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SUBOTRON seeks electronic culture artists for Viennese salon, adoring groupies

7:55 AM on 11.25.2007 // Earnest Cavalli

Every once in a while, in between the e-mails demonstrating all the inventive ways in which women conceal their naughty bits behind gaming appliances, and pictures of Brian Crecente's head pasted on a centaur, we receive missives that are of real importance. With gaming quickly becoming the latest de facto iteration of the world's youth as reflected in pop culture, SUBOTRON's recent open call detailing the artist space they have available in Vienna instantly calls to mind Warhol, Nico and Sedgwick eating pigeons and painting pictures of ducks on coffee mugs, or the Medici sponsorship of Leonardo, Donatello and the other two turtles.

Despite my completely fabricated view of world history, I can tell you this is the sort of once-in-a-lifetime chance that only comes along once ... in ... a lifetime. Yeah.  Since my brain is obviously falling apart, let's let SUBOTRON tell you all about it:

As you may know, SUBOTRON invites artists in residence to work here in vienna on a regular basis.
They get a studio at the museumsquartier for free and money to cover expenses.
background infos on the quartier21 site here.

In exchange for being an artist in the medium of gaming periphery and looking good in a beret (it's in the application! I swear!), they put you up in f&%*in' Vienna, Austria. Yes, the same Vienna that bred Johann Strauss, Fritz Lang and motherf*$&in' Falco!

I could go on for pages about how awesome this opportunity is, but in the interest of brevity, I'll sum up my feelings thusly: if I hadn't already offended absolutely every Austrian I know by constantly referring to their country as "the Canada of the South Pacific," I'd apply for this in a second. God knows I look sharp in a beret.

Hit the jump for more.

That quote I showed you guys up there was a bit retracted. Here's the full version including application details:

As you may know, SUBOTRON invites artists in residence to work here in vienna on a regular basis.
they get a studio at the museumsquartier for free and money to cover expenses.
background infos on the quartier21 site here.
deutsch hier.

artists in residence so far :
- indie game designer JANUZ (Munich)
- streetartist SPACE INVADER (Paris)
- character designer RYOSKUKE TEI (Tokio)
- gameboy-sequencer innovator OLIVER WITTCHOW (Hamburg)
- gameculture videoblogger GAMEJEW (Los Angeles)

we are now looking for a female artist who suits this alignment.

topic :
games & gender

date of residency :
march & april 2008

requirements :
- concept of what you will be working on during your stay : fine arts / design / hard-soft-ware / theory / …
- cv

send to :
[email protected]

deadline :
friday 14. december 2007

we are looking forward to exciting ideas !

Did you all notice that one of their artists in residence is DToid pal Gamejew?

I literally hate everyone who has ever drawn a breath, but if I had to choose one person to visit Viennese pubs with and use as a human prop in trying to woo naive young Viennese students -- the sort who are easily impressed by anyone who can actively claim to be an artist and a cowboy (as Americans are internationally known) -- it would be GJ.

Or Storm Shadow.

But definitely one of those two.

Earnest Cavalli, Contributor
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