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Can you Dig it!? photo
Can you Dig it!?

Make like Dig Dug and play music while you walk

Medometer for iPhone is a thing
Dec 01
// Jed Whitaker
[Update: the app's creator has renamed it to "Medometer64," because "it was spelled too much like 'pedometer,'" which made it tougher to find.] Have you ever wished that music played whenever you walked like in classic arcad...
Fallout second screen photo
Fallout second screen

You can download the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy app now

Plays a little game, too
Nov 05
// Steven Hansen
Calling all folks who bought that Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition what looks like you got a giant novelty gag dog poo on your wrist: Bethesda's Pip-Boy app is live on the App Store and Google Play. Certainly you'll feel alive, too,...
NBA Live 16 photo
NBA Live 16

NBA Live face scanning companion app delayed

No weird mutant face scans yet
Sep 09
// Laura Kate Dale
Remember how last year, NBA 2K15 had the ability to use a camera to scan in your face, with often horrifying results? Well, NBA Live 16 has a smart phone app designed to offer that same functionality. Unfortunately, the app h...
PlayStation photo

Redeem PSN codes from your photos on your smartphone

The future is here, people
Jun 22
// Vikki Blake
People with woefully poor short-term memories who take fifteen years to type in a code (read: me), rejoice - you can now redeem PSN codes directly through the PlayStation App. Image credit: Toki767, NeoGAF The best bit?...

Final Fantasy app photo
Final Fantasy app

Final Fantasy portal app coming this summer

Jun 16
// Kyle MacGregor
Today at its E3 press conference, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy portal app, a resource that looks to "provide any and all information related to Final Fantasy." An English version is slated to launch on smartphones and tablet devices this summer. 
Dark Souls app photo
Dark Souls app

Soapstone app lets you leave Dark Souls messages in real life

Amazing item ahead
Apr 18
// Ben Davis
You know those helpful messages scattered on the ground in Dark Souls games, such as "Illusory wall ahead" or "Try jumping," which are never misleading? Well, now you can leave your own cryptic messages in real life with the ...
Steam photo

Feeling bulletproof: Steam authentication available now on Android

Is it safe to go outside yet?
Apr 15
// Robert Summa
Little known fact: My Steam account has been locked for a few months now because someone from China or Russia attempted to get into my account. Sadly, they keep trying, so I've kept the thing on lock while I focus on my conso...
PlayStation music photo
PlayStation music

Sweet background music: Spotify on PS4 is a worthwhile addition

Out today under the PlayStation Music banner
Mar 30
// Jordan Devore
Depending on who you ask, Spotify is a good to awful music streaming service. I've stuck with it for years and don't have too many complaints. The new PlayStation Music initiative, which is powered by Spotify and replaces Son...
Overdog photo

Overdog's a new service that puts you in games with people of similar interests

You know, people you might actually like
Mar 17
// Brett Makedonski
Playing videogames online with strangers can be a crap shoot. Sometimes you'll get matched up with interesting, engaging, and respectable people. Other times (maybe more often than not), you won't be able to stand the person ...
Poor Vita photo
Poor Vita

Sony cuts YouTube, Maps app on PlayStation Vita

Sad times
Jan 28
// Kyle MacGregor
Sony is removing PlayStation Vita applications! Get out your torches and pitchforks! The company announced today the portable's Maps app and some features of that Near social network thing nobody ever used are ...
Spotify on PS4 photo
Spotify on PS4

Sony partners with Spotify, shutters Music Unlimited

PlayStation Music app coming to PS4, PS3 this spring
Jan 28
// Kyle MacGregor
Spotify is coming to PlayStation Network this spring, Sony and Spotify announced today. The streaming service will launch via a new "music destination" called PlayStation Music, which will allow users to link their PSN accoun...

