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South Park RPG developers share favorite TV episodes

6:30 PM on 02.06.2013

Obsidian explain what tickles its funny bone

Obsidian struck me as an odd choice for South Park: The Stick of Truth, an unprecedented epic RPG and comedy. With only a hint of comedy in games like Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas, I wondered if Obsidian would even get what makes South Park so great. Apparently, they do.

In this video interview with Game Informer that went up on its YouTube channel today, the key faces behind Stick of Truth discuss their favorite episodes, going so far as to geek out over a goofy run animation and boldly claim that shark rape is, indeed, funny (a truth).

It's strange but this video has me more excited for the game, as I now feel confident in trusting Obsidian to hit the same comedic beats and cutting cultural commentary of the TV series.

Obsidian's Favorite South Park Episodes [Game Informer]

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