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Adult Unicorn Sex


New Destructoid Episode: Metro Dorito Aliens Having Sex

Jul 15
// Max Scoville
Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? Oh. Well. You wanna see some really cool video game news... In the back of my van? Uh. Anyway. The guy from Crytek says the PS Vita is gonna fail, and the guy from Naughty Dog says the Wii U i...

Adult Swim slashing prices on iOS games for July 4 sale

Jun 30
// Jim Sterling
It's almost independence day, the day that America freed itself from my own personal rule (according to my stepkid), and Adult Swim is celebrating by knocking all its games down to the lovely price of $0.99.  Popular gam...

New Destructoid Show: Live taping was LIVE!

Apr 14
// Tara Long
Morning, folks! For those of you who tuned in to our LIVE taping of The Destructoid Show yesterday, thank you. We do hope you enjoyed it. We also hope you remembered everything you heard in exact detail, because it's the l...

New Bonecraft trailer released, surprisingly not for kids

Mar 17
// Neranjan 'Venom' Bissoon
Gameplay footage for D-Dub Software's upcoming fantasy/sci-fi adult parody game Bonecraft has been released, and we wouldn't want you to miss it. While the footage shows the action-oriented side of the game, it's leaving my ...

New Catherine gameplay screens make it look way better

Dec 26
// Josh Tolentino
It took a while, but the hype machine for Atlus' sexy new action-puzzler Catherine had recently (and finally) shifted into "providing actual gameplay details" mode. Screens were shot, copy was written, and...let's just say th...

X-COM gets multiplayer thanks to a fan patch

Jul 20
// Josh Tolentino
And I'm not talking about the FPS remake that 2K showed off at E3. That's XCOM. What I'm talking about is 1994's X-COM: UFO Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe), that still remains one of the greatest games ever made. No...

Project Diva's new DLC is better than the upcoming sequel

Jun 13
// Josh Tolentino
E3 might be on, but here at Destructoid we cover other games, too. Like this one! It's called Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. It's a PSP rhythm game based on the singularly amazing "Vocaloid" line of virtual singing idols. Anyway...

Mario is for guys in their fifties

May 22 // Jonathan Holmes

It's not uncommon for people to say that Nintendo only makes games for kids, and that the Mario games in particular are kid-only experiences. For instance, Blur, an upcoming "realistic" racing game featuring missile launching...


Robot Unicorn Attack galloping onto the iPhone

May 20
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The ever lovable Jordan Devore discovered the other day that Adult Swim used a quote of his for the TV ad for Give Up, Robot. After seeing the ad, I decided to check out the game and to finally play Robot Unicorn Attack. Yea...

Cryptic wants to let Star Trek players into their ships

Feb 15
// Josh Tolentino
Contrary to popular belief, Star Trek isn't always about killing and violence and blowing up legions of hostile starships. Entire episodes of the various TV series can pass by without a single vaporization or bloody maiming. ...

Microsoft claims that MS Banana Dollars aren't deceptive

Jan 21
// Josh Tolentino
There's always been a lot to buy on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and Microsoft is without a doubt hoping you'll spend as much money as possible buying Games on Demand. Unfortunately though, some have accused the 'soft of being ...

Love Plus Christmas event gives cake, augments reality

Dec 22
// Josh Tolentino
[As posted on Japanator] The life-ruining awesome dating simulator Love Plus does a fine job of adding to the bleak wasteland that is the 3D world on its own, but it seems Konami has yet more plans in store for otaku and thei...

Time's top ten games of 2009

Dec 09
// Jim Sterling
It's almost the end of the year, which means that top ten lists and reflective features are all the rage. Time magazine is among the first to print its definitive top ten games of 2009, and I'm sure you can all guess which ga...

A Real Girlfriend lets you stick your finger up her nose

Nov 25
// Josh Tolentino
[As posted on Japanator] And by "real girlfriend" I mean Real Kanojo, an upcoming title  from Illusion Soft, better known to most English-speakers as "The RapeLay guys." It seems they've held off from causing immediate c...

Mad Catz: Microsoft won't block our Wireless N adapter

Nov 17
// Jordan Devore
While Mad Catz' wireless N adapter may not be as sleek as the official Microsoft device, it has a few good things going for it. Namely, its price -- $79.99 compared to Microsoft's $100 asking price -- and the fact that it wor...