RuPaul on drag, games, and those who fear a changing world

Jan 07 // Jonathan Holmes
Ru grew up in an era when arcade gaming was huge. She said her favorites back then including "the usual suspects, but Ms. Pac-Man really stands out for me," which doesn't come as a huge surprise if you've played Dragopolis 2.0. It's simple, like many classic arcade games, but with an aggressive coat of blush and lip gloss affectionately applied to the surface.  In addressing one of the greatest drag performers in history, my mind naturally wandered to the appeal of drag and what it shares with the appeal of gaming. Both allow you to shed the roles you were born into and take on an identity more reflective of your internal sense of self. Both are about going beyond what reality handed you and reinventing reality as you see fit. Both are often a refuge to "sissies" or "nerds" or others who don't meet our culture's standards around "normal" masculinity, and give them a place of empowerment and belonging. Ru didn't seem as hot about that idea. When asked about the parallels between drag and gaming, she replied, "The obvious parallels between being a drag performer and a gamer is you get to choose your persona and perfect it by your level of skill. Skill is a huge factor, but the ability to accessorize your identity is also a huge factor." Ru made a strong point, but I could tell she was more interested in gameplay mechanics than social constructs, which makes sense given her new foray into game development. Maybe the parallels between being in drag and being in a game are only fascinating to someone like me, a permanent resident in the world of gaming, a tourist (at best) to the world of drag. She showed a little more spark in our discussion of how both gaming and drag have faced their share of xenophobia. I spoke to her with disdain about how changes in gender roles, the content of popular games and seemingly any other challenge to convention can so easily trigger death threats, hate campaigns, or other outpourings of fear. She seemed all too aware of this process, stating, "Yes, and something tells me that those people live in constant fear anyway. The world is changing and those who are willing to adapt will not be left behind." This is a conversation I'm guessing Ru has had many times over the years, though that steel rod of defiance kept her from becoming slack in her reflections. Standing up to hate is something you should never grow bored of.  At this point I decide to go for my Hail Mary pass and ask RuPaul, world famous entertainer, drag legend, and budding game developer, this question: "You've made a career from singing, modeling, acting, judging, hosting, and so much more. But through it all, you've maintained your spot in the public eye through the expression of your unique personality. Some might that say you're the Sonic the Hedgehog of the TV world. Would you take that as a compliment, and would you be interested in starring in a Sonic the Hedgehog-style platformer?" "This may be the stupidest question anyone has ever asked another human being," I thought to myself, fully expecting for RuPaul to either cancel the interview or politely pretend that the question never happened. Instead, she responded with a thoughtful, playful comment. "I'm crazy nuts about Sonic the Hedgehog, always have been," she said. "Stickwithitness is my middle name and I've always admired anyone who can persevere against all odds. Life is a game and videogames offer a taste of what it's like to strategize in the big mean world of real life. I love games that challenge you to be all that you are and more, and I think we succeeded with Dragopolis." They say there are no small roles, only small actors. RuPaul may have just proved that there are no dumb interview questions either, only uncreative responses. "Stickwithitness" indeed. It was a fitting end for an interview with a performer who has succeeded against all odds, even in the face of one of the worst questions ever put to print. On top of that, she also managed to throw in a plug for her game at the last minute, a game that also succeeds against all odds. It's a lot more fun than it probably has any right to be. Chalk up another win-win for team RuPaul. 
RuPaul photo
Also, Sonic
RuPaul has taken just about every form of media by storm. Film, music, talk shows, reality shows, live performances, comedy, drama: You name it, Ru's tried it. Now she can also scratch game development off the list as well. ...

Nintendo Mii mobile app photo
Nintendo Mii mobile app

Nintendo launching first smartphone app next year

Not a game, obviously.
Nov 02
// Kyle MacGregor
Nintendo is releasing a Mii app for mobile devices in 2015, company president Satoru Iwata revealed during a recent investor Q&A session. Earlier this year, Nintendo expressed an interest in leveraging smartphones to...


Pizza is better with Kinect
Oct 27
// Kyle MacGregor
Domino's Pizza and Microsoft, bless 'em, are cooking up a pizza delivery app for Xbox One. Yep. Soon you'll be able to yell "Domino's feed, me" at your TV and pizza will magically arrive at your door. The best part? There's ...

Watch Vine on Xbox One starting today

Six seconds at a time
Oct 14
// Dale North
I almost made a Vine about Vine being on Xbox One. I was thinking about using Bruh or something, but ultimately decided against it.  I'm disgustingly addicted to Vine. Ask Brett Makedonski or anyone that has traveled wi...

Xbox Live has a dedicated weather news app now

WeatherNation launches
Oct 08
// Dale North
Xbox Live does just about everything, now including streaming weather news. WeatherNation has launched for the Xbox 360, bringing 24/7 streaming weather news to users, straight from their television network. It will also feat...
Razer photo

Razer releases Cortex game deal price comparison engine

So you can be on the 'cutting edge' of game deals! Right?!
Aug 26
// Brittany Vincent
Razer has added some new software to its host of programs with Cortex, a frontend where players can shop and compare prices for games, launch games, boost computer performance, back up saves, and record in-game footage. It in...
Gambi photo

