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April Fools

Destructoid Show!? photo
Destructoid Show!?

The return of the Destructoid Show!?!?

What day is it!?
Apr 01
// Jed Whitaker
I read basically every comment on our videos and one thing is certain, people want the Destructoid Show back. So check out the hot new promo I shot last night for your favorite game news show! 
D5 photo

Dark Dreams Don't Die with Deadly Premonition

If only it were real
Apr 01
// Jordan Devore
Deadly Premonition's Francis York Morgan and Dark Dreams Don't Die's David Young, together under one roof? Now there's a conversation I want to overhear. Someone's been reading my mind. Designer Swery65 tweeted this image for...
Adoriablo photo

Diablo III's Big Head Mode is too cute

...And it begins
Mar 31
// Brett Makedonski
Season 3 in Diablo III is almost upon us, but before we delve into something that serious, let's pull back a bit and use the adorable as a palate cleanser. (Who would've ever thought that "adorable" would be an adjectiv...
Dying Light photo
Dying Light

Dying Light enabling wacky ragdoll physics for April Fools' Day

Keep this going for more than a day, please
Mar 31
// Jordan Devore
For April Fools' Day tomorrow, Techland is bringing extra floaty physics to its open-world zombie-slaying game Dying Light, which has me wondering, why isn't that a permanent cheat code? This is the sort of thing, weird and ...

Canine/10 photo

Phoenix woof: Capcom cuts trailer for fake The Great Dog Attorney

Mar 31
// Steven Hansen
While the new Ace Attorney--The Great Ace Attorney coming July 9 to 3DS in Japan--looks great and all what with Phoenix Wright's ancestor palling around around with Sherlock Holmes and Watson in Meiji era Japan and the Briti...
Pac-Man Google Maps photo
Pac-Man Google Maps

Google Maps is now a giant game of Pac-Man

It's still March!
Mar 31
// Jordan Devore
I like when companies channel their April Fools' Day creativity into something real as opposed to just announcing a phony product or service that really ought to exist. This year, Google has another fun interactive gag for us...
Nintendo Direct photo
Nintendo Direct

There will be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow ;) ;)

Mar 31
// Darren Nakamura
There have been rumors flying around the Internet that there would be a Nintendo Direct on April 1. Some of the rumors include Splatoon amiibo, new footage of the next Star Fox game, and a new Wii U game in which players take...
April Fools! photo
You Goat Served
I have to go to the zoo for the rest of the week because my step-sister is getting married (that's not a stupid joke, that's actually where the wedding's being held) so here's some funky-fresh two-day old news for you regarding April Fool's Day 2014, and the amount of harm it caused our collective psyche.

The best gaming related April Fools jokes of 2014

Apr 01 // Hamza CTZ Aziz
  Is Dean Evans screwing with our minds again with this Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2 teaser? An awesome fanmade Pesona 5 trailer. [embed]272731:53224:0[/embed] Goats invade Dead Island: Epidemic. [embed]272719:53210:0[/embed] You can go catch Pokemon in Google Maps. [embed]272669:53193:0[/embed] Blizzard shows us their take on a fighting game with Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished. [embed]272717:53209:0[/embed] Nester joins Super Smash Bros. Titanfall is getting Optimus Prime DLC, made by IGN.  [embed]272731:53217:0[/embed] League of Legends gets Ultra Rapid Fire mode. [embed]272731:53218:0[/embed] Paradise Lost: First Contact changes from stealth/puzzle solver into a shooter. Nuclear Throne is now a first-person shooter. [embed]272721:53214:0[/embed] The Witcher 3 mocap session goes horribly wrong. [embed]272731:53219:0[/embed] Path of Exile becomes a Pay to Win game. [embed]272731:53220:0[/embed] Arma III gets go karts. [embed]272731:53221:0[/embed] Mighty No. 9's gets an apple character. [embed]272731:53222:0[/embed] War of the Vikings gets a God mode. [embed]272731:53223:0[/embed] Holo Vision comes to Gunnars. Okay kind of lame but hey there's a 15% discount code for today at least. Garrus Vakarian Body Pillow Skullgirls pokes fun at Ultra Street Fighter IV's Decapre [embed]272729:53213:0[/embed] Wargaming announces World of Wartrains. Hyper Light Drifter gets 64-player local co-op. [embed]272731:53230:0[/embed] And here's the lame April Fools gags. The Frostbite Twitter made some dumb jabs at the Wii U. Sony is making power food.  Fez II is back on.  Wargaming's browser based tank shooter where you kill crayfish. Surgeon Simulator developer's next game is Veterinary Simulator 2014 (lame because I want this to be real!)  StarCraft II's Herald of the Stars "expansion" Any of the Flappy Bird clones. New Japanese war machine in War Thunder! Neverwinter Introduces Playable Dragon Race (another instance of this would actually be awesome don't joke about it you jerks.) UFOs in World of Warplanes. Razer revealed the Eidolon, the first wearable drone system. Bonus: Some of the best April Fools jokes of the past. [embed]272731:53226:0[/embed]
Plus some lame ones too
Today's that special day in the year where everyone likes to lie and mess with people's heads. Some are better than others, so let's take a look at what we think were the best ones of this year's April Fools festivities. Out of all the jokes, Octodad with 32 dads is the one I think that really needs to happen. Come on, you know you want it too. 

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