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Sound might be the key to survival in Alien: Isolation

11:00 AM on 04.04.2014

Brett Makedonski

Associate Editor

Don't scream, that's a dead giveaway

Creating atmospheric tension isn't exactly easy. If it were, every survival horror game would be a hit. There are several elements that have to be closely tended to, one of the most important ones being sound.

In making Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly made sure to put a lot of emphasis into the sounds and music of the game. Watch as key developers talk about working with a London symphony, and explain how the sound engine allows for dynamic shifts depending on what the player and the Alien are doing. Then, watch a lady stomp vegetables, because that also happens.

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Brett Makedonski
Associate Editor follow
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Alien: Isolation

8:00 PM on 04.13.2015
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Maybe Ripley's arms are made of fire?

Amanda? More like Ash
3:46 PM on 03.04.2015
Alien: Isolation update

Creative Assembly reveals inital pitch video for Alien: Isolation

See the never before shown video that started development
3:45 PM on 03.04.2015
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Never seen Alien: Isolation third-person footage shown at GDC

Gameplay showing abandoned alternate camera set-up shown during panel
6:30 PM on 02.10.2015
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Alien: Isolation's latest add-on serves up a gruff face to the Xenomorph

Axel's back
5:00 PM on 01.13.2015
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Alien: Isolation's new mode asks you to sacrifice success for security

That Xenomorph's as lethal as ever
3:30 PM on 12.15.2014
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Creative Assembly sees opportunity in an Alien: Isolation sequel

*Spoilers ahead*
1:45 PM on 12.09.2014
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Attention all masochists: Alien: Isolation has a Nightmare difficulty now

Because that game isn't hard enough
11:00 AM on 10.07.2014
Alien: Isolation update

Very Quick Tips: Alien: Isolation

1:45 PM on 10.06.2014
Alien: Isolation update

I got chills from the music in this Alien: Isolation launch trailer

So good
6:30 PM on 10.03.2014
Alien: Isolation update

Yeah, that flamethrower won't do much to help you survive in Alien: Isolation

Maybe the Xenomorph just hates annoying hashtag campaigns

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