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Titanfall South Africa

EA cancels Titanfall in South Africa due to bad online performance

I bless the rains down in South Africa, because you don't have Titanfall
Mar 07
According to EA South Africa, Titanfall failed online performance testing in South Africa, so it has, "decided not to release Titanfall in South Africa at this time." "After conducting recent online tests for Titanfall, we fo... read

People were quick to call Sony's Afrika a high-resolution Pokemon Snap without the Pokemon. I can appreciate that: Both games have animals (or animal-ish things) that run around a field, and both have game play that involves ... read feature

Pre-E3 09: Here's what Natsume is showing at E3

May 28
Natsume has ten games they're going to be showing off at E3 next week, four of which are Harvest Moon games. Yes, it seems people just can't get enough of Harvest Moon. Here's the full list of what we're expecting to see next... read

Natsume officially announces AFRIKA for PS3, sends screens

May 27
As Jim told us this morning, the PS3 title AFRIKA would indeed be making its way to North America, with Natsume stepping up as the publisher for the release. Now we have the official details and some new images from the North... read

Afrika is making its way to North America

May 27
Hakuna Matata, bitches! The PS3's candid animal photography game, Afrika, has been stuck in Japan for far too long. We here in the West have been begging to take photographs of zebras for well over a year, with neither Sony n... read

Funcom CFO resigns after reporting 23.3 million dollar loss

Feb 23
Funcom keeps slipping. The company responsible for the MMO Age of Conan has reported a 23.3 million dollar fourth quarter loss. The CFO that delivered the bad news, Olav Sadnes, has since resigned.It’s unclear if Funcom... read

[UPDATE] Rumortoid: Afrika coming west according to a Sony representative

Sep 29
High on many PlayStation 3 owner’s list of “want to import” is Sony’s Pokemon Snap-ish title, Afrika. Despite every gamer’s desire to take pictures of African wildlife, Sony has often stated that... read

New Afrika details, pictures, and Japanese release date

Aug 19
We've been seeing very vague pictures of Sony's PS3 safari title Afrika for some time now, but they've never really bothered to explain the game in detail. And then, all of the sudden, they suddenly drop a Japanese release da... read

It means no worries: Afrika gets a new name outside of the US

Jul 31
Several of our staff members have been hyped up about the upcoming PS3 title Afrika, although I have to admit I was personally a little disappointed to find out the game was a picture-taking odyssey. I try to avoid judging be... read

Epic overkill: the music for Afrika is mindblowing!

Jul 08
My dream is to make a ridiculously epic score for a videogame or movie. Don't get me wrong, I offer up praise to the Destructoid robot gods (and to the various other outlets) for my writing day jobs. I've done the odd scorin... read

The secret is finally out! Afrika details revealed

Jun 04
The PlayStation 3 game Afrika has been shrouded in mystery ever since some strange (but stunning) footage was unveiled at the Sony press conference at E3 in 2006. While gorgeously rendered, the footage showed nothing more tha... read

Bless the rains: Afrika coming in August?

May 25
Everything I've ever seen of the PS3 safari sim Afrika looks incredible. Granted, I still have no idea what gameplay will be like in this title, but it looks great enough that I find myself drawn to it. I'm hoping it will be... read

New Afrika screens put the 'rocodile' in crocodile

Oct 09
Famitsu has a smattering of new screens for the PlayStation 3's upcoming "lions, tigers and bears, oh my!" safari title Afrika. The screens show off the tremendous rendering power of the PS3 -- each of those animals... read

New Afrika trailer reveals nothing, dashing hopes for ivory poaching minigame

Sep 20
The above clip is the latest from Sony's almost ethereal safari simulator, Afrika. The video demonstrates the PlayStation 3's much-lauded Fur Engine 9 alongside the until-recently-theoretical Chimæra Haunch Rendering ... read

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