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Sonic Generations' awesome European collector's edition

12:45 PM on 09.07.2011

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

SEGA has revealed a Sonic Generations collector's edition, due to arrive exclusively in Europe. It's a pretty intense production, with some items that serious Sonic fans are going to love.

Here's what the package contains:

  • Figuring featuring "Classic" and "Modern" Sonic.
  • Commemorative "Gold Ring."
  • 20 Years of Sonic art book.
  • 20th Anniversary Sonic Soundtrack.
  • History of Sonic: The Birth of an Icon documentary.
  • Bonus downloadable content.

The edition comes wrapped in fancy lenticular packaging and looks pretty damn classy overall. So ... which of you British readers are going to ship this to me in the States? I think I need this. 

Celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary with the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition [SEGA]

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor follow

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