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LJN photo

Wow, LJN really hated kids

And I thought that Roger Rabbit game was the worst thing LJN ever did
Feb 06
// Nic Rowen
Widely reviled as one of the worst game companies of all time, LJN earned its infamy way back during the NES era, pumping out terrible licensed game after terrible licensed game. The company was bought by Acclaim where it co...
GOG photo

Remember Shadow Man? It's now on

Now there's a name you don't see every day
Sep 17
// Jordan Devore
This trailer for Shadow Man brings me back. That voice over! The third-person action-adventure game based on the comic series of the same name has been added to It's $5.99, and if you purchase before September 24, y...

Acclaim is dead, for real this time

Aug 28
// Matthew Razak
Another stalwart of the old gaming guard has bitten the dust. Acclaim -- who brought us Turok, Burnout and Space Jam to name a few -- is finally dead and gone. The company had already crashed and burned back in 2004 when it ...

Cupid to appear in DANCE! ONLINE game

May 03
Acclaim has proudly announced that none other than the man himself, Cupid, will be making an online appearance to interact with fans on the soon to be hit game DANCE! ONLINE. From the official press release:Los Angeles (May 4...


Apparently being black is now a microtransaction

Apr 16
// 8BitBrian
Over on the Acclaim message boards, the news has popped up that in their new game, Dance! Online, you have to pay in order to have a character with black skin. Yes, you have to PAY MONEY in order to be a different race. ...

Acclaim drops Dance! Online; apparently aural suicide is free

Apr 13
// Earnest Cavalli
Acclaim just tossed us a press release announcing the beginning of the beta for Dance! Online, a game created by Dave "Remember Earthworm Jim?" Perry and, we assume, Satan. The title is a free-to-play online rhythm ...

Acclaim: traditional game testing is dead

Mar 20
// Niero Desu
Nevermind robots and guys in third world countries stealing your game testing jobs -- the competition might soon include that snotty little 11 year old down the street. Acclaim's (lead guitarist?) David Perry is raising e...

David Perry wants to equip a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters

Feb 28
// Earnest Cavalli
David Perry, the man behind such gaming classics as Earthworm Jim and MDK, is an astounding guy. Once, in a bar, he boasted of his ability to wrestle live dinosaurs, only to spend a month cloning an adult tyrannosaurus from D...

Acclaim opens beta on kung-fu MMO; it's really not horrible, I swear!

Feb 09
// Earnest Cavalli
Repeatedly, developer after developer takes their swing at World of Warcraft, and so far, all of them have failed. First there was Everquest 2 (which was throttled soundly), then there was Dungeons and Dragons Online (which w...

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