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Soundtracks for Madden, NBA Live, NHL, and FIFA announced

11:00 AM on 07.27.2009 // Nick Chester

Electronic Arts has announced the soundtracks for its fall lineup of EA Sports titles, which includes Madden NFL 10, FIFA 10, NHL 10, and NBA Live 10.

As expected, it's a lot of damned music, representing what you'll be listening to when you tackle, dribble, and check things this fall. The soundtracks are pretty diverse, from artists like Slipknot to Pete Rock, Rancid to Murs. The FIFA 10 soundtrack is particularly interesting, made up of artists that represent the global music scene. 

The full lists, which we've painstakingly formatted for human eyes, can be found after the jump. 

Madden NFL 10
  • 2Pac - "Can't C Me"
  • Airbourne - "Heads Are Gonna Roll"
  • Alice In Chains - "Them Bones"
  • B.o.B - "Created A Monster"
  • Bang Camaro - "Revolution"
  • Beastie Boys - "Sabotage"
  • Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"
  • Cypress Hill "Get ‘Em Up"
  • Helmet - "Unsung"
  • Iron Maiden - "Aces High"
  • Judas Priest - "Painkiller"
  • Kid Rock - "I Am The Bullgod"
  • Killswitch Engage - "Reckoning"
  • Korn - "Blind"
  • Mastadon - "Divinations"
  • Nas feat. Puff Daddy - "Hate Me Now"
  • Nirvana - "Breed"
  • Pantera - "Walk"
  • Public Enemy - "Shut Em Down"
  • Rage Against The Machine - "Guerrilla Radio"
  • Set Your Goals - "Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man)"
  • Slipknot - "Duality"
  • System Of A Down - "Sugar"
  • The Vanity Plan - "Before I Die"
  • Young Dre The Truth - "Cheah Beah"
  • 88 Keys feat. Colin Munro - "Wake Up Call"
  • Afrika Bambaataa feat. Why G, Mickey Factz &The Fort Knox Five "Zulu! (We Don't Stop Yawl)"
  • B.o.B. - "Champion"
  • Beastie Boys - "Pop Your Balloon"
  • David Banner & GQ - "S.P.I.T."
  • De La Soul - "La La La"
  • Dead Prez - "Still Bigga Than"
  • Embassy Music Board - "Overtime"
  • Grand Puba - "Get It"
  • Laza - "Crank It Up"
  • Matt & Kim feat. De La Soul - "Daylight (Troublemaker Remix)"
  • Matt & Kim - "Daylight"
  • Mick Boogie feat. Kidz In The Hall, Donnis & Daytona - "Class Of Our Own"
  • Mickey Factz & B.o.B. - "Mind Got Blown"
  • Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli - "History"
  • Murs feat. Kurupt & Jay Rock - "We Ballin'"
  • Pete Rock - "When I Need It"
  • Reflection Eternal - "Get Lite"
  • Rye Rye feat. Busy Signal - "Get Like This"
  • Snoop Dogg - "Lodi Dodi (LIVE 10)"
  • Wale feat. Jazmine Sullivan - "World Tour"
  • Wyclef Jean feat. Haitian Fresh - "Ballin'"
  • Xzibit feat. BJ The Chicago Kid & Poo Bear - "Fanatic"
  • Young Dre The Truth & 2Pac feat. BJ The Chicago Kid - "All Eyez On Me (The Truth)"
  • Zion I - "Go Hard"

NHL 10

  • Alexisonfire - "Young Cardinals"
  • Cancer Bats - "Deathsmarch"
  • CKY - "Hellions On Parade"
  • Disco Ensemble - "Golden Years"
  • Drangonforce - "Heroes Of Our Time"
  • Eagles Of Death Metal - "Anything 'Cept The Truth"
  • Earl Greyhound - "Oye Vaya"
  • Green Day - "Know Your Enemy"
  • Megadeth - "Peace Sells"
  • Metalkpretty - "Wake Up! Wake Up!"
  • Ministry & Co-Conspirators - "Keys To The City (Chicago Blackhawks Theme Song)"
  • MxPx - "Kids In America"
  • Nickelback - "Burn It To The Ground"
  • Papa Roach - "Into The Light"
  • Priestess - "Raccoon Eyes"
  • Rancid - "The Bravest Kids"
  • Scorpions - "Rock You Like A Hurricane"
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - "Fire It Up"


  • Adiam Dymott - "Miss You" (Sweden)
  • Afrobots - "Favela Rock" (Brazil)
  • Alex Metric - "Head Straight" (England)
  • Auletta - "Meine Stadt" (Germany)
  • Balkan Beat Box feat. Tomer Yosef and Saz - "Ramallah-Tel Aviv" (Israel)
  • BLK JKS - "Lakeside" (South Africa)
  • Bomba Estéreo - "Fuego" (Mexico)
  • The BPA feat. Ashley Beedle "Should I Stay Or Should I Blow" (England)
  • Buraka Som Sistema feat. Pongolove - "Kalemba (Wegue - Wegue)" (Portugal)
  • CasioKids - "Fot I Hose" (Norway)
  • Children Collide - "Skeleton Dance" (Australia)
  • Crookers feat. The Very Best, Two Fingers & Marina Gasolina - "Birthday Bash" (Italy)
  • Cut Off Your Hands - "Happy As Can Be" (New Zealand)
  • Dananananaykroyd - "Black Wax" (Scotland)
  • Datarock - "Give It Up" (Norway)
  • Fabri Fibra - "Donna Famosa" (Italy)
  • Fidel Nadal - "International Love" (Argentina)
  • Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - "La Luz Del Ritmo" (Argentina)
  • Macaco - "Hacen Falta Dos" (Spain)
  • Major Lazer - "Hold The Line" (USA)
  • Marcio Local - "Soul Do Samba" (Brazil)
  • Matt & Kim - "Daylight (Troublemaker Remix feat. De La Soul)" (USA)
  • Metric - "Gold Guns Girls" (Canada)
  • Mexican Institute Of Sound - "Alocatel" (Mexico)
  • Nneka - "Kangpe" (Nigeria)
  • Passion Pit - "Moth's Wings" (USA)
  • Peter Bjorn And John - "Nothing To Worry About" (Sweden)
  • Pint Shot Riot - "Not Thinking Straight" (England)
  • Playing For Change - "War / No More Trouble" (WORLD)
  • Rocky Dawuni - "Download The Revolution" (Ghana)
  • Röyksopp - "It's What I Want" (Norway)
  • Soshy - "Dorothy" (France)
  • The Answering Machine - "It's Over! It's Over! It's Over!" (England)
  • The Enemy UK - "Be Somebody" (England)
  • The Temper Trap - "Science of Fear" (Australia)
  • Tommy Sparks - "She's Got Me Dancing" (England)
  • The Whitest Boy Alive - "1517" (Germany)
  • Wyclef Jean - "MVP Kompa" (Haiti)
  • Zap Mama - "Vibrations" (Belgium)

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