Penultimate experience in gaming arrives in Love Death 4

Sep 20
// Matthew Razak
You knew it was coming. You knew that one day man would devise a way to control videogames with his penis. We think with it most of the time. Most of the games we play have something to do with proving who has the bigger wang...

SexBox: new console for playing AO-rated games

Sep 04
// Topher Cantler
Oh my. A San Jose, CA-based company called Silicon Xtal Corporation has registered the name "SexBox" in the US, saying it will be used for "a video gaming console comprised of computer hardware with unique cont...

UK Charts: Cricket tops an all-sport spectacular

Aug 10
// Jim Sterling
Samit Sarkar would be proud this week, as the UK Chart is full to the brim with sports. The top five games are sports- or fitness-related, with Ashes Cricket 2009 ruling over them all. Cricket is a ludicrous game, but British...

Rhianna Pratchett: Cutscenes are still important

Aug 09
// Jim Sterling
It's become very en vogue to rail against cutscenes, claiming they break the flow of gameplay and do the interactive medium a disservice, but at least one writer believes otherwise. Rhianna Pratchett, whose last writing credi...

Mr. Destructoid sneaks onto an album cover, win a copy now

Jul 06
// rayversus
If I were intelligent, I'd be able to write something clever and entertaining here. Sadly, I do not resemble anything remotely close to that, so please bare with me.  As you know, I'm Dtoid's video czar and run Dtoid's Y...

Jimpressions: Killzone 2 'Flash & Thunder' map pack

Jun 12
// Jim Sterling
Once again, Guerrilla Games has brought forth a fresh fistful of DLC for Killzone 2, providing us with two more maps in which to throw our grenades and spam our rocket launchers. The "Flash & Thunder" map pack t...

Dust is like Odin Sphere for furries

May 21
// Jim Sterling
Elysian Tail: Dust is an XNA-developed game by Dean Dodrill that is currently in its Pre-Alpha phase. There are two very interesting things about this particular title. First of all, it looks absolutely stunning, and even in ...

Videogames are stressful things, claims new study

Feb 11
// Jim Sterling
According to a new British-backed Taiwanese study, videogames can be a contributing factor in rising stress levels and anxiety in young people. So, not only are they solely responsible for school shootings and rapists, they c...

Blizzard mocks Diablo purists with unicorns that poo rainbows

Feb 03
// Jim Sterling
The controversy surrounding Diablo 3 has been utterly ridiculous, and nobody seems to know that more than the developer itself. Blizzard has been poking fun at purist "fans" who complained about the game's artistic ...

What is MC Hammer doing with Activision?

Dec 14
// Jim Sterling
We have HOT information that nineties music sensation and preacher man MC Hammer is partaking in secret shenanigans with evil videogame publisher Activision.The word comes from Hammer's Twitter, where he confirmed that he's m...

Soulja Boy getting his own game? May God have mercy

Dec 08
// Jim Sterling
The only thing I know about Soulja Boy is that his game-themed videos are ridiculous and that he's probably dyslexic. Oh, the other thing I know is that he's recently promised a Soulja Boy themed videogame. Oh yes.In an inter...

Dyack: Too Human is so big one person can't possibly get all the in-game loot

Aug 13
// Colette Bennett
Kizuko recently interviewed the king of tasteful game promotion, Denis Dyack, and managed to find out a range of interesting information about Too Human, including that it can take between "15 and 80 hours to complete&qu...

New Captain Rainbow characters revealed: Not-so-little Mac and Takamaru

Jul 23
// Jonathan Holmes
 One of the many things that sucked about NoA'a presentation at E3 '08 was the complete and utter lack of Captain Rainbow footage. In case you missed Chad's previous coverage of the game, here's a quick recap. Captain Ra...

Destructoid Discusses! E3 equals meh? Maybe

Jul 22
// Dyson
Once again, back is the incredible ... The thyme animal ... The incredible Dyson G! Next-gen enemy number one ... FPS said freeze! And I got numb.Okay, so my poor attempt at quoting Public Enemy didn't go so well. In fact, it...

Video Games Live performances now in CD and mp3 form

Jul 08
If you have ever made it out to a Video Games Live show, you would know that it can leave you wanting more. Well, to continue the constant cycle of "first evers" VGL is giving you the option to purchase the "Fi...

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