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Australians, you can get the New 3DS XL for 20% off

Via Target at eBay
Feb 18
// Dealzon
Australia, the land of overpriced videogames actually gets a break this week with Target offering a 20% off voucher code on its Target eBay store front (use voucher code CTARGET20 at checkout). This means the New 3DS XL gets ...
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Also, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Feb 12
// Chris Carter
I hope you aren't too excited for the Wii U eShop, because all it's getting is Blek, Breath of Fire, and Paparazzi. Ubisoft is still having that sale for a few more days. Yep, that's it. The 3DS has a killer week yet again th...
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo

Also, Hyrule Warriors DLC
Feb 05
// Chris Carter
The Wii U eShop is pretty much dead this week outside of the Majora's Mask Hyrule Warriors DLC. Long live the 3DS! But seriously, all you're getting is Dolphin Up, Puzzle Monkeys, Tri-Strip, Dig Dug, Mappy-Land,&nbs...
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Gunman Clive 2

Also, Metroid Prime Trilogy
Jan 29
// Chris Carter
The Wii U eShop is getting more exciting today with the release of Metroid Prime Trilogy for $9.99. I still have my lovely hard copy safe with the rest of my Metroid collection, but considering how rare it is, I'm g...
Nintendo UK photo
Nintendo UK

Quick! Majora's Mask New 3DS, Skull Kid figure back on Nintendo's UK shop

Jan 28
// Steven Hansen
The much sought after Majora's Mask New 3DS XL is once again up for sale, with exclusive Skull Kid not-amiibo, on Nintendo's UK store. Grab one if you're still trying (or maybe Best Buy cancelled yours and you missed out on a free one). 
3DS photo

3DS browser exploit makes GBC roms playable

Exploit requires a single Game Boy Color game purchase
Jan 28
// Laura Kate Dale
Nintendo is a little bit useless when it comes to putting games out on the Virtual Console in a timely manner, that in and of itself is certainly not news. Since the company started dabbling with downloadable retro software ...
Majora's Mask photo
Majora's Mask

Best Buy cancels Majora's Mask New 3DS XL pre-orders

The rarest 3DS gets even rarer.
Jan 23
// Mike Cosimano
According to multiple tipsters and just about everybody on Twitter, Best Buy has started canceling pre-orders for the elusive Majora's Mask-themed New 3DS XL, offering $50 in credit as a make-good. There have even...

