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Stupid Sunday rumor: Phil Harrison dating Jade Raymond

2:35 PM on 07.15.2007 // Jim Sterling

So, with the fun of E3 now over and even the UK staff recovering from hard journalistic work, it's time to get our noses back to the grindstone and, very much like cleaners dealing with the morning after a wedding party, sweep out the streamers and put away the bits of stale cake. On that note, we just got in a completely anonymous and sourceless rumor, the kind of which a tabloid rag would publish. I present it to you because it is Sunday and because the idea alone is just rather awkwardly funny. Plus, on the offchance it's true, I'll make a certain Mr. Haley very jealous.

Essentially, Jade Raymond of Assassin's Creed fame is dating Phil Harrison of Sony fame. That's it. 

Topher: Horse****. Anyone who's anyone knows that Jade Raymond is dating Chad Concelmo. I mean come on.

Jim:  Tempting, but do we want to be the gaming version of Hello magazine?

Nex: Can we just point out the fact that any kid of Phil’s is going to look like a ****ing naked giraffe?

Jim: Giraffes are normally clothed?

Nex: See, if we slip it in there like that, no one will question it. We’re molding paradigms here, people! Soon every giraffe on Everett Street is going to be wearing Gautier and strutting about like a minx!

Jim: Wow, that's smart ... and that, Nex, is why you won the war.

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