of feeding my spawn until they left me high and dry. It’s a shame, because Shelter 2 covers a subject matter that isn’t touched on very often. Projecting the human thought process into a role of a creature that lacks the ability to understand what we find so precious without anthropomorphizing it is a tough thing to do. Something went wrong in the design process. For all its flaws and little to no redeeming qualities, I cannot recommend this game. I really wanted to enjoy the adventure of living as a lynx mother, but technical flaws alone have me wary of playing another Might and Delight title. Although the game is only $14.99, the entertainment value offered is far below that. I recommend sitting this one out for a while and seeing if patches add content or functionality.
Shelter 2 review photo
Mick Jagger doesn't need any of this
Underneath the vision of all but the most observant of people lay the secret lives of the animal kingdom. From the meekest field mouse to the mighty lion, each is born into a world of hardship and violence, where merely survi...

Elegy for a Dead World photo
Elegy for a Dead World

Elegy for a Dead World makes a game out of writing fanfiction

Well, this is new
Oct 01
// Darren Nakamura
One of the great things about games today is that we are seeing new ideas in addition to the tried and true shooters and platformers. Elegy for a Dead World has one of those ideas, and it will be interesting to watch how it ...
Skyrim promoted blog photo
Skyrim promoted blog

What Skyrim taught me about pushing my best friend off a mountain

Promoted from our Community Blogs!
Aug 16
// MeanderBot
[Dtoid community blogger and artist MeanderBot shares this wonderful story and comic from his time with Skyrim. (Check below for the full comic.) Want to see your own work appear on the front page? Go write something! --Mr An...
Comic-Con print photo
Comic-Con print

Olly Moss Last of Us print makes disgusting fungal infections beautiful

By Olly Moss and Jay Shaw
Jul 25
// Steven Hansen
Very nice, isn't it? Olly Moss showed off this classy Last of Us print from Comic-Con, done in collaboration with Jay Shaw. I highly suggest clicking Shaw's linked name and visiting a huge collection of wonderful posters. Give your eyes a treat. 
Pixel art photo
Pixel art

Even more characters in that classic Bubble Bobble style

Paul Robertson delivers, again
Jul 21
// Jordan Devore
Well, my Monday is off to a good start. Yours will be too, if you liked Paul Robertson's Taito-style pixel art series. It continues with another hundred characters, viewable below. Without a doubt, my favorite this time around is the Cacodemon from Doom. It looks so friendly! Who's yours? 100 Taito style sprites part 3 [Paul Robertson]
This is an extra weird one
Here on Farts 'N' Crafts, we tackle a lot of hard-hitting issues. And by hard-hitting issues, I specifically mean "bodily fluids," which is almost ironic considering the show's title. We've done dog feces, we've gone hedgeho...

Art photo

All characters should be redone in the style of Bubble Bobble for maximum cuteness

Paul Robertson delivers
May 27
// Jordan Devore
Hamza and I are huge fans of Paul Robertson's pixel art and animation, though the same could be said of everyone here at Destructoid, I suspect. He's one of the best. Trips to Robertson's blog are always a treat, albeit for d...
Fetch me a literjon of vodka, Dandelion! This lozenge has curdled my tongue.
This week, I stop mucking around with condiments, pasta, and watercolors and just do a good old-fashioned drawing. The subject? Geralt of Rivia, The White Wolf, star of The Witcher books and games. While drawing, I'm asked stupid questions by Bill Zoeker, who doesn't know anything about Witchers. Also, we eat very sour candies.


Weekend Wallpapers: The Reaper of Souls is here

Art out your desktop
May 10
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Every now and again we like to dump a collection of gaming related wallpapers for you. Why? Well, why not? It's the weekend, and now is a good as time as any to change up your aging desktop wallpaper. The collection in the ga...
Sunset Overdrive photo
Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac didn't play it safe with the Sunset Overdrive box art

And it's all the better for it
May 09
// Jordan Devore
This week was the big blowout for Sunset Overdrive, the next game from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac and one of the major Xbox One exclusives at this point in time. Given Sunset's colorful nature and the studio's co...
Farts 'N' Crafts photo
Using a Varia-ed Suite of condiments
Because you demanded it, dear viewers, this week Max is doing some amazing Samus Aran fan-art using condiments and macaroni. My god this show is idiotic.

Game Boy photo
Game Boy

Artists sure have gotten good at customizing the original Game Boy

Vadu Amka's Red and Blue design
May 05
// Jordan Devore
I hadn't connected the dots until now, but artist Vadu Amka is responsible for a number of cool custom game system projects I've seen online, some more practical than others. This latest one, a Pokemon-themed Game Boy, makes ...

Farts 'N' Crafts: a Lil' Gundam

Apr 28 // Max Scoville
In watercolor!
Today for Farts 'N' Crafts, I got a little artsier than usual, and decided to "dabble" in watercolor to draw a fairly hot topic: a certain Japanese robot of the Gundam variety. Probably not my best, but watercolor, mecha, and talking at the same time are kind of tricky.

Back to basics
Sorry for the delay! Here's this week's episode of Farts 'N' Crafts, in which I draw something I've drawn rather compulsively since I was ten years old -- Boba Fett. Also, I show off some of the pictures you guys drew of Pokémon and Call of Duty! 

Interstellar Selfies photo
Interstellar Selfies

Interstellar Selfie Station is what happens when you keep the best part of a scrapped project

Game Boy Camera? I hardly even know her!
Apr 16
// Steven Hansen
Christine Love (Analogue: A Hate Story) was making an FMV game and decided that it wasn't fun, but the development tools were. Because of this insight, we can all take 2 bit selfies for days. I wonder how long before my browser's built in spell check accepts "selfies." Yes, you. Do it. Though I don't know if you can beat Holmes and Love.
Farts 'N' Crafts photo
Tactical Monsters
In an effort to make myself relevant to teenagers everywhere, today's episode of Farts 'N' Crafts combines Pokémon and Call of Duty: Ghosts.Am I relevant now, teens? Hm?  *Puts on Kanye West™shutter-shades*


Old Dtoid Story Time: Destructoid Cards

Promoted from our Community Blogs!
Apr 14
// Char Aznable
[Dtoid community blogger Char Aznable takes us on a journey to 2008 when something unique and wonderful happened on Destructoid. Stay awhile and listen! --Occams Electric Toothbrush] Gather 'round, young Dtoiders, and sit on ...
Farts 'N' Crafts photo
Honk if you hate geese
Here's this week's Farts 'N' Crafts! I'm a little burnt-out following GDC, so today's topic involves children attacking a goose with a broom. If you'd like to hang this on your wall, you can buy a print here. If you'd like to make your own picture of kids fighting a geese, go right ahead and drop it in the comments here, or shoot me an email.

Metroid photo

Let's celebrate 20 years of Super Metroid with fan art

Someone's got to
Mar 19
// Jordan Devore
If you're counting the game's original Japanese release, it's Super Metroid's 20th birthday today! As much as I'd be content to mope around given that Nintendo isn't doing much to please series fans right now, we should inste...
Farts 'N' Crafts photo
GDC cocktail napkin edition
Hey gang! Here's a hot and messy GDC edition of Farts 'N' Crafts, brought to you by liquor and cocktail napkins, and also cocktails, made with liquor. Sonic The Hedgehog is covered in bandages and scarves in Sonic Boom, so I drew him barfing up SpaghettiOs. Because cocktails.

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