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Steam-exclusive Spelunky daily challenges sound brilliant

9:00 PM on 07.22.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

A welcome addition

When Spelunky comes to Steam on August 8, it will include an exciting, exclusive new feature known as The Daily Challenge to PC. It's pretty straightforward: a fresh level is generated at random each day that's the same for everyone, but the twist is we only get a single run to climb the level's leaderboard. When you die, that's it for the day. Better make it count!

Leading up to launch, independent developers Douglas Wilson (J.S. Joust) and Zach Gage (SpellTower), who are credited as suggesting the idea to Mossmouth, will be streaming Daily runs for a week starting July 28. Other notable streamers like Nothernlion and MANvsGAME will be joining them to help promote the game's Steam release.

For as much time as I continue to sink into Spelunky, I've never been big on the competitive aspect of the game in terms of leaderboards. That changes in August. Come at me, readers.

Introducing the Spelunky Daily Challenge [Spelunky World]

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Jordan Devore
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