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Sucker Punch talks about inFAMOUS: Second Son

1:30 PM on 02.22.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

First official screenshots

Following its announcement this week, we now have more details on inFAMOUS: Second Son straight from the folks working on the PlayStation 4 game. Starring a new character, Delsin Rowe, the new title takes place in Seattle, seven years after Cole McGrath's story, and the Department of Unified Protection has fully set up shop to stop so-called bio-terrorists.

"As with all games in this series, the path the gameplay and story take will depend on the decisions you make along the way," writes Sucker Punch. The studio has also released assets taken from the in-engine Second Son trailer shown this week. It's not publicly known if this will make it as a PS4 launch title, but that sure would be nice.

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Good, this game needs more love
You go, Fetch!
Sucker punched
The power of neon!
There's already enough variety as is
And a few new much-appreciated options
A lot of spray paint
1 million units sold in roughly a week
And change the time of day
And more, if you bought a first-run copy of the game

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