Scritch, scratch, and remix your favorite chiptunes with Gambi

Oh, my, chiptune-eyed surprise
Jul 08
// Brittany Vincent
Gambi is an interesting app that allows you to remix and play around with chiptunes. It includes a free track that you can mess about with, though the actual app itself is $7, if you want to take the plunge. The layout is qu...
Rainbow Kickstarter photo
Rainbow Kickstarter

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter concludes with nearly $5.5m in funding

It's videogames, I promise
Jul 04
// Chris Carter
Years after Reading Rainbow concluded its 155 episode run, it seems as if it is poised for a comeback after it just closed its successful Kickstarter at just under $5.5 million. So how is this VIDEOGAMES? Well, there's a...
Street Fighter IV Arena photo
Street Fighter IV Arena

Street Fighter IV Arena is a mobile title from Capcom and Nexon

Unfortunately, that's about all we know
Jun 24
// Brittany Vincent
Alright, so it's no Ultra Street Fighter IV, but Capcom is working on an upcoming mobile Street Fighter title in tandem with Nexon. Sounds a bit strange, I suppose, but since it's a mobile game it makes sense. Street Fighter ...
Sony E3 app photo
Sony E3 app

PlayStation's E3 app gives you Sony Rewards points, Amazon trial

Jun 06
// Steven Hansen
Sony has a PS4 app just for E3. You can watch Sony's press conference, live (June 9, 5:45pm PDT), and once the show opens see trailers and screens of everything on display. It's like you're there without the miles of exhaust...

Xbox signs more than 45 new apps

Now up to 225 apps worldwide
Jun 04
// Dale North
Microsoft sends word that they've announced more than 45 new apps for Xbox One and Xbox 360 globally today. Their plan is to get the entertainment stuff out of the way to make E3 all about games.  They're now up to a to...
Dragon Quest VIII photo
Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII is headed to iOS shortly, so play it if you haven't yet

Don't worry, there are Slimes aplenty
May 28
// Brittany Vincent
Still haven't played and enjoyed Dragon Quest VIII? Is your PlayStation 2 gathering dust? One more question: Do you have an iPhone or iPad? You do? Awesome. You'll want to pick up the localized mobile version of the fantastic...
Tappy Chicken photo
Tappy Chicken

Epic Games makes with the flappy with Tappy Chicken appy

Does that make you happy?
May 22
// Brittany Vincent
Epic Games has released Tappy Chicken, which is exactly what you think it is: a Flappy Bird clone. Available today via the App Store, Google Play, and browser today at 2 PM EST, Tappy Chicken was created with Unreal Engine 4,...
SingStar photo

SingStar resurfacing on PS4 later this year so you can sing your heart out

And believe me, I will
May 21
// Brittany Vincent
There isn't any decent karaoke where I live and I'm not in San Francisco or New York, so I turn to games like SingStar for my singing fix. SingStar is coming to PS4 in a big way later this year, and I couldn't be more ex...
Xbox One photo
Xbox One

External storage and real names for friends confirmed for next Xbox One update

SmartGlass experience and automatic sign-in planned as well
May 21
// Brittany Vincent
Xbox One owners rejoice! There are a number of changes coming with the next system update in June, including external storage support (which nearly everyone has been clamoring for) as well as real names with which you can ide...
HappyPlayTime photo

Surprise, this game about masturbation wasn't allowed on the App Store

I'm touched, really
May 16
// Brittany Vincent
Color absolutely no one surprised. HappyPlayTime, an educational tool of sorts for women, has been rejected by the App Store, on the grounds that "the concept is not something that Apple wants to go forward with." Not too big...
Xbox Live Gold photo
Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft gives three month window for Xbox Live Gold refunds

That's a nice gesture
May 14
// Brett Makedonski
Microsoft made substantial changes to the Xbox Live Gold subscription program yesterday. Because it's altered a service that people paid for in advance, Microsoft's giving customers an out in the event that they're unhappy wi...
Xbox photo

Games with Gold coming to Xbox One, June titles revealed

Entertainment apps set free from Xbox Live Gold
May 13
// Jordan Devore
Microsoft is coming up on the one-year anniversary of its Games with Gold program in which Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download two free games per month on Xbox 360 to own even if their membership lapses. In June, there wi...
Xbox Live photo
Xbox Live

Rumor: Microsoft to waive Xbox Live Gold requirement for Netflix, Hulu

It's staggering this hasn't been done already
May 12
// Jordan Devore
[Update: Microsoft has confirmed that entertainment apps are being set free.] As much as I've gotten used to the idea that Xbox Live Gold is a requirement for certain entertainment apps, that's not to say Microsoft shouldn't ...

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