Review: New Nintendo 3DS XL

Jan 23 // Chris Carter
New Nintendo 3DS XLManufacturer: NintendoRelease Date: February 13, 2015MSRP: $199.99 Look and feel As a whole, the New 3DS XL feels a tad lighter than the original XL. It's only 0.03 ounces less in reality, but it may have to do with the shifting of internal bits to give it a more centered feel. It also doesn't "creak" when I hold it like a few of my old XLs did, so perhaps the frame is sturdier. Just to get it out of the way, this doesn't come with an AC adapter, so if you don't have one, go ahead and tack $15 on top of the $199.99 price point. It's also a shame that the US isn't getting any "non-XL" units, so say goodbye to those face plates. In terms of general use, it's easily my favorite model yet. I love that the home button is now the only input in the middle of the bottom touch screen (that original melded style and even the slotted old XL style weren't ideal), and the face buttons feel better in general. The power button is now located on the bottom of the device, along with the stylus and the slot to insert cartridges. This is definitely an upgrade, as there's no fear of accidentally popping out a cart while playing or rubbing up on the stylus hole. The most noticeable change is the integration of the entire Circle Pad Pro with a more graceful design. I'll get to the second analog stick (nubbin) later, but the addition of two triggers at the top of the 3DS feels great, and any Circle Pad Pro functionality is already built into previous games which is convenient. It isn't easy to accidentally bump the new ZL and ZR buttons, in case you're worried about that. The only part of the physical hardware I dislike outright is the MicroSD situation. It's fine that Nintendo wanted to switch the memory solution up from standard SD (32GB cards are $20, and it is still better than proprietary Sony crap like the Vita), but you have to unscrew part of the 3DS to actually change it out. That's not really a problem for me since I'm happy with a 32GB card, but it's not particularly user friendly, and it will be annoying if you're the kind of person who switches cards often. It comes with a 4GB MicroSD ready to go inside of the unit if you aren't picky. Extra features The hardware has also been upgraded as a whole, and software boot times are 5-10 seconds faster on the New 3DS compared to past models. There's an extra auto-brightness feature as well, which operates similarly to mobile phones and tablets, gauging the general light in the room and adjusting itself accordingly. You can turn this feature off if you want, which is something I did immediately. Of course, the marquee upgrade is easily the enhanced 3D feature, which now works at practically any angle. The way it operates is that it essentially tracks your vision and instantly makes the 3D easier on the eyes, rather than in the past where you had to hold your 3DS at a "certain" viewpoint to really get the full effect. So does it work? Absolutely. I was skeptical of it before trying it out, but unless you have your 3DS at a really weird angle it will work, and the 3D does look sharp. Just know that it's not magic, and that it will take 1-2 seconds to adjust if you do shift your unit around more than a few inches. If for some reason you don't like this feature, you can also turn it off. The New 3DS has its own built-in NFC feature that supports amiibo at launch by way of the bottom touch screen, but since no games have been updated to actually support it at this time, I can't comment on it. Expect plenty of coverage going forward though, including Super Smash Bros. and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. functionality. Also, keep in mind that Nintendo is going to release an adapter for older models, so you don't need the New 3DS to utilize amiibo figures. At least, that's the plan. The nubbin Ah, the nubbin. The ire of many fans who thought that the 3DS didn't need a second analog stick like the Vita. I've always been a fan of options, and the nubbin allows just that, but without using a percentage of the portable's processing power like the Circle Pad Pro has in the past. As a result, you're likely going to be seeing more games that use it, and given the retroactive support of old CPP titles, it's a win/win addition. Having said that, the nubbin is not a perfect solution. It's a lot more rigid than I thought it was going to be. In fact, the actual nub doesn't move -- it's kind of like an old school laptop ball but without the rolling sensation. It feels weird, but thankfully it doesn't take up a lot of space, make the 3DS look bad aesthetically, or get in the way. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. My experience using it in-game varies drastically depending on the title. With a game like Majora, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, or Monster Hunter 4, it was perfect for swinging the camera about. For games like Resident Evil: Revelations, where the nubbin is used for precision aiming, it's not so great. I'm glad it exists, but it's not a game-changer, and you shouldn't upgrade just because of the nubbin. Haha, nubbin. Software support Right now buying a New 3DS strictly because of software  is a grim prospect. There is one -- count it -- one New 3DS exclusive announced so far in Xenoblade Chronicles. Because of the enhanced processing power the ability to create Wii ports or more graphically intensive games is there, but we aren't quite at that threshold yet where anyone besides Nintendo has stepped up to announce anything. And even then, this is seemingly a direct port we're talking about with very minor additions. There are a few slight differences right now with at least one new game -- Monster Hunter 4. As a general rule when I compared it side-by-side with an old and New 3DS XL, the latter seemed to have a more consistent framerate, and the 3D effect looked sharper in general. That's not to say that the framerate is bad by any means on the old model, it's just very fluid on the New unit. Slight improvements are the name of the game right now in the New 3DS' lifespan, and that principle permeates throughout the philosophy of the New 3DS as a whole. As a side note, I did test cross-generational play, and was able to play every multiplayer title I owned with an "old" unit -- so don't be worried about segmenting yourself if your spouse or child doesn't pick up a New 3DS right away. [embed]286495:57004:0[/embed] Verdict Only hardcore Nintendo fans need to adopt the New 3DS right now. All of the improvements outside of the enhanced 3D feature are marginal, and even though the feeling of picking up new hardware can be exciting at first, you may even start to feel underwhelmed on your first day. It does feel like an upgrade overall, but Monster Hunter 4 and Majora's Mask play just fine on the older models. Additionally, with a planned amiibo adapter coming out at some point in the future, you should be good to go in March for Code Name S.T.E.A.M., and the only true exclusive in sight is a port set for an April release. Lastly, although bulky, the Circle Pad Pro will technically net you all of the benefits from the added triggers and nubbin for now outside of Super Smash Bros. 3DS. As you can clearly see, this is an "only early-adopters need apply" situation, since a lot of solutions exist, or will exist to accommodate old 3DS users. On a personal level I am enjoying the upgrades and have purchased one myself in addition to this review unit, but the real payoff just isn't there yet for me to make a full recommendation. [This review is based on a retail build of the hardware provided by the publisher. The reviewer did not attend the Nintendo event.]
New 3DS XL review photo
A nice, but nonessential upgrade
Nintendo has an interesting history in terms of portables. Outside of the rare add-on like the expansion pack for the Nintendo 64 or the Game Boy Player for the GameCube, they play it rather conservatively when it comes ...

Majora's madness photo
Majora's madness

Quickly now, children: More Majora's Mask 3DS XLs pop up

Target sold out, try your luck at Fry's
Jan 22
// Steven Hansen
[Update: Well, that's all folks] Target up and decided to take Majora's Mask 3DS XL pre-orders at midnight (PST) last night and they sold out in minutes. The system is up now for pre-order at Fry's, where your best buys are always at, guaranteed. Try to snag one here if you don't want to try for a free one from Nintendo. In bocca al lupo! 
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Citizens of Earth

Also, Punch Out!! Wii U
Jan 22
// Chris Carter
The headliner this week is definitely Citizens of Earth on the Wii U eShop. Brittany didn't think it was the second coming of EarthBound, but there were some redeeming qualities -- maybe it's best to wait on the fence fo...
Hope springs photo
Hope springs

Nintendo is giving away a Majora's Mask New 3DS

With a copy of the game
Jan 21
// Steven Hansen
My fellow legal residents of the United States--and also you dastardly Canadiens--you're in luck. Yet another chance to score a Majora's Mask New 3DS XL, but this time for free, and with a copy of the game included (in North ...
Majora's madness photo
Majora's madness

Australia gets second wave of Majora's Mask New 3DS units

Pre-order now, again!
Jan 19
// Steven Hansen
Nintendo's Australia and New Zealand region Twitter account noted that, as is the case elsewhere, "Due to overwhelming demand, New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Edition is currently unavailable for pre-order in AU/NZ." ...
Get it while it's hot photo
Get it while it's hot

Majora's Mask New 3DS XL listing pops up on Play-Asia

And don't forget your last chance at GameStop
Jan 19
// Steven Hansen
If you've missed out on getting a Majora's Mask themed New 3DS XL from GameStop and Best Buy, there seems to be hope yet. A listing for the system has appeared on Play-Asia, with pre-order availability "coming soon." So ...
Good news! photo
Good news!

You may still be able to get a Majora's Mask New 3DS from GameStop

Pay for orders that didn't go through; unpaid for stock reverts to pre-order availability
Jan 16
// Steven Hansen
As the Majora's Mask patterned New 3DS XL proceeded to sell out in minutes at GameStop, some people were actually in the process of paying for their handheld when the store payment system timed out and and the limited ed...
New 3DS AC adapter photo
New 3DS AC adapter

Nintendo: New 3DS XL doesn't include AC adapter to cut costs

Giving consumers options
Jan 15
// Steven Hansen
Yesterday, Nintendo announced the New 3DS XL for North America. It's coming out February 13 for $200. Dampening this excitement was word that Nintendo has no plans to release the smaller size New 3DS in North America. That an...
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: 3D After Burner II

Also, Lufia: The Legend Returns
Jan 15
// Chris Carter
On the Wii U, we have Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight on the Virtual Console. Nintendo calls this an "NES classic," but I beg to differ. Also on the Wii U eShop, there's Electroic Super Joy: Groove City, Family Tennis SP...
No orginal-sized New 3DS photo
No orginal-sized New 3DS

Nintendo has vague excuse for the small New 3DS' absence

Only getting the XL, 'cause we like it XL in America!
Jan 14
// Steven Hansen
The New 3DS and New 3DS XL launched in Japan last October and then in Australia and New Zealand the following month. Both models. Today Nintendo announced the release date -- February 13 -- for the New 3DS XL in North America...

New Nintendo 3DS, amiibo, trailers: Everything you need to know from today's Nintendo Direct

Jan 14 // Steven Hansen
[embed]286177:56896:0[/embed] New Fire Emblem game announced for Nintendo 3DS   [embed]286178:56897:0[/embed] Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition looks awesome, coming in May [embed]286203:56901:0[/embed] Pokémon Shuffle on the 3DS brings the dreaded mobile 'energy' microtransactions to the platform [embed]286189:56894:0[/embed] Fire Emblem amiibo support announced for Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.   [embed]286203:56903:0[/embed] Kirby and the Rainbow Curse   [embed]286203:56904:0[/embed] Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS   [embed]286203:56905:0[/embed] Etrian Mystery Dungeon  [embed]286203:56906:0[/embed] The New Nintendo 3DS XL will launch in North America in February   [embed]286203:56907:0[/embed] Mario Party 10 details revealed, including amiibo support   [embed]286203:56908:0[/embed] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release date, demo, and special edition console announced   [embed]286203:56909:0[/embed] Xenoblade Chronicles 3D coming to New 3DS in April   Wave 4 amiibo announced, a separate Mario amiibo line is happening Nintendo Wii games now coming to Wii U eShop Majora's Mask DLC coming to Hyrule Warriors Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will get amiibo support on March 20 Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars coming to Wii U and 3DS with Cross-Buy 3DS getting free anime viewing app Majora's Mask launches February 13 with a limited edition New 3DS XL Namco is developing a free-to-play Wii U exclusive Splatoon targeting a May launch on Wii U
Round up photo
Marth re-release, New 3DS XL dated, new Fire Emblem trailer, new amiibos -- all here
Doozy of a Nintendo Direct today. Watch it above in full, or see our coverage below in summation, with all the key trailers rounded up. Highlights include: New Nintendo 3DS (just XL) release date and price, a special Ma...

MH4 U photo

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release date, demo, and special edition console announced

My goodness this looks nice
Jan 14
// Laura Kate Dale
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is releasing worldwide on February 13, the same day as the New 3DS in North America and Europe. Finally, a release date. The game will be available on its own, or pre-installed on a limited-edition N...
3DS photo

3DS getting free anime viewing app

Watch Pokémon, Kirby, and Inazuma Eleven on 3DS
Jan 14
// Laura Kate Dale
On February 13, alongside the release of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, the 3DS will be getting a free anime viewing app called the Nintendo Anime Channel. The app will let users watch episodes of various anime series including ...
New Nintendo 3DS photo
New Nintendo 3DS

New Nintendo 3DS likely coming February 13

Pre-order open tomorrow, only for the XL version?
Jan 13
// Steven Hansen
Ahead of tomorrow's Nintendo Direct, GameStop sources have told Ars Technica that the New Nintendo 3DS is indeed releasing in the US on February 13--just in time for Valentine's Day--and that GameStop will begin taking p...
Nintendo in Brazil photo
Nintendo in Brazil

Nintendo quits selling consoles and games in Brazil

Those damn laws!
Jan 12
// Mike Cosimano
Nintendo will no longer distribute games and consoles in Brazil, the company has announced, citing Brazil's infamously high videogame console tariffs as the reason behind the about-face. In an interview with UOL Games, Bill v...
Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Mega Man Battle Network 2

Also, Chariot
Jan 08
// Chris Carter
It's not a huge day for Nintendo consoles in terms of the eShop, but I'll take it. On the Wii U we're getting Mega Man Battle Network 2, Maze, Wipeout 3, and Chariot. The latter is a fun little co-op game that can also be pla...
Slowpoke! photo

Nintendo releases its best 3DS theme yet

Chillin' with Slowpoke
Jan 05
// Jordan Devore
I haven't bothered to change my 3DS theme despite Nintendo's nags to do so but that changes today. The Official Best 3DS Theme, Pokémon: Slowpoke, is now available outside of Japan. For $1.99, we're getting a beachside...
3DS discontinued photo
[Update: Nintendo's official response is as follows: "Nintendo has nothing to announce about the production status of Nintendo 3DS."] We have reason to believe Nintendo of America has completely ceased production of the origi...

Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Pokemon Pinball

Also, a Shovel Knight discount
Jan 01
// Chris Carter
Death, taxes, and the Nintendo Download update are always inevitable. Nintendo waits for no holiday -- Christmas, New Year's -- it doesn't matter, they are going to update the eShop on Thursday. Sadly today isn't all that gre...
I hate myself photo
I hate myself

Pixar's Up coming to New 3DS in Japan

Are you DOWN with that?
Dec 29
// Jonathan Holmes
Back when Nintendo thought the 3D part of the 3DS was a marketable, they promised that we'd all be watching 3D movies on the thing all the time and everyday. While there are a few cool shows like Bee and Puppycat on Nintendo ...
Tetris photo

Gameboy Tetris being taken off the 3DS eShop at the end of the year

Grab the classic while you still can
Dec 28
// Jonathan Holmes
[Update: Looks like Tetris Axis is also getting yanked. We can guess that the retail version of the game is also going the way of the dodo. Interested parties would do well to snatch it up quick.] Nintendo UK's Twitter accoun...

Review: Xeodrifter

Dec 25 // Jonathan Holmes
[embed]285389:56726:0[/embed] Xeodrifter (PC, 3DS [Reviewed])Developer: Renegade KidPublisher: Renegade KidReleased: December 11, 2014MSRP: $9.99 Feeling trapped on a strange alien world, forced to push forward despite your fear of the unknown. Being rewarded for your bravery and ingenuity with new abilities that allow you to traverse obstacles and overcome challenges that would have been impossible before. The mixture of intimidation and fascination that you feel every time you enter a strange new environment. These are the things that define the Metroid series for me. They are also the core design principals of of Xeodrifter. In case you hadn't picked up on it yet, the game is inspired by the Metroid series. Seriously guys, it really is.  In some ways, it pushes those themes farther than 2D Metroid games have gone before. From the outset, you can explore four different worlds, traveling between them in your broken-down little spaceship. You'll quickly find that you can't get very far in all of them though. Discovering through trial and error which planets to explore after obtaining what upgrade defines the general flow of the game.  The flow may be similar to Metroid, but the details are largely different. The first upgrade you obtain allows you to turn into a little submarine and explore the briny, alien depths. That's something Samus has never done, though it is similar in spirit to the morph ball that she acquires first in many of her 2D titles. Right off the bat, you're given a power-up that inexplicably allows you to transform into something that people generally can't transform into. It's a nice way to set the tone for the rest of the game, establishing that anything is possible in this world of interplanetary exploration.  Some of the power-ups you get later on are a little more similar to those found in the Metroid franchise, though you use them in different ways, often times in tandem. There is a super-run power-up, but instead of using it to destroy blocks and clear rapidly closing doorways, you use it to run across deadly space lava. There is a super jump too, but you don't need to run in order to charge it, and as such it's a little more practical and user friendly.  The ability to jump in and out of the background from Mutant Mudds is here too, and it feels a lot more useful this time around. Assuming there is an inhabitable backdrop to jump into, you can use the ability at any time, making it the most effective method to avoid incoming attacks, though you'll have to deal with the disorientation of suddenly appearing in the distance in the process.  This ability is most useful in boss fights, which follow the Metroid 2 rule of pitting you against the same recurring enemy who gains more attacks and HP with each encounter. These boss fights are also where you acquire your power-ups, adding to the sense of climax each time you discover one. There are very few health pickups and checkpoints in Xeodrifter, which can lead you to feeling desperate and scared quickly. Thankfully, the game has a fine display of "gore-shadowing" that allows you to grab health and soft-save your game before every boss fight. These fights get pretty complex, layered with different patterns, leading you to feel both attached to and daunted by your old foe. While I'd love to see a wider variety of boss encounters in a new Xeodrifter title, I'll always have a soft spot for the giant alien baby crab thing that killed me so many times in this outing. The weapon power-up system in Xeodrifter works as another upgrade/tribute to past Samus adventures. Remember how in Super Metroid you could turn on and off weapons and upgrades after you acquired them? It was a cool idea, but was poorly balanced. One you got a power-up, it was never a good idea to turn it off, unless you just wanted to show off your amazing solo-Spazer skills to family and friends. Xeodrifter takes the option to turn weapons off and on and makes it worth something. Instead of acquiring new guns, you gain upgrade units that you can apply to any of five bullet properties, allowing you to mix and match. For instance, put two units on the wave beam-style upgrade and three on your bigger damage option, and you end up with a beam that's a little wavy that does medium damage. Put all five units on bigger damage, and you have a tougher bullet with no waviness to speak of. Balancing bigger damage with wider range seems to be the best way to go, though I imagine speed runners may find a way to make other combinations more effective. There are still secrets for me to find in Xeodrifter, as I haven't found all the health and bullet upgrades yet. They tend to be found through intangible walls and floors that are strewn about at random, so it will likely just take a bit of hunting before I get them all. Chances are I won't bother, but I'll definitely play through Xeodrifter again in the future, after I've forgotten most of the details about it so that the experience will be fresh in my mind again. Like the Metroid titles that inspired it, the music, graphics, and world/enemy design are more than worth revisiting a few times a year. This may be Renegade Kid's best game yet, despite its relatively short length. I hope this isn't the last time we'll be invited to adventure with this mysterious new space explorer. Were they secretly a girl the whole time? Hopefully we'll find out next mission.  [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]
Xeodrifter photo
This Metroid tribute does more than suck off its source material
A lot of the kids who grew up with Metroid, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda are now older than than their creators were when those legendary Nintendo franchises were first released. Some of those kids are now video...

Nintendo Download photo
Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download: Duck Hunt

Also, Shantae on Wii U
Dec 25
// Chris Carter
In an interesting turn, Nintendo has a great Nintendo Download week for us on Christmas Day. On the Wii U there's Shantae and the Pirate's Curse with a few extra upgrades like off-TV play. Additionally there's Duck ...

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