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Sony talks going 'back to the drawing board' with DriveClub

1:30 PM on 03.11.2014

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

To think, this was going to be a launch title at one point

I hope you aren't expecting Evolution Studios' DriveClub anytime soon. Based on a recent chat about the racing game's status between PlayStation software product development head Scott Rhode and IGN, we could be in for a longer wait than previously thought.

"What I will say is that it all comes back to that fundamental principle, and that's that we want to build great games," he said. "And we really don't want to release a game before it's ready. And sometimes, this happens in the normal course of business, where we think we're on track to deliver what we think is going to be a great game, and when we get closer, we realize that we'd be doing everyone a disservice if we shipped it before it was ready."

Which sounds reasonable. "So, I think that at PlayStation, perhaps more than at other places, we're willing to kinda eat that [cost] and go back to the drawing board and make sure the game is great before we ship it," explained Rhode. "And that's what's going on right now with that game."

One has to wonder what, specifically, wasn't working out. And what's being changed as a result? At this rate, Evolution might as well take its sweet time in making the best DriveClub it can.

Sony's Gone 'Back to the Drawing Board' to Make Driveclub 'Great' [IGN]

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