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Also God

Walmart to sell that f*cked up crazy Christian game

Oct 13
Most of you will have at least heard of the Left Behind series. For those that haven't, they're a series of screwed up PC titles that allow Christian extremists to either convert or kill non-believers. In a somewhat terrifyin... read

Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition introduces Godric

Jun 09
Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition is one of the more obscure new games coming out, but it's certainly interesting. Its medieval setting and quasi-religious tone gives it a very unique premise, and today we've been introduce... read

E3 09: Protestors descend upon the Dante's Inferno booth

Jun 03
Well, maybe descend isn’t quite the right word. It’s more like they were peacefully standing outside the convention center waving signs with slogans like “EA = Electronic Anti-Christ,” and “Hell ... read

Hindu Society pissed about PS2 game, asks it be pulled

Apr 20
Who is Lord Hanuman? Well, in case you aren't familiar with the name, he's a monkey god held beloved by followers of Hindu. In the ancient Sanskrit epic the Ramayana, Hanuman leads a monkey army to fight a demon king. Sounds ... read

Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition gets site and screens

Apr 16
I could make the obligatory Monty Python reference, but I'll leave that for others. Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition was revealed a few weeks ago, and now developer Flying Fish Works is back to promote the intriguing title... read

Jack Thompson's secret Veggie Tales twin discovered!

Feb 21
Ever since Jack Thompson lost his job, I resolved to stop covering the man's antics until he did something supremely stupid. That said, I could not resist following up on the suspicions that had been aroused yesterday when I ... read

Islamic leader wants more Jew-killin' in his videogames

Feb 02
We all like a good laugh here at Destructoid, which is why we're more than happy to chat about Imam Nabil Al Awadi, an extremist Islamic leader who wants more videogames about slaughtering Jews. Oh Mr. Awadi, you do make us l... read

DS game allegedly claims that 'Islam is the light'

Jan 28
A mother in Indiana is currently kicking up a stink after discovering an alleged religious message in the kid-focused DS game Baby Pals. Bought for her 8-year-old daughter, the game speaks a phrase that sound a lot like &qu... read

Thank f*ck: 50 Cent game is done, bitches!

Nov 13
With Swordfish Studios hung out to dry by Activision's swathe of studio merger destruction, the future of 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand, has been called into question. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, however, as Swordfish i... read

Killing in videogames is not a sin: CONFIRMED!

Sep 21
If you were worried that you'd be burning in Hell for all of eternity because you shot someone in Grand Theft Auto, then fret not, my son. According to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a reader was seriously concerne... read

Is Spore the work of Satan? One Christian thinks so

Sep 10
I am convinced this is a joke, but some people online seem to be taking it seriously. Apparently one man has gone on a crusade to fight against the "war on creationism" that is Spore, claiming that EA's game teaches... read

Christian writer lays into videogames for 'in-depth' report

Aug 06
The Christian Examiner Online has published what it claims to be an "in-depth" report on videogame violence -- a report so deep, in fact, that it refers to Grand Theft Auto IV as "GT4" and is loaded with a... read

Drop whatever you are doing and melt your face with Fruit Mystery

Jul 09
Sometimes a game can come along and make you feel something you've never felt before. In the case of Fruit Mystery, I present you with the unique opportunity to role play as a child at the zoo who rubs salsa on the genitals o... read

E3 keynote speaker wants some of us to go to Hell

Jun 04
Let's be honest here -- we all know that the ESA's public image of late is not, shall we say, spectacular? However, when the organization brings out a politician to deliver a keynote speech, a politician that has publicly bac... read

Guinness World Records for Tapper and Ms. Pac-Man set at Barcade event

Apr 11
Barcade in Brooklyn hosted a little shindig yesterday in which it invited hopeful gamers to drink a few rounds and beat a world record or two, although not necessarily in that order. Official judges from Guinness were there t... read

Is The Bible less suitable for kids than gaming?

Feb 11
While videogames are demonized as a moral cesspool of sex and violence, The Bible is considered to be "the good book," that must be read by everyone. it is especially popular among the right wing Christian extremist... read

People turn into animals and God makes them race: I'm a horse now!

Jan 16
Reader Kariomart emailed me with the above video, explaining that he was unsure if the entire concept was a joke or if this was a serious, sincere venture. The game in question is called The Zoo Race, and is a Christian game ... read

Games of the week for 12/17/07: Jesus Christ Superstar edition

Dec 16
Gamers, I am overjoyed to meet you face to face. You've been getting quite a name all around the place. Healing Heavies, spawning from the dead ... and now I understand you're l33t ... at least that's what you've said. So ...... read

RetroforceGO! is moving!

Aug 15
On up? To the East Side? To a deluxe apartment in the sky? No, my fellow sprite loving friends, to Sundays!That’s right; starting this week, RetroforceGO! (tied for first as the best podcast on Destructoid) will be reco... read

Bibleman gets a videogame? There IS a God!

Aug 11
If you're as cool and hip as myself, you'll doubtless be aware of Bibleman, the classic collection of DVDs about a God-fearing superhero who fights for justice using the power of religion. The wearer of the full armor of God ... read

Make faces at yourself with the DS Camera

Jul 04
Coming out alongside a new title called Otona No Ds Kao Training (Face Training) is a new camera that plugs into that Game Boy Advance slot on the bottom of your Nintendo DS that you rarely use anymore. The camera 'sees&#... read

Ikaruga's final stage, double-fisted

Jun 25
Disclaimer: The above video contains scenes of ridiculous awesome, and things that will make you question the value of your own life. Keep in mind that the gentleman you are about to see is almost certainly a cyborg, and ha... read

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