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Star Citizen breaks the $40 million barrier

3:30 PM on 03.11.2014

Alasdair Duncan


That's an extra $10 million in four months

Last time we checked, Star Citizen had raised $30 million in crowdfunding; just under four months later we've got word that Chris Robert's ambitious space sim has now broken the $40 million mark.

In a blog post, Roberts revealed that an extra 10,000 new citizens have signed up for the game but it's unclear if all of them are actually putting money into the project. Still, it's an impressive number and it's fascinating to see the support for the game carry on and on into 2014.

As a reward for reaching the $40 million mark, two new star systems were chosen from a backer poll: the Kabal and Oretani systems. As a nod to the late Douglas Adams, the next stretch goal is set at $42 million and will relate directly to the in-game Wiki and a custom-built, in-game OS that is being designed to let players catalog and edit in-game facts as they play. Oh, and a towel will be added to a backer's hanger. Of course.

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