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Sweet Tooth planks in this Robot Chicken Killzone ad


No, seriously

Sony partnered up with Adult Swim recently to task the guys over at Robot Chicken with creating an amusing little ad for Killzone: Shadow Fall. It starts out with Sweet Tooth enjoying the game in his living room, and getting ready to share a clip of him throwing a grenade at a Helghast soldier's crotch. The soldier doesn't want to be embarrassed on Facebook for Kratos to see, so as a "professional courtesy" the two of them plank on top of Sweet Tooth's house to impress Kratos instead.

So, the moral of the story here is to plank on top of your house instead of using the DualShock 4's share button*. In all seriousness, it's a fun, silly ad that clearly doesn't take itself seriously, which is refreshing considering most first-person shooter ads these days try to sell to the hyper-bro crowd.

*Please don't actually do this